Best Automation Testing Courses Online in 2024

With the spread of the internet and the increase in the use of technology, there has been a huge demand for automation tools like Selenium and Cucumber, and so is the need for experts to handle the challenges along with it. Nowadays, since most of the users use technology, a universe of new software has come into existence. This software must be tested for better quality and experience.

An automation testing course provides comprehensive training on techniques, tools, programming languages, fundamental concepts, methods, automated test script writing, and handling software testing challenges. Online courses are available from top institutes like Udemy, LinkedIn, VSkills, Coursera, and Plural Sight.

Top organizations like Accenture, IBM, Barclays, Cognizant, and Infosys are seeking Automation Testing professionals for their expertise in software application testing and automated tool resolution. Automation Testing roles include Automation Tester, Quality Assurance Engineer, Java/Selenium/Automation Testing Engineer, and Python Automation Test Engineer. 

Selenium WebDriver with Java for BeginnersUdemy30 Hours4.7/5
Appium Mobile Automation – Android and iOS + Framework + CICDUdemy39.5 Hours4.4/5
Python Automation and TestingLinkedIn Learning1 Hour 27 mins4.6/5
Linux Administration with Ansible: Getting Started with Ansible AutomationPluralsight3 Hours 23 mins4.2/5
Effective Automated Testing with SpringPluralsight2 Hours 7 mins4.2/5
Performance Testing and JMeter FundamentalsEdureka4-months (part-time)5/5
Manual Testing TrainingQuality Thought3 months4.5/5
Automation Testing Masterclass – Selenium, Cucumber and moreUdemy16 Hours3.8/5
Juniper Network Automation using Ansible and the REST APICourseraOnline Self Study4/5
Automation Testing – SeleniumMicrodegree16 Hours5/5

Selenium WebDriver with Java for Beginners

The course is best suited for beginners. It covers topics like Classes and objects, arrays, testing, etc. One can set up a test automation framework with Selenium WebDriver, learn the basics of Java for testers, and execute Selenium tests on different browsers, automate your first Selenium WebDriver test.

Appium Mobile Automation – Android and iOS + Framework + CICD

This course is available on Coursera, offered by Udemy. This course helps to master Appium & build production-ready frameworks with CICD integration from scratch. This course covers everything about Mobile Automation, Appium tricks and tips, automation best practices, and more.

Python Automation and Testing

Through this course offered by LinkedIn Learning, master automation using Python and Selenium that offers a simple yet powerful framework to script any testing. Python is known to be one of the most favourite programming languages for testers as it has multiple features that are perfect for automation testing.

Linux Administration with Ansible: Getting Started with Ansible Automation

The course focuses on automation by learning to manage a mix of Linux Systems, automation methods and the use of Ansible. The purpose of the course is to master the skills and knowledge of Ansible automation that is required to manage a small environment.

Effective Automated Testing with Spring

Automated Testing is helpful during the time of coding. This course focuses on teaching how to write automated tests. This will help write and organise codes that make it easy to test and teach different kinds of automated tests and tools that guide writing codes. This course provides foundational knowledge about automation testing, which will be pivotal while developing software.

Performance Testing and JMeter Fundamentals

This course provides insights into JMeter’s functionalities to evaluate an application’s performance and the software’s response during workload. It focuses on teaching how to check the software’s response time and latency and test its efficiency.

Manual Testing Training

The course focuses on mastering testing methodologies in different scenarios and teaches to develop and execute test cases. The topics that are covered for this course are system testing, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, etc.

Automation Testing Masterclass – Selenium, Cucumber and More

With this course, one can become an expert in automation by mastering Java, Selenium, Cucumber, Junit, Docker and other technologies. It will cover all topics related to automation testing. The course prepares the students to become Software Development experts in Tests.

Juniper Network Automation using Ansible and the REST API

This short course is about learning how to automate the Junos OS using DevOps automation tools, protocols and technologies. This course focuses on using Ansible and the Junos Representational State Transfer (REST) API to automate Junos platforms.

Automation Testing – Selenium

This course focuses on providing a strong foundation in automation testing and teaches the most demanding automation tools – Selenium web driver, Jenkin, Junit, TestNG and more. A Selenium Tester checks and analyses for any software issues and, with the help of test automation guidelines, will create automation scripts and build programs to eliminate the issues. Job opportunities include Test Engineer, Automation Engineer, Selenium Tester and more.

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