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The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp is the most enrolled Web Development course on Udemy. The course is suitable for those who have never programmed before and want to learn both front-end & back-end web development (full-stack web development).

The course is usually available at INR 3,399 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp Course for INR 455.

The course focuses on everything that is required to kickstart a career as a junior or freelance web developer such as frontend and backend web development, JavaScript, database technology, react, SQL, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will build 16 web development projects for your portfolio, ready to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • You will learn the latest technologies, including Javascript, React, Node and even Web development.
  • You will master both front and back-end development, becoming a full-stack developer by the end of the course.
  • After the course, you will be able to build any website you want.
  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Master frontend development with React
  • Master backend development with Node
  • Learn professional developer best practices.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 455 (INR 3,39987% off
Duration65 hours
Student Enrollment9.26 lakh
InstructorDr. Angela Yu (Lead Instructor at the London App Brewery)
Topics CoveredHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node, MongoDB, Web3, React
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginner (Basic Installation & Setup of MongoDB, Node.js, Unix Command-Line, etc.)
Total Student Reviews2.73 lakh
  • Clear & concise concepts even for non-computer science background students
  • Beginner-friendly with lots of animated videos to help visualize the topics
  • Comprehensive material on full-stack web development
  • Content needs to be updated with the latest concepts such as Async
  • Not enough focus on backend web development
  • Some of the tools and technologies used to teach the concepts are backdated (from 2018)

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Front-End Web Development (42 minutes)Working of Internet & Website, Setting Up Local Web Development Environment
2.Introduction to HTML (1 hour 19 minutes)Anatomy of HTML Tag, Links, Anchor Tag
HTML Boilerplate, HTML Lists, HTML Image Elements
How to Structure Text in HTML
3.Intermediate HTML (57 minutes)HTML Tables for Layout, HTML Forms, How to Type Emojis
4.Introduction to CSS (1 hour 34 minutes)Inline, Internal, External CSS
How to Debug CSS Code
Anatomy of CSS Syntax, CSS Selectors, Classes vs IDs
5.Intermediate CSS (2 hours 58 minutes)Favicons, HTML Divs, Font Styling
CSS Display Property, CSS Static, and Relative Positioning
Adding Content to Website
6.Introduction to Bootstrap 4 (2 hours 36 minutes)Introduction & Installation of Bootstrap, Navigation Bar, Wireframing
Bootstrap Grid Layout System
Bootstrap Containers, Buttons and Font
7.Intermediate Bootstrap 4 (2 hours 35 minutes)Bootstrap Cards
CSS Z-Index and Stacking Order, Media Query Breakpoints, Code Refactoring
Advanced CSS – Combining Selectors, Selector Priority
8.Create a Website that People Love (1 hour 6 minutes)Color Theory, Typography, UX Design
9.Introduction to JavaScript E6 (2 hours 28 minutes)Adding Behaviour to Websites
Data Types, JavaScript Variables
String Concatenation, String Lengths and Retrieving the Number of Characters
Basic Arithmetic and the Modulo Operator in JavaScript
Increment and Decrement Expressions, Parameters and Arguments, Outputs & Return Values
10.Intermediate JavaScript E6 (1 hour 36 minutes)Random Number Generation in JavaScript
Control Statements, Comparators and Equality, JavaScript Arrays
11.Document Object Model (DOM) (56 minutes)Introduction, Adding JavaScript to Websites
Selecting HTML Elements with JavaScript
Manipulating and Changing Styles of HTML Elements with JavaScript
Text Manipulation and the Text Content Property
12.Challenge 1 – The Dice Game (20 minutes)
13.Advanced JavaScript & DOM Manipulation (1 hour 35 minutes)Higher-Order Functions and Passing Functions as Arguments
How to Play Sounds on a Website, Adding Animation to Websites
Switch Statements in JavaScript
Objects, their Methods and the Dot Notation
Callbacks and How to Respond to Events
14.jQuery (53 minutes)How to Incorporate jQuery into Websites
How does Minification work to Reduce File Size
Selecting Elements, Manipulating Styles, Texts & Attributes
Adding Event Listeners with jQuery, Adding and Removing Elements with jQuery
15.Challenge 2 – The Simon Game (15 minutes)
16.Unix Command Line (35 minutes)Installing & Setting up the Hyper Terminal
Creating, Opening, and Removing Files through the Command Line
17.Backend Web Development (8 minutes)
18.Node.js (39 minutes)Installation on MAC and Windows
Node REPL (Read Evaluation Print Loops)
NPM Package Manager and Installing External Node Modules
19.Express.js with Node.js (1 hour 14 minutes)What is Express?
Creating First Server with Express
Responding to Requests with HTML Files
20.Application Programming Interfaces (API) (2 hours 33 minutes)API Endpoints, Paths and Parameters
Making GET Requests with the Node HTTPS Module, Using Express to Render a Website with Live API Data
21.Git/GitHub/Version Control (1 hour 25 minutes)Version Control Using Git and the Command Line
GitHub and Remote Repositories
22.EJS (2 hours 9 minutes)EJS Templates, Running Code Inside the EJS Template
Adding Pre-Made CSS Stylesheets to Your Website
23.Challenge 3 – Blog Website (2 hours 38 minutes)
24.Databases (20 minutes)
25.SQL (36 minutes)Create Table and Insert Data, Values and Adding Columns in SQL
SQL Relationships, Foreign Keys and Inner Joins
26.MongoDB (1 hour 12 minutes)Installing MongoDB on MAC and Windows
MongoDB CRUD Operations
27.Mongoose (56 minutes)Data Validation with Mongoose
28.Revision/Application of Concepts (1 hour 67 minutes)
29.Deploying Web Application (33 minutes)
30.Challenge 4 – Blog Website Upgrade (10 minutes)
31.Build your own RESTful API from Scratch (1 hour 46 minutes)Introduction, Creating a Database with Robo 3T
Chained Route Handlers Using Express
32.Authentication & Security (3 hours 33 minutes)Database Encryption, Hashing Passwords
33.React.js (8 hours 54 minutes)
34.Web3 Decentralized App Development (1 hour 12 minutes)Introduction
How Does Blockchain Work
What is Internet Computer (ICP)?
35.Build DBANK App (1 hour 45 minutes)
36.Create your own Crypto Token (2 hours 19 minutes)
37.Minting NFTs & Building NFT Marketplace like OpenSea (3 hours 34 minutes)
38.Revision & Bonus Lectures (2 hours 45 minutes)

Resources Required

  • Installation & Setup of Various Tools such as MongoDB, Node.js, Unix Hyper Terminal, Bootstrap 4, etc.
  • Stable Internet Connection.
  • Latest Version of Windows or macOS.

Comparison Table

ParametersThe Complete 2023 Web Development BootcampThe Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap (2023)The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration65 Hours36 Hours36.5 Hours
Student Enrollments8.69 lakhs0.63 lakhs1.82 lakhs
InstructorsDr. Angela YuAndrei NeagoieAndrei Neagoie
LevelBeginnerIntermediate (Basic Knowledge of HTML & CSS is Required)Beginner
Topics CoveredHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node, MongoDB, Web3, ReactSSH, Webpack + Parcel, React + Redux, Node.js + Express, Front End & Back End Performance Optimization, Software TestingHTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, Github, APIs
Coding ExercisesYesYesYes
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for The Complete Web Development Bootcamp course.

  • Sonali G. (5.0/5) “To anyone reading this comment trying to know how this course is, I would suggest just going for it. You can rely on @Angela for the quality she serves in the course. After completing this course you surely will be grateful and more confident with the skills.”
  • Vishwajeet C (5.0/5) “It’s awesome. I didn’t know much about programming earlier but now I can make a working website with some mistakes but then too I’m okay with it. Thanks”
  • Aditya S (5.0/5) “It’s a complete packed course for anyone interested in web development! From basic HTML to database management to advance react! It got everything you need to learn web development! And the instructor angela oh my god she put so so so much effort in making of this course and keeps updating it from time to time! surely check it out for web development highly recommended!”
  • Ankush P. (5.0/5) “I am giving 5 starts here, Before this course, I was good at frontend, I had created 4 5 projects in the frontend, but after this course, I got a good grasp in concepts, she is very good at explaining concepts. I did one internship after this course in PHP and laravel.”
  • Nirav G. (5.0/5) “Awesome. Every module starts from a topic that everyone can understand easily, even me who is come from non-computer science background.”
  • Umrao Krishna S. (4.0/5) “This was my first programming-related course and I definitely learned a lot. It is very beginner-friendly with an ample amount of animations to help you visualize the topics. The reason I deducted one star is that the course is a bit dated by now and it would be nice to get an update on the course. Also, it’s definitely not the only course you’ll need to become a professional web developer, you’ll need to do more. But it still covers a pretty wide range of topics so that’s really good.”
  • Bhagya P. (4.0/5) “The course is well planned and well-paced. I can confirm that one can build working websites after completing the course. But I found that it does not do justice to the backend parts. Everything after the Database felt rushed and incomplete. I guess that’s the nature of it but I feel that certain points could have been explained better.”
  • Nikhil G. (4.0/5) “The course is well organized and has comprehensive material on full-stack web development. Still, some of the modules need to be updated sometimes as a beginner it is hard to follow around when some set of rules is changed while transitioning into another version, e.g. Mailchimp API. But overall it’s a good course to start with web development.”
  • Soumik M. (3.0/5) “The course is not updated at all, the web development domain is updating day by day, Many backend methods are obsolete today. Please update the contents.”
  • Haneesh P. (3.0/5) “This is a 2018 course which is just being renamed as 2022 or 2021 every year. But the course is not being updated. The websites are changed a bit so it is a bit difficult to follow the course. Angela is a good instructor and the rest all is good.”

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The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp: FAQs

Ques. How to get a certificate from Udemy?

Ans. You can get a certificate of completion from Udemy after you complete a paid course. Once all of the course modules are completed, the trophy icon on the top right corner of the course preview window will change its color. You can click on the trophy icon and click on the download icon to download the certificate in .pdf or .jpg format.

Ques. How to add the Udemy certificate to LinkedIn?

Ans. The steps to add the Udemy certificate to LinkedIn are mentioned below.

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and click the ‘Add Profile Section’ option. From the drop down menu select ‘Licenses and Certificates’ option.
  • Click on the ‘+’ (plus) icon to add a new certificate.
  • Enter the name of the course and Udemy as issuing organization in the pop-up box.
  • Add the certificate number in the credential ID option. Credential ID is the certificate number found at the the bottom left corner of your Udemy certificate.
  • Add credential URL after credential ID. You can find the credential URL just below the credential number. Make sure to only copy the content after ‘udemy/’.
  • Save the changes.

Ques. Why Udemy course price change?

Ans. Udemy course price keeps changing to reach a wider audience. As most of the buyers are students, who cannot afford to pay the full price hence Udemy offers heavy discounts on the courses and keeps them changing over the time.

Ques. How to return courses on Udemy?

Ans. You can return the courses on Udemy from the purchase history.

  • Click on the purchase history option and click on the course that you want to return.
  • Click on the ‘request a refund’ option just below the title of the course.
  • Select the refund method. If the transaction is eligible for refund to the original payment method then choose that or else you can request refund for Udemy credits too.
  • Submit the valid reason for requesting a refund. Click on the submit button.

Ques. How to get an Udemy discount?

Ans. If you are a first time user, then you can get any Udemy courses for just INR 455. For others Udemy offers heavy discounts every now and then. They can check the official website for updates about the sales and discounts.

Ques. How to get coupons for Udemy?

Ans. You can get Udemy coupon codes either from Udemy’s official website directly or through various coupon listing pages. Udemy’s official website features multiple coupon codes during seasonal sales but for that, you need to check out the website every now and then. Coupon listing pages are another way to claim Udemy coupon codes but often they are either backdated or not applicable to Udemy’s courses.

Ques. How to get free coupons for Udemy?

Ans. You can check the coupon listing pages that offer Udemy coupons for free of cost. To check the authenticity of the coupon you can copy & paste the code and add it to your cart before checking out.

Ques. When will Udemy courses go on sale?

Ans. There is no time or event on which the Udemy courses go on sale. Udemy courses are subject to discounts & sales throughout the year.

Ques. Is Udemy certificate valid?

Ans. Yes, Udemy certificates demonstrate your accomplishments to the potential recruiters or employers. However, Udemy is not an accredited institution so Udemy certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

Ques. Do Udemy courses expire?

Ans. No, paid Udemy courses have a lifetime access. Candidates who have an active Udemy account can access the course anytime and  from anywhere.

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