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You must be aware of what SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. But what exactly is it? SEO is a process that makes your web pages more relevant and findable. As a result, the search engine ranks them high on the SERP.

So if I plan to sell my merchandise online, SEO will help me rank my web pages high on the SERP. This will attract more and more customers to my website. As a result, I’ll build strong and loyal customers over time. 

As a content writer, I find Udemy an excellent platform to learn SEO best practices. Udemy offers over 150 best selling SEO courses. Moreover, it updates these courses with fresh SEO strategies regularly. For this, it follows Google’s latest rules and regulations. 

Why Pursue an SEO Course on Udemy?

In my opinion, Udemy SEO courses are the best resources to learn SEO online. Udemy is an excellent platform to learn SEO because it offers relevant SEO courses. Moreover, expert instructors will teach you on the platform. Its courses provide hands-on exercises and video lectures. The best part is that you can learn at your own pace, and on your schedule. It caters to all kinds of learners, from beginners to advanced. 

How to Choose the Right SEO Course on Udemy?

You must look for your specific needs while choosing an Udemy SEO course. Udemy has the right course for all your needs.

This is why I have curated a category-wise detailed list of the best SEO courses on Udemy in 2024. This list is based on my personal experience and popular student reviews. These courses are comprehensive, and delivered by expert instructors.

Best SEO Courses on Udemy in 2024

In the following sections, I will review the top 10 SEO courses on Udemy. I have segregated these courses based on what they teach and the target audience.

Most Comprehensive Udemy SEO Courses

If I had to suggest an Udemy SEO course that fits all student requirements, I would recommend the following courses:

The Comprehensive SEO Training Course (With ChatGPT)

This course has a high rating. Also, it is the best SEO course on Udemy. It will teach you all the important SEO fundamentals to improve your website’s Google rankings. You’ll learn ways to rank high for keywords of your choice, without spending money on Ads or agencies. This course is rated 4.5/5, and its total duration is 20 hours 6 minutes. This course will offer you 13.5 hours of on-demand video, 6 downloadable resources, 36 articles, and assignments. It is accessible on mobile and TV, and you’ll also get a Certificate of Completion by the end of it.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll learn-

  1. The use of ChatGPT+Generative AI to rank high on SERPs. 
  2. SEO strategies to dominate search engine rankings.               
  3. Tricks to increase website conversion rate.                                                                      
  4.  Keyword research to reach the target audience.
  5. Technical SEO to increase the website’s search engine visibility.
  6. Page Speed SEO, Link Building, and User Experience SEO.

User Reviews:

It is very informative details to details which is very important to me. Especially providing visual demo during the video. As a beginner, I am totally zero knowledge and the setup of the video is really awesome. I just have some worries for the terminology like wordpress, backlinks, bounce. Yet while I watch the video I take time to research this on internet, not yet for back links. – Ledy Ruth M. | 5/5 rating

SEO Training Masterclass 2024: Beginner to Advanced SEO

This is one of the best SEO courses on Udemy. It will provide you with SEO training so that you can generate profitable SEO traffic for your website. You’ll learn WordPress SEO, Yoast SEO, keyword research, on-page SEO, and link-building SEO. All these strategies will help increase organic traffic to your website. This course is rated 4.6 out of 5, and its total duration is 18 hours 16 minutes. The perks of this course are- 18 hours of on-demand video, 6 articles, 85 downloadable resources, Mobile and TV access, and a Certificate of Completion.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will teach you-

  1. Strategies for Google and other search engines.
  2. Smart SEO strategies for marketing.
  3. WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO, and SEO for other platforms like Wix.
  4. Strategies to rank almost any webpage on Google.
  5. Meaningful insight into the workings of search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, mobile app stores, etc.
  6. SEO secrets and advanced strategies that are less taught.

User Reviews:

What a great SEO course! Alex is an excellent teacher, making everything super easy to understand. Most of the content was incredibly useful, though a small part felt a bit irrelevant. Overall, highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn more about SEO. Perfect for beginners! – Shalev S. | 5/5 rating

Best SEO Courses for WordPress Users

The best Udemy SEO courses for WordPress users are:

The Ultimate SEO Training 2024 + SEO For WordPress Websites

The instructor of this course is an SEO Agency owner himself. He will guide you through the entire process to rank 1 on Google. You’ll learn Keyword Research, Technical SEO & amp, and much more. This course is rated 4.7 out of 5, and its total duration is 14 hours 8 minutes. The perks of taking this course are- 7.5 hours of on-demand video, 32 articles, 17 downloadable resources, mobile and TV access, and a Certificate of completion.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, you’ll receive knowledge on-

  1. SEO and how it works. SEO training strategies employed by London’s leading SEO Agency.
  2. Tricks to see keywords that your competitors are targeting. 
  3. Building high-quality SEO backlinks. Use of internal links to rank on the first page for a massive keyword.  
  4. The fundamentals to structure and organize a website so it ranks on the first page.
  5. Finding the best keywords to increase organic traffic to a website.
  6. Finding many content ideas for WordPress blog.
  7. Technical SEO (you’ll get mastery of it).
  8. The tricks to deal with a negative SEO attack.

User Reviews:

This course was what I expected and it was totally worth it! The instructor was easy to understand and nice to listen to! I recommend buying this course! My suggestion is to add links to the tools that you showcase ( I know anyone can google them, but it’s nice to have them here as a UX ) or even add a list with all resources in the end. – Velizar S. | 5/5 rating

SEO For WordPress [Expert]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO Blueprint

This course will teach you some quick and important SEO strategies to get your WordPress site on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is rated 4 out of 5, and its duration is 1 hour 38 mins. But for this course, you must be familiar with WordPress in advance. You must know the basic on-page SEO strategies. If you’re new to WordPress and SEO, it is better to take up some beginner-friendly courses first. 

Learning Outcomes:

This course will teach you-

  1. The method of creating authority backlinks.
  2. Tricks to increase website visitors, and website sales.
  3. Expert-level SEO strategies for WordPress.
  4. Strategies to rank WordPress sites on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

User Reviews:

I was very satisfied with this course in so many ways. I learnt specific SEO information that I can apply right away. The Instructor paced the information perfectly and delivered it efficiently making it engaging and easy to follow. The sequence of the learning points was clear, his examples were concise and each section included quick reviews and support websites/ documents. The course demystifies the subject. – Danielle B. | 5/5 rating

Best SEO Courses for Link Building and Content Marketing Mastery

The best Udemy SEO courses to learn link building and content marketing strategies are:

2024 SEO Link Building: #1 SEO Ranking Tactic (Backlinks)

This is quite a popular SEO course in link-building on Udemy. It was updated a month back, in February 2024. So it is up to date with the latest trends. Through this course, you’ll learn off-page SEO. You’ll learn how to get great SEO backlinks from authoritative and high-quality websites through SEO link building. It has the highest rating in this category- 4.6 out of 5. Its total duration is 5 hours 55  minutes. The perks of taking up this course include- 5 articles, 30 downloadable resources, 6 hours of on-demand video, mobile and TV access, and a Certificate of completion.

Learning Outcomes:

Through this course, you’ll learn-

  1. Link building to get the most authoritative and highest-quality links for higher website ranking. A higher ranking will result in high-converting SEO traffic.
  2. About the latest link-building research, and get knowledge of top SEO factors to make your website rank higher.
  3. The ways to get amazing publicity from top publications through A-level links.
  4. Off-page SEO by link building from .edu and .gov sites.
  5. Ways to get links from top websites (which competitors won’t be able to do). 

User Reviews:

Very well structured and presented course with lots of actionable insights, tips, and tricks. Well worth the time and money. Thank you Alex. – Rob M. | 5/5 rating

Digital Marketing & SEO (Beginner to Guru) Course

This course will teach you Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video Advertising, Email Marketing, and Blogs. It is rated 3 out of 5, and its total duration is 39 hours 59 minutes.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will provide you with-

  1. End-to-end knowledge of Digital Marketing and SEO.
  2. An understanding of Digital Marketing. You’ll learn Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.
  3. Knowledge of SEO and its components.
  4. Knowledge of different kinds of SEO tools, SEO reporting, and more.

User Reviews:

Excellent course for beginners with clear explanation – Maringanti S. | 5/5 rating

Best SEO Courses for Technical SEO Advanced Techniques

The best SEO courses on Udemy to learn advanced SEO techniques are:

SEO Audit – Find & Fix The Most Common SEO Issues on a Site

In this course, the instructor will teach you by example. He will implement a Manual SEO Audit in real-time, and teach you to fix the most common SEO problems. It is a best-seller course on the platform. It is rated 4.7 out of 5. Its total duration is 3 hours and 40 minutes. This course offers- 2 hours of on-demand video, 8 articles, mobile and TV access, 6 downloadable resources, and a Certificate of Completion. For this course, you should know the fundamentals of SEO, and how it works.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will provide you with –

  1. Valuable lesson on implementing a manual SEO audit- from start to finish.
  2. The knowledge of the tools needed to carry out an SEO audit.
  3. The knowledge on fixing all the issues discovered in the audit.
  4. Access to the instructor’s SEO agencies and SEO audit checklist.
  5. Knowledge of auditing a website for technical SEO issues.
  6. Information on the four parts that make up every SEO Audit. 

User Reviews:

The instructor shares a logical, step-by-step process on how to gather data about your website and make SEO improvements, one step at a time. I’ve learned about some tools I didn’t know about before. I like how he explains the concepts. – Cary N. | 5/5 rating

Technical SEO Audit Masterclass – Semrush Advanced SEO 2024

This course will help you master all the aspects of technical SEO Audits. Throughout this course, the instructor will implement & amp and fix every issue using Semrush. This course is rated an impressive 4.6/5, and its total duration is 3 hours and 55 minutes. This course doesn’t need any prior experience in technical SEO from you. But you’ll need a 30-day free trial of Semrush to practice your learnings. 

Learning Outcomes:

This course will offer you-

  1. A mastery of every aspect of technical SEO.
  2. The knowledge of the process of executing a successful technical SEO audit.
  3. Information on the use of Semrush. You’ll learn the method to conduct SEO audits and the process to set it to run weekly on autopilot.
  4. Knowledge of fixing site performance errors. These errors include- poor page loading time, image optimizations, website caching, user experience, and more.
  5. Information on the identification and prevention of keyword capitalization. This may prevent the web pages from ranking on the first page of search engines. 
  6. Knowledge of implementing and setting up Google Search Console. You’ll also learn about the process of auditing your website.
  7. The ways to identify pages with poor user experience, and much more.

User Reviews:

I absolutely love Ricky’s courses! He is phenomenal at explaining everything in an engaging and objective manner. I have purchased four of his courses and I’ve learned so much from them.

I tried learning SEO before with other videos, and I was so bored and wasn’t learning much, and I felt discouraged to learn SEO until I found Ricky’s courses then I became interested in SEO. Thanks to his courses, I am excited to apply my learnings and skills in my career as a WordPress web developer. I look forward to learning more from him in the future. – Alejandra V. | 5/5 rating

Best SEO Courses for Local SEO: Dominating the Local Search Results

The best SEO courses on Udemy to learn local SEO are:

Local SEO Marketing

This course understands the importance of local SEO marketing to increase your brand’s online visibility. It will teach you important strategies to increase website traffic. It is rated 4.8 out of 5, and its total duration is 4 hours 56 minutes. 

Learning Outcomes:

This course will teach you how to

  1. List the business with top Local SEO directories.
  2. Master Local SEO keyword selection.
  3. Understand the use of social media for local marketing.
  4. Understand the fundamentals of business website prep.

User Reviews:

Brilliant, packet with useful information and, very rare on Udemy: English was correct, pronunciation was impeccable and audio was loud and clear. – Domenica C. A. | 5/5 rating

Google Citations: Boost SEO For New Local Websites

You can take this course if you have started a new website for your local business. You’ll learn strategies to boost your search engine marketing, traffic, and clients. It is the highest-rated course (4.7 out of 5) for local SEO learning, and its duration is 2 hours and 2 minutes. It includes 2 hours of on-demand video, 7 downloadable resources, mobile and TV access, and a Certificate of completion.

Learning Outcomes:

This course will teach you –

  1. The use of Google Citations to rank your website faster on Google.
  2. The ways to perform a part of the SEO by yourself, instead of spending a lot of fortune on freelancers and agencies.
  3. Ways of getting more SEO traffic faster.
  4. How to shorten the time it takes new websites to rank in Google.
  5. How to get quick and valuable links and mentions. This will give your new website a boost in authority.
  6. Build Google SEO authority for your new website quickly.

What to Expect After Completing an SEO Course on Udemy?

All the courses that I have listed for you are very popular and well-rated. Each of them will enhance your SEO skills. You’ll learn important techniques to improve your website’s performance. Some of these courses are beginner-friendly, while others are for advanced-level learners. 

Additional Resources to Help You Learn SEO Fundamentals

Udemy SEO courses will teach you about SEO tools. In my opinion, you should explore the following SEO tools to master the fundamentals of SEO.

  1. Google Search Console – Google Search Console helps to track the website’s performance in Google’s SERP. This includes indexing reports, search queries, click data, impressions, and more.
  2. Semrush – Semrush offers keyword research, competitor analysis, and information on backlinks. Semrush is a good SEO tool to track your website’s performance.
  3. Google Analytics – Google Analytics helps track website traffic, user behaviour, user demographics, sessions, engagement rate and conversions. Google Analytics is the most widely used SEO tool.
  4. Google Trends – You can use Google Trends to identify trending topics and queries over time and across different regions.
  5. Ubersuggest – Ubersuggest helps with keyword research, backlink analysis and traffic reports. It gives data-driven recommendations to optimize content.
  6. Moz – Moz offers a variety of SEO services including keyword research, link building, site auditing and rank tracking. 

By Nikita Joshi

A creative advocate of multi-disciplinary learning ideology, Nikita believes that anything can be learned given proper interest and efforts. She completed her formal education in BSc Microbiology from the University of Delhi. Now proficiently dealing with content ideation and strategy, she's been a part of Coursevise since August 2023 working as a content writer Having worked with several other things during these two years, her primary fields of focus have been SEO, Google Analytics, Website Traffic, Copywriting, and PR Writing. Apart from all that work, Nikita likes to doodle and pen down her rhymes when she feels free.

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    • 2 weeks ago

    Which course should I take to learn more about SEO?

      • 2 weeks ago

      1. The Comprehensive SEO Training Course (With ChatGPT)
      2. SEO Training Masterclass 2024: Beginner to Advanced SEO
      These are the two I could recommend personally. You could also stick to YouTube, but you are bound to repeat some material when jumping between videos, and not all videos there are well structured.

    • 2 weeks ago

    Which is the good Udemy courses about SEO, keywords, and WordPress SEO?

      • 2 weeks ago

      “SEO For WordPress [Expert]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO Blueprint” is one of the good Udemy courses about SEO, keywords, and WordPress SEO.

    • 3 weeks ago

    Are SEO jobs in demand currently?

      • 3 weeks ago

      SEO jobs are in high demand right now. As most businesses are now focusing on their online presence, they need experts to rank higher in search engine results. Whether it’s optimizing websites, creating content, or analyzing data, there are plenty of opportunities for skilled SEO professionals.

    • 3 weeks ago

    What are the things I should focus on to learn SEO?

      • 3 weeks ago

      When learning SEO, focus on understanding how search engines work (like Google). Learn about keywords, how to optimize website content, and the importance of quality backlinks. Also, you should stay updated on SEO trends and algorithms, and practice analyzing data (with tools like Google Analytics). Also, you can experiment with different strategies and techniques to see what works best.

    • 3 weeks ago

    What is the salary of an SEO professional?

      • 3 weeks ago

      The salary of an SEO professional can vary on factors like experience, location, and the company they work for. On average, entry-level SEO specialists may earn around $40,000 to $60,000 annually, while more experienced professionals can make upwards of $100,000 annually.

    • 1 month ago

    Can an SEO course benefit beginners?

      • 1 month ago

      Yes, an SEO course can benefit beginners significantly. These courses provide the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and implement SEO strategies. They cover essential topics like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. These help beginners grasp SEO concepts and techniques to improve website rankings and visibility.

    • 1 month ago

    Are SEO courses suitable for individuals with no technical background?

      • 1 month ago

      Yes, individuals with diverse backgrounds can enroll in SEO courses, including those with no technical expertise. These courses are beginner-friendly and provide step-by-step guidance and explanations of SEO concepts.

    • 1 month ago

    What can I expect to learn from an SEO course in Udemy?

      • 1 month ago

      In the SEO course at Udemy, you can expect to learn topics like keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO, link building, SEO analytics, and website audit techniques. Also, these courses provide an overview of SEO principles and best practices.

    • 1 month ago

    What is the duration of an SEO course in Udemy?

      • 1 month ago

      The duration of an SEO course on Udemy varies. Some courses can be completed in a few hours, while others may take several hours. It depends on the depth of content and the course instructor. However, make sure to check the course description for specific details on duration before enrolling.

    • 1 month ago

    Will I receive a certification after completing an SEO course?

      • 1 month ago

      Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion after finishing an SEO course on Udemy. This certificate validates your successful completion of the course, which can be useful for showcasing your skills to potential employers or clients. Regardless, ensure to check the course details to confirm if the course offers a certificate.

    • 1 month ago

    Do I need any specific software or tools to take an SEO course?

      • 1 month ago

      No, you don’t need any specific software or tools to take an SEO course. Most courses provide recommendations for free or readily available tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword research tools. These tools are accessible online, making it easy to follow along with the course content.

    • 1 month ago

    Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in an SEO course?

      • 1 month ago

      There are typically no prerequisites for enrolling in an SEO course on Udemy. These courses are designed for beginners, so you can start learning without any prior experience or specific background knowledge. Just enroll in the course that interests you and begin your SEO journey!

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