Best SQL Courses Online in 2024

SQL or Structured Query Language, is a programming language used for managing and organising database data. It enables the creation or modification of structured information like other database languages like MongoDB or PostgreSQL. It makes it easy to work with large data sets and extract valuable insights.

As businesses and organizations transition to online mode, they rely heavily on data, as it offers useful insights for improved decision-making, thereby increasing efficiency and profits. SQL plays a vital role in handling various types of datasets, particularly relational databases, making it an ideal skill for data-related roles like data analysts, database administrators, data scientists, or data engineers. Also Check: Best SQL courses on Udemy

With hundreds of platforms and options online, it can be a little challenging to choose an online SQL course that aligns with one’s requirements. This article features a list of the best SQL courses online, along with key course details, to help aspirants choose a relevant course.

Course PlatformDurationRating
SQL for Data ScienceCoursera14 hours4.6/5
The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to HeroUdemy9 hours4.7/5
SQL for NEWBS: Weekender Crash CourseUdemy3.5 hours4.4/5
SQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQLUdemy12.5 hours4.4/5
Building Basic Relational Databases in SQL Server Management StudioCoursera65 minutes4.4/5
Advanced SQL for Query Tuning and Performance OptimizationLinkedIn Learning1 hour 44 minutes4.6/5
IBM: Introduction to SQLedX5 weeks (2 – 4 hours per week)4.5/5
Learn SQLCodecademy8 hours4.5/5
SQL for Data AnalysisFutureLearn4 weeks2.8/5
SQL: Nanodegree ProgramUdacity2 months4.5/5

SQL for Data Science – Coursera

Coursera offers the ‘SQL for Data Science course’. It focuses on using SQL to pick specific data from columns, organize it, and perform various operations like filtering, sorting, and summarizing. SQL also allows for combining data from different sources into one table using the UNION operator. Also, one can change and format data types using functions, making it suitable for analysis.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero – Udemy

‘The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero course’ is one of the best SQL courses offered by Udemy. It is a beginner-friendly course. It teaches SQL using PostgreSQL, a versatile database tool. The course covers a wide range of SQL skills, from basics like syntax to advanced topics like data analysis and using Python. The course includes practical exercises and real-world examples.

SQL for NEWBS: Weekender Crash Course – Udemy

This online SQL course is offered by Udemy. It is suitable for all types of learners. The course focuses on the practical applications of SQL rather than theory and is suitable for marketers, entrepreneurs, aspiring data analysts, and even college students. It uses MySQL but covers skills applicable to other SQL variants as well.

SQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL – Udemy 

This course is for students interested in pursuing a career in Data Science or Data Analytics and have basic computer knowledge. It focuses on SQL, specifically PostgreSQL, which can be applied to other variations like Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL. The course also includes database design concepts, covering topics such as OLAP vs. OLTP databases and database normalization. 

Building Basic Relational Databases in SQL Server Management Studio – Coursera

In this one-hour guided project, students will learn the fundamentals of working with relational databases using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). They will use SSMS tools to diagram an existing database, perform SELECT and CREATE TABLE SQL commands, and gain knowledge applicable to all relational databases. 

Advanced SQL for Query Tuning and Performance Optimization – LinkedIn Learning

Dan Sullivan teaches the course. He helps developers improve the efficiency of SQL queries by understanding how databases turn them into execution plans. The course covers the execution of SQL queries, explores various index types and their role in query optimization, teaches different join methods, and discusses the use of partitioning and materialized views to boost overall performance, making SQL queries faster and more efficient.

IBM: Introduction to SQL – edX

The course is suitable for students aspiring to become data engineers, data analysts or data scientists and have basic SQL and relational database knowledge. The course covers basic CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using SQL statements like CREATE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. The course focuses on practical, hands-on learning, utilizing real database systems, tools, and datasets, including cloud-based instances. By completing hands-on labs and a final project, learners gain skills applicable to RDBMSes like MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Db2, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Learn SQL – Codecademy

It is one of the best-selling courses on Codecademy. In this SQL course, students will learn how to manage large datasets and analyze data using SQL programming language. It is a hands-on course and includes 5 projects and 4 quizzes to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical use.

SQL for Data Analysis – FutureLearn

This course is designed for individuals looking to enhance their career prospects in the field of data analysis. Students will learn to filter and aggregate data using SQL queries, expand their SQL expertise by working with grouping and modification functions, and also learn the difference between correlation and causation in data analysis. The course also covers calculating correlation using Pearson’s coefficient and explores topics such as diagnostic analytics and effective communication of data analysis findings.

SQL: Nanodegree Program – Udacity 

The SQL nanodegree program is one of the top-rated courses offered by Udacity. The course is designed to master SQL. SQL is the core programming language used for data analysis. It enables insight-driven analysis and decision-making. The program includes 3 compulsory courses, 1 optional course and real-world projects.

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