Best React Courses Online in 2023

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November 22, 2023

React, also known sometimes as React.js or ReactJS, is one of the courses under JavaScript for the powerful development of interactive web applications. Here, one learns how to start with React and build up to various other dynamic user interfaces. Various concepts include JSX, components, state, props, hook, etc.

There are various paid courses and free courses under React. React classes are primarily necessary to join the IT sector. One who masters React can build a great career in the development field. React is a tool which is necessary for building various web-based enterprise applications. Web processes like Design, Language, Labelling or Button, etc can be done with React. It is very easy to learn and quite SEO-friendly.

There are huge demands in the job market for React developers. Various options under React are available online, so choosing from them can be a bit confusing. This article consists of a list of React courses online, along with their details to help the interested candidates to choose from as per their desire.

Modern React with ReduxUdemy52 hours4/5
React FundamentalsCoursera14 hours4/5
Advanced React (Meta)Coursera16 hours4.6/5
React NativeEduonix9 hours4.2/5
Building Applications with React and FluxPluralsight5 hours 10 minutes4.5/5
Learn ReactScrimba12 hours4.5/5
React – The Complete GuideUDEMY49 hours approx5/5
Frontend Development using ReactCoursera22 hours4.5/5
The Beginner’s Guide to ReactEgghead.io2 hours 35 minutes4.6/5
React JS Certificationedureka!2 hours (per class)4.7/5

Modern React with Redux – UDEMY

UDEMY offers the “Modern React with Redux”. It helps programmers learn React JS and Redux page applications and the master concepts behind Redux. One will be able to use a toolchain supporting REACT, including NPM, Webpack, Babel, etc aspirants will learn about the design patterns used by the top companies. Aspirants with complete knowledge of React and Redux have higher opportunities to get hired in the job market, and that too with high salaries.

Join Now – Modern React with Redux – UDEMY

React Fundamentals – Coursera

Coursera offers this online React course. It is the fundamental course of React; hence it is for beginners. The course focuses on Building React and Asp.Net MVC 5 Application specialization. It will provide Intermediate-level knowledge of basic front-end development and tools such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and VS code. Candidates will also earn a certification on the completion of the course. This course is suitable for everyone.

Join Now – React Fundamentals – Coursera

Advanced React (Meta) – Coursera

This is an advanced-level course in React offered by Coursera. Aspirants will learn about robust and reusable components with advanced techniques, various test React applications, interaction with remote servers, and fetch and post data via an API, Front-Web Development. Candidates will receive a certificate from Meta after the completion of the course

Join Now – Advanced React (Meta) – Coursera

React Native – Eduonix

This is an intermediate-level course offered by Eduonix. Candidates can learn to build their own app for iOS and Android with React Native. They will also learn to build responsive designs which will work on different devices and to animate React Native Apps, navigate around use maps, cameras and much more. Candidates opting for this course can get hired by top companies like HCL.

Join Now –  React Native – Eduonix

Building Applications with React and Flux – Pluralsight

This course is open to all by Plural sight. This course is of Intermediate level. This course is helpful as it shows the use of modern client-side development stacks, including create-react-app, Node, Webpack, Babel and Bootstrap. Candidates can also preview this course before starting it. The course includes working with React, React Router and Flux to build a real-world style-driven application.

Join Now – Building Applications with React and Flux – Pluralsight

Learn React for Free – Scrimba

This is a free project-driven course. The basics of React will be taught through hands-on practice. Candidates can connect to the discord channel for any queries. On completing the interactive coding challenge, candidates will never forget the codes. Candidates with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript can take up the course.

Join Now – React for Free – Scrimba

React: The Complete Guide – UDEMY

This course is all a candidate will need to learn React. Candidates can start learning from the beginning level and gain an advanced knowledge of React development. This course teaches how to build high-quality demo apps, demo projects, and standalone React apps It teaches all about React Hooks and React Components, React’s Context API and Redux, implement user authentication in React Apps and much more. This course is available in 20 different languages. The certificate is also available on course completion.

Join Now – React: The Complete Guide – UDEMY

Frontend Development using React – Coursera

Coursera offers this course and is a part of .NET Fullstack Developer Specialization. This course is of Intermediate Level. Candidates will learn the new concepts from the expertise of the industry. They will receive a foundational knowledge of the tool. New job-relevant skills will be taught with the help of a hands-on project. Certification will be provided. Candidates will receive knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming and React for Front-end development. It is a flexible schedule to help the candidates learn at their own pace.

Join Now – Frontend Development using React – Coursera

The Beginner’s Guide to React –

This course is especially for the new bees and people thinking about building a solid foundation in design. This course, there are 30 lessons and each lesson consists of a 28-part course in a single index. Html file. Candidates will get a complete understanding of the JavaScript. This is an introduction to the core course of React. Candidates will learn the JSX and how it translates to regular JavaScript function calls and many other concepts related to React.

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React JS Certification – edureka!

This advanced React course is offered by edureka! It generally teaches about the concepts of React, Redux and React Native. Aspirants will be able to build the applications using React concepts such as JSX, and Redux, Asynchronous Programming using Redux-Saga middleware fetch data using GraphQL, perform Testing using Jest, successively Deploy applications using Nginx and Docker, plus build Mobile applications using React Native. Candidates will attend live online classes every weekend. Certificates will be provided on completion of the course.

Join Now – React JS Certification – edureka!


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