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Python is a widely used, high-level programming language known for its readability and versatility. Created in 1991, it caters to both beginners and experienced developers due to its easy syntax and support for various programming paradigms. Python is used in diverse fields like web development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. With an extensive standard library and a strong community, Python remains a top choice for its simplicity and effectiveness in real-world applications.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer aiming to enhance your expertise, Python courses, available on online platforms, universities, and coding boot camps, cater to diverse skill levels. Instructors use different ways to teach, like talking in class, giving coding tasks, and doing projects, and tests. This helps students understand Python well and use it in real-life situations.

In this article, I am reviewing the 10 best Python courses on Udemy. I have picked these courses based on my personal experience and for different types of learners, delving into what makes each course exceptional and providing you with insights to make an informed decision.

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Why pursue a Python Course on Udemy?

Udemy stands out as a leading online learning platform, providing affordable and accessible education. With a vast library of courses, Udemy offers a range of Python courses catering to different skill levels. The platform’s intuitive interface and the ability to learn at your own pace make it an ideal choice for anyone eager to master Python programming.

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1. 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2024


Having just completed the 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp, I can confidently say it’s an outstanding course. As a beginner with no prior programming experience, the instructor’s approach made learning Python enjoyable and straightforward. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum, from basic scripting to advanced topics like web development and data science. The hands-on projects, including a Tinder auto swiper and a blog website, provided practical applications. The engaging video tutorials, quizzes, and constant updates make this course a valuable investment. I now feel adept in Python and have a diverse portfolio of projects. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn or enhance their coding skills.

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The course offers a well-structured and comprehensive learning path, suitable for individuals with zero programming background to those looking for advanced Python skills.
  • Angela Yu’s teaching methods are practical, easy to understand, and enjoyable. Her approach helps learners gain independence and confidence in programming.
  • The course encourages hands-on practice through code challenges, exercises, and fully-fledged projects. This practical approach helps learners build a solid foundation and develop coding skills.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I found that a considerable chunk of the course, especially after the initial 30 days, contains outdated material. This made it quite challenging for me to follow and implement the concepts effectively.
  • The course lacks updates for the year 2024, and this poses compatibility issues, especially with Python 3.12. It left me feeling a bit stranded, having to navigate through challenges on my own.
  • As the course progressed, I noticed a significant decrease in video tutorials, transitioning more towards written guides. This shift felt less effective in conveying complex concepts compared to the earlier video instructions.

2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 37 05

Completing the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” course was an excellent experience for me. The instructor made it super easy to understand, guiding through the process of downloading and installing Python. The focus on practical applications, like automating tasks and web scraping, was exactly what I needed to boost productivity. The hands-on approach with coding exercises and projects made learning enjoyable. I appreciated that the course didn’t get bogged down with complex computer science concepts but instead focused on getting things done with Python. The topics covered, such as parsing PDFs, automating the keyboard and mouse, and sending emails, were not only practical but also fun to explore. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Python for real-world applications.

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The instructor focused not only on desktop automation but also on foundational Python skills beneficial for various purposes like machine learning or Django development.
  • The spoken language was clear, making it easy for me to understand, and the course served as a good base for Python.
  • The hands-on experience and projects provided a great learning source for a beginner like me, and the accompanying book enhanced the overall learning experience.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • Many examples in the course are not relevant or applicable to real-life 9-5 work settings, making it less practical for everyday tasks.
  • Some modules, like the web scraping section, are no longer valid or functional.
  • Limited depth in explanations and a lack of exercises to reinforce learning, making it less comprehensive for those seeking in-depth knowledge.

3. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp


I found the Data Science course to be a fantastic transition for individuals with a programming background. The instructor covers a wide range of topics, from Python basics to advanced machine learning algorithms, providing hands-on practice with detailed code notebooks. Real-world applications like web scraping and connecting Python to SQL add practical value. The course is well-structured and cost-effective compared to bootcamps, making it a comprehensive and engaging resource for those entering the Data Science field.

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What I Like about the Course?

  • Well-structured course covering Python basics, advanced data science, and machine learning concepts.
  • Cost-effective compared to other bootcamps, offering excellent value for investment.
  • The course is great for beginners because it explains things really well. The exercises start simple and get harder as you go along.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I got a bit frustrated because some of the answers to the exercises had mistakes that weren’t fixed. It made the practical exercises confusing and less helpful.
  • The lectures, while good, didn’t delve deeply into the covered topics. I felt the lack of in-depth exploration hindered my understanding, especially when seeking comprehensive insights.
  • Navigating through outdated content and figuring out current versions became a time-consuming challenge. Clear distinctions between old and new modules would have greatly helped.

4. Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 60 Days, Build 20 Apps

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 38 56

As someone with no prior knowledge of Python, I found it incredibly beginner-friendly, starting from the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced topics. The hands-on approach with 20 real-world applications was fantastic, and building a movie recommendation system in data science and machine learning was a highlight for me, which will look good for my resume. The course not only covers the theoretical foundations but also provides ample opportunities for practical application, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective. I appreciated the flexibility to study at my own pace and the lifetime access to course materials. The instructor’s teaching style is clear, and the multimodal learning approach, including video lectures, exercises, quizzes, and projects, catered to different learning styles. The emphasis on building a portfolio on GitHub is a great way to showcase newly acquired skills to potential employers. 

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The course covers both theory and practical aspects, providing a deep understanding of Python concepts.
  • The multimodal learning approach was a game-changer. The combination of video lectures, hands-on exercises, code reviews, quizzes, and independent projects catered to my varied learning preferences. It ensured a well-rounded understanding of the material.
  • This course helped me get ready for real-life situations, especially by teaching me useful tools like Git and GitHub. It made me feel more sure about applying for entry-level developer jobs and working well with others in a job.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I found that the course lacks a systematic approach to explaining concepts. The instructor tends to introduce new ideas briefly without delving into a comprehensive understanding, leaving me searching for additional resources to fill the gaps.
  • Throughout the course, I often found myself relying on external materials, such as Google and YouTube, to gain a deeper understanding of concepts. This reliance on supplementary resources indicates a limitation in the course’s explanatory depth.
  • I experienced issues with inconsistent video and audio quality in certain lectures. This inconsistency disrupted the flow of learning and made it challenging to follow the content seamlessly.

5. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 39 45

Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp is a fantastic course that covers everything you need to know to build a website using Python, Django, and various web technologies. The instructor, Jose, does a great job explaining complex topics with easy-to-follow HD video lectures and practical exercises. The course not only teaches back-end development with Python and Django but also covers essential front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I appreciated the hands-on approach, including walkthrough code projects and downloadable code notes, which made learning engaging and practical. The inclusion of Bootstrap, jQuery, and REST APIs added valuable skills to my web development toolkit. The supportive online community is a great bonus, providing assistance and collaboration. Overall, this course is a comprehensive and accessible resource for anyone looking to become a web developer, and I highly recommend it!

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The course provides extensive coverage of web development, encompassing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3 and 4, Python, Django basics, Django templates, forms, and more.
  • I appreciate Jose’s teaching style, describing it as simplified and easy to understand. The instructor breaks down complex concepts, making it accessible for beginners and facilitating a smooth learning curve.
  • The course is praised for being effective even for learners with non-computer science backgrounds, with one student mentioning successful understanding despite coming from a mechanical background.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I felt disappointed at the lack of coverage of important topics like Django Rest API and payment processing, which were mentioned during the course but not adequately covered. The hope is for these topics to be addressed in future updates.
  • Despite being labelled as a beginner course, I felt it was not suitable for absolute beginners due to the outdated topics and the need for debugging skills.

6. Machine Learning A-Z: AI, Python & R + ChatGPT Prize [2024]

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 40 57

Having completed the Machine Learning course, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic learning experience. The course covers a wide range of topics, from data preprocessing to deep learning, reinforcement learning, and model selection. The hands-on exercises with real-life case studies were incredibly helpful in understanding, and the Python and R code templates provided are valuable resources for my projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, this course is well-structured, engaging, and equips you with practical skills in the diverse field of machine learning. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in unlocking the potential of this exciting field.

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The instructors, Kirill and Hadelin, are praised for their enthusiasm and passion, creating an engaging learning environment.
  • The course offers flexibility by providing tutorials in both Python and R, allowing learners to choose the programming language that suits their preferences or career requirements
  • The course is described as challenging, keeping learners’ minds engaged and gradually helping them enjoy the practical aspects of machine learning.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • The course content is from 2017-2018, not up-to-date with 2024 standards, and potentially lacking coverage of recent advancements.
  • The course lacks mathematical explanations, making it challenging for learners who seek a deeper understanding of machine learning concepts.
  • The course is faulted for not adequately explaining the “why” behind machine learning, focusing more on copying/pasting code rather than delving into the reasons behind each step.

7. Learn Python Programming – Beginner to Master

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 41 40

Learn Python Programming course is perfect for beginners, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics with over 100 practical challenges. The use of PyCharm and IDLE for demonstrations was helpful, and the inclusion of resources for each lecture is a great reference. I appreciated the variety of topics covered, including multithreading, database programming, and GUI development with Tkinter. The course structure is well-organized, making it easy to follow, and the Q&A section provides additional support. Overall, it’s a comprehensive and beginner-friendly course that equipped me with the skills to confidently work with Python. 

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What I Like about the Course?

  • People really like how the teacher explains Python ideas by comparing them to real-life situations, like the bucket analogy. This makes it easier for learners to understand.
  • The course encourages hands-on practice, providing exercises and challenges that solidify understanding and boost coding skills.
  • The instructor’s ability to motivate learners, especially during challenging moments, is acknowledged as a key factor in the course’s success.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I noticed that the language used in the course could be more concise in certain sections. There were moments when the explanation seemed a bit stretched, and I think a more concise approach might be beneficial.
  • I prefer a more mathematical approach to learning programming. This course, while comprehensive, didn’t align with that preference. It might be a factor to consider based on individual learning styles.
  • It’s worth noting that the course doesn’t include extensive coding problems. While this might not be a drawback for everyone, some learners might prefer more extensive coding examples.

8. Python PCEP: Become a Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 42 22

For someone with no prior coding experience, it was the perfect introduction to Python. Adrian’s teaching style is clear, and he takes you through the fundamentals with practical examples. The inclusion of 100+ challenges was a great way to apply what I learned, and I appreciated the focus on preparing for the PCEP-30-02 exam. The course covers a broad range of topics, making it suitable for beginners like me who aspire to work in software development, data science, or machine learning. The mock exam at the end gave me a good sense of what to expect. Overall, it’s a concise, well-structured, and beginner-friendly course that provided a solid foundation for my Python journey. Highly recommended!

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What I Like about the Course?

  • Adrian’s teaching style is fantastic; his lectures are clear, concise, and engaging. Even complex topics like bitwise operations and recursion were explained in a manner that was easy to comprehend.
  • The inclusion of quizzes, exercises, and a mock PCEP exam was instrumental in reinforcing my learning and preparing me thoroughly for the certification. 
  • Adrian’s depth of knowledge in Python is evident throughout the course. His experience as a professional Software Developer adds significant value to the learning journey.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • Numerous minor concepts crucial for quizzes were missed or insufficiently covered in the lectures, leading to a knowledge gap and challenging quiz experiences.
  • The course falls short of being a comprehensive resource for PCEP exam preparation. It’s recommended to explore additional practice materials, such as dumps, to supplement the course for better readiness.
  • I am dissatisfied with the choice of using Jupyter Notebook in a browser, suggesting a preference for a full IDE like PyCharm for a better development environment.

9. Python 3: Fundamentals

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 43 00

After finishing the Beginner to Intermediate Python course, I can confidently say that it’s a fantastic educational resource for learning Python. The instructor’s mix of theory and practical coding using Jupyter notebooks provided a solid foundation. The course covers Python basics thoroughly, and the intermediate section introduces higher-order functions, decorators, and essential third-party libraries like NumPy and Pandas. The challenging exercises at the end of each section ensured a deep understanding of the material. If you’re a beginner aiming to grasp Python comprehensively, this course is a worthwhile investment in your programming skills.

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The course provides an in-depth exploration of Python functionality, surpassing other popular courses on the subject.
  • Dr. Fred Baptiste is commended for his excellent teaching and explanation skills, making the learning experience enjoyable and insightful.
  • The jupyter notebooks provided are exceptional, facilitating a hands-on and practical learning experience.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I found the lectures to be too long (10 to 20 minutes), making it less engaging for sustained viewing.
  • I noted that the course jumps straight into coding without providing sufficient guidance on how to access the coding interface, potentially leaving beginners confused.

10. Total Python: You Can Master Python Programming in 16 Days

Screenshot from 2024 01 08 09 43 40

The 16-day schedule strikes a perfect balance between theory and hands-on practice, guiding from basic to advanced Python development seamlessly. The real-world applications, downloadable PDFs, coding exercises, and quizzes enhance the learning experience. The three-part progression, from basic to advanced and then expert levels, ensures a solid foundation, and the inclusion of quizzes and coding exercises reinforces learning effectively. The course covers diverse applications like games, artificial intelligence, web development, and more, making it versatile. Phil and Fede’s clear explanations and encouraging teaching style boosted my confidence as a beginner. 

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What I Like about the Course?

  • The course provides a comprehensive and detailed exploration of Python, ensuring a deep understanding of the language.
  • The course structure is exceptional, with well-planned modules that build upon each other, creating a seamless progression from basic to advanced topics.
  • The course covers a wide range of real-world applications, from games and graphical interfaces to web development, artificial intelligence, and more, providing a holistic learning experience.

What Could Have Been Better?

  • I observed that as the course progressed, there seemed to be moments where previously explained ideas were not remembered, causing some inconsistencies in using the principles discussed earlier
  • There was an absence of solutions for exercises not finished correctly, causing frustration and making it challenging for learners to validate their understanding.

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