About Us

Coursevise is committed to making online education available to everyone. Our platform aggregates courses from various sources, providing a wide selection across numerous subjects.
When you use Coursevise, you can use our search engine to find courses that match your interests. You can check out course descriptions, read reviews, and use filters for things like course level, duration, language, and cost.
When you make a free account on Coursevise, you can customize your learning journey. You can create course lists, share reviews, and follow specific subjects, universities, and course providers.
Coursevise connects people with the courses they want. We don’t create or teach courses ourselves; our main goal is to help you find the right courses.

Within our catalogue, you’ll find courses from universities, companies, organizations, and individuals. Universities like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard, as well as companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, are part of our offerings.
Courses on Coursevise can be of different durations, from short tutorials to more comprehensive ones. Our course filters allow you to tailor your search according to your preferences.

For those looking for free online courses, Coursevise offers a range of options. Some courses are free, while others may involve a fee. Certain platforms provide two enrollment choices: a free audit with limited access or paid enrollment granting complete access, including certificates of completion.
Our platform also supports financial aid or scholarships, offering discounts or free certificates for eligible individuals.

When exploring Coursevise, you can identify free courses through labelled indicators and utilise filters to refine your search.

If you’re interested in obtaining free certificates, some courses offer this option. You can find such courses using our “with free certificate” filter during your search.
You can search courses on Coursevise in a couple of ways: searching by keywords, browsing by subject, or using the search field at the top of the page along with filters.
The availability of course varies. While some courses are available on-demand, other courses follow a specific schedule. You can access the course materials anytime.
Most courses on Coursevise are self-paced, but some might release a portion of content or assessments based on a schedule. Even with schedules, the flexibility to choose when you study remains.
Course assessments include quizzes and peer-graded assignments, which determine your course grade. Some courses have an all-time Q&A support. While interaction with instructors is limited, Coursevise encourages learners to assist each other within course forums.

Coursevise does not offer free programs for earning credit or degrees. If you are enrolled in an academic institution, you can inquire about credit transfer for online courses from other universities.
Certain providers offer online degrees, albeit not for free. These online degrees are typically more affordable than on-campus options. The term “MOOC” stands for Massive Open Online Course, encompassing massive courses, open for enrollment, delivered online, and aimed at teaching specific subjects. While strictly defined MOOCs have specific characteristics, people often refer to various online courses as MOOCs.
For top-rated online courses, you can explore Coursevise’s curated lists of the best free online courses and the most popular online courses based on student engagement and reviews.

To find answers to further questions, the Coursevise Help Center is a valuable resource. When you’re ready to begin your learning journey, visit the Coursevise Homepage to explore courses tailored to your interests.
For curated suggestions, Coursevise offers collections of courses to consider.