Best Selenium Courses Online in 2024

Selenium is an automated testing tool used for verifying web applications across multiple platforms and browsers. It enables users to test the functioning of their websites across several browsers. It aims to test whether their website works consistently across various browsers. It makes it easy to develop test scripts in a wide range of computer languages, including Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, C++, etc. 

As corporations and organizations transition to automation and computerization, they rely heavily upon automated testing as it allows tests to run faster and more precisely, without the possibility of human error. Selenium plays a vital role in maintaining track of test results and identifying problem areas with its test execution logs and reports.

Selecting the Best Selenium Course Online is a tricky task as there are hundreds of sites and alternatives available. This article lists the Best Selenium Courses Online, along with detailed course information, to help candidates select a suitable course as per their requirements.

Selenium Certification Course Intellipaat45 hours5/5
Selenium Training Naresh Technologies4.98/5
Selenium Essential TrainingLinkedin Learning1 hour 59 minutes4.6/5
Selenium WebDriver with Java- Basics to Advanced + Frameworks Udemy54.5 hours4.6/5
Selenium WebDriver 4 with Java- Novice to Ninja + Interview Udemy44 hours4.6/5
Selenium WebDriver and Java – Learn Automation with SeleniumUdemy39 hours4.6/5
Selenium 4 WebDriver with Java (Basics + Advance + Architect)Udemy140.5 hours4.5/5
Selenium Certification Training CourseEdureka18 Days4.5/5
Create your First Automation Script Using Selenium and JavaCoursera2 hours4.5/5
Selenium Basics Great Learning1 hour4.39/5
Software Testing and Automation SpecializationCoursera2 months4.3/5

Selenium Certification Course- Intellipaat

The ‘Selenium Certification Course’ at Intellipaat sims to train aspirants to be certified Selenium testers. The course covers components such as Selenium IDE, RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Aspirants with a basic understanding of Java or C are preferable for joining this course, however, prior knowledge it is not mandatory.

Selenium Training – Naresh Technologies

The ‘Selenium Training’ course offered by Naresh Technologies is perfect for freshers, students, and professionals interested in learning Selenium. The course aims to teach to write test cases and use Selenium web driver API, Selenium IDE, etc. The module includes software testing fundamentals, SDLC, STLC, test engineer responsibilities, and defect management.

Selenium Essential Training – Linkedin Learning

‘Selenium Essential Training’ is offered by Linkedin Learning. It is a beginner-friendly course that covers all the fundamentals of Selenium. The course starts by addressing the basics and demonstrating how to maximize the benefits of WebDriver. It goes on to cover the functions of complex locators and component interaction. The course also focuses on workflows, integrations, and fixing typical synchronization problems.

Selenium WebDriver with Java- Basics to Advanced+Frameworks – Udemy

Udemy offers the ‘Selenium WebDriver with Java- Basics to Advanced+Frameworks’ course for aspirants who have no prior knowledge in coding or automation. This course was awarded the ‘best seller’ tag and is one of the highest-rated courses on Udemy. It covers  Java Basic Core, Selenium WebDriver, and Advanced Selenium. It also uses real-time hosted web applications to train students in automation.

Selenium WebDriver 4 with Java- Novice to Ninja + Interview – Udemy

The ‘Selenium WebDriver 4 with Java- Novice to Ninja + Interview’ course at Udemy is also one of the top-rated courses preferred by candidates. It explains all the basics of Selenium and demonstrates the installation of all the required tools. It covers everything from Java concepts to advanced locators. It is also regularly updated as per industry standards.

Selenium WebDriver and Java – Learn Automation with Selenium – Udemy

The ‘Selenium WebDriver and Java – Learn Automation with Selenium’ course by Udemy involves helping one install Selenium IDE, Katalon Studio, Brackets, Java, NodeJs, and Eclipse. It employs an interactive approach to demonstrate Java coding exercises, puzzles, code examples, and selenium automation tests.

Selenium 4 WebDriver with Java (Basics+Advance+Architect) -Udemy 

The ‘Selenium 4 WebDriver with Java (Basics+Advance+Architect)’ course from Udemy was one of the best-seller courses on Selenium 4.0 in 2022. It was also one of the first courses on Selenium in Udemy. It mainly focuses on the Architect level topics and others like parallel execution frameworks, multithreading, Java generics, virtual environment etc. 

Selenium Certification Training Course – Edureka

Edureka offers the ‘Selenium Certification Training Course’. The course focuses on the Selenium automation tool to become an expert Automation Tester. It will also help to manage the automation environment by using supported plugins like Robot Class, Cucumber, Gherkin, and TestNG Framework. Moreover, the course also teaches WebDriver, Grid, IDE, and managing IFrames, Alerts, and Modal Dialogue boxes.

Selenium Basics – Great Learning

The ‘Selenium Basics’ is a free online course at Great Learning that aims to understand all the fundamentals of Selenium. The course covers topics like manual testing and automation testing. Additionally, it also teaches the advantages of implementing Selenium with Python. This course has free lifetime access and a verified certificate after the completion of the course.

Create your First Automation Script Using Selenium and Java- Coursera

The ‘Create your First Automation Script Using Selenium and Java’ course by Coursera teaches one to set up a Java project for Selenium Automation Testing. It is a beginner-friendly course that will help one to become familiar with writing automation scripts and interacting with elements of web applications. Aspirants with basic programming skills can easily join this course.

Software Testing and Automation Specialization- Coursera

Coursera offers a ‘Software Testing and Automation Specialization’ course that helps develop one’s skills in theory, tools, and techniques to master software testing. It teaches one to write automated tests for both front-end and back-end code. This course is available in 8 languages and suitable for aspirants of intermediate level. 

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