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The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023 course is categorized as beginner-friendly and is designed for those without prior programming knowledge. The courses are usually available at INR 3,399 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023 for INR 455.

The course discusses all the necessary details about HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and more. The course also helps in understanding how to build real web applications. This is a course designed for complete beginners, however, it covers major portions of the most exciting and relevant topics in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • All about HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript for 2023
  • Create responsive, accessible, and beautiful layouts
  • Making REAL web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Recognizing and preventing common security exploits like SQL-Injection & XSS
  • Continue to learn and grow as a developer, long after the course ends

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameThe Web Developer Bootcamp 2023
Duration63.5 hours
Student Enrollments8.57 lakhs
InstructorColt Steele
Course LevelBeginner
Coding ExercisesYes
Total Students Reviews2.56 lakhs
  • Updated course structure along with ins and outs of HTML5, CSS3, and Modern JavaScript
  • Completely redone with more than 500 new videos discussing various modules
  • Modules taught in a jiffy
  • Basic course content

Course Content

Sr No.Module (Duration)Topics
1Course Orientation (31 Minutes)Curriculum Walkthrough, Course Change Log
Accessing Course Core Slides
Tips On The Interactive Coding Exercises
Migrating From The Old Version Of This Course
2An Introduction to Web Development (40 Minutes)The Internet in 5 Minutes
Intro to the Web
The Request/Response Cycle
Front-End and Back-End
What do HTML/CSS/JS do
Setting Up Our Developer Environment
3HTML: The Essentials (1 Hour 3 Minutes)Introduction to HTML
TIP: Mozilla Developer Network
Paragraph Elements, Heading Elements
Pangolin Practice
Introduction to the Chrome Inspector
HTML Boilerplate
VSCode Tip: Auto-format
Anchor Tags, Images, Comments
4HTML: Next Steps & Semantics (1 Hour 1 minute)What Exactly Is HTML5
Block vs. Inline Elements – Divs and Spans
An Odd Assortment of Elements: Hours BR, Sup, & Sub
Entity Codes
Intro to Semantic Markup
Playing With Semantic Elements
Screen Reader Demonstration
5.HTML: Forms & Tables (1 Hour 45 Minutes)Unit Goals
Introducing HTML Tables
Tables: TR, TD, and THE Elements
Tables: Thead, Tbody, and Tfoot Elements
Tables: Colspan & Rowspan
The Form Element
Common Input Types
The All-Important Label
HTML Buttons
The Name Attribute
“Hijacking” Google & Reddit’s Search
Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, & Selects
Range & Text Area
HTML5 Form Validations
Creating A Marathon Registration Form Intro & Solutions
6.CSS: The Very Basics (1 Hour)What is CSS
Color & Background-Color Properties
Colors Systems: RGB & Named Colors
Colors Systems: Hexadecimal
A Reminder On Semicolons & CSS
Common Text Properties
Font Size Basics With Pixels
The Font Family Property
7.The World of CSS Selectors (1 Hour 10 Minutes)Universal & Element Selectors
The ID Selector
The Class Selector
The Descendant Selector
The Adjacent & Direct-Descendant Selectors
The Attribute Selector
Pseudo Classes & Elements
The CSS Cascade
WTF is Specificity
Inline Styles & Important
8.The CSS Box Model (1 Hour 8 Minutes)Box Model: Width & Height, Border & Border-Radius, Padding, Margin
The Display Property
CSS Units Revisited
9.Other Assorted Useful CSS Properties (1 Hour 28 Minutes)Opacity & The Alpha Channel
The Position Property
CSS Transitions
The Power of CSS Transforms
Fancy Button Hover Effect CodeAlong
The Truth About Background
10.Responsive CSS & Flexbox (1 Hour 14 Minutes)Flex-Direction, Justify-Content, Flex-Wrap, Align-Items, Align-Content & Align-Self
Flex-Basis, Grow, & Shrink
Flex Shorthand
Responsive Design & Media Queries Intro
The Power of Media Queries
Building a Responsive Nav
11.CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap (2 Hours 8 Minutes)Including Bootstrap & Containers, Bootstrap Buttons, Bootstrap Typography & Utilities
Badges, Alerts, & Button Groups
Intro to the Bootstrap Grid, Responsive Bootstrap Grids, Useful Grid Utilities
Bootstrap & Forms, Bootstrap Navbars, Bootstrap Icons, Other Bootstrap Utilities
A Mixed Bag of Other Bootstrap Stuff
12.JavaScript Basics! (57 Minutes)Why JavaScript is Awesome
Primitives & The Console
JavaScript Numbers
WTF is NaN
Variables & Let
Updating Variables
Const & Var
Variable Naming and Conventions
13.JavaScript Strings and More (50 Minutes)Introducing Strings
Indices & Length
String Methods
String Methods With Arguments
String Template Literals -SUPER USEFUL
Undefined & Null
Random Numbers & The Math Object
14.JavaScript Decision Making (1 Hour 30 Minutes)Decision Making With Code
Comparison Operators
Equality: Triple Vs. Double Equals
Console, Alert, & Prompt
Running JavaScript From A Script
If Statements, Else-If, Else
Logical AND / OR / NOT
The Switch Statement Is…A Lot
15.JavaScript Arrays (1 Hour 2 Minutes)Introducing Arrays
Array Random Access
Push & Pop
Shift & Unshift
Concat, indexOf, includes & reverse
Reference Types & Equality Testing
Arrays + Const
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
16.JavaScript Object Literals (29 Minutes)Introducing Object Literals
Creating Object Literals
Accessing Data Out Of Objects
Modifying Objects
Nesting Arrays & Objects
17.Repeating Stuffs With Loops (1 Hour 34 Minutes)Intro to For Loops
The Perils Of Infinite Loops
Looping Over Arrays
Nested Loops
Another Loop: The While Loop
The Break Keyword
Writing a Guessing Game
The Lovely For…Of Loop
Iterating Over Objects
18.Callbacks & Array Methods (1 Hour)The map Method
Intro to Arrow Functions
Arrow Function Implicit Returns
Arrow Functions Wrap Up
setTimeout and setInterval
The filter Method
The Notorious Reduce Method
19.New JavaScript Features (42 Minutes)Default Params
Spread in Function Calls, Array Literals
Spread with Objects
Destructuring Arrays, Objects, Params
20.Introducing the world of DOM (1 Hour 50 Minutes)Introducing the DOM
The Document Object
innerHTML, textContent, & innerText
Traversing Parent/Child/Sibling
21.The Missing Piece: DOM Events (1 Hour 57 Minutes)Intro to Events, Inline Events, Random Color Exercise
Keyboard Events & Event Objects
NEW VERSION: Form Events & PreventDefault & Practice With Form Events & PreventDefault
ORIGINAL VERSION: Form Events & PreventDefault
Event Bubbling & Delegation
22.Async JavaScript (1 Hour 39 Minutes)The Call Stack
WebAPIs & Single Threaded
The Async Keyword, The Await Keyword
Handling Errors In Async Functions
23.AJAX & API’s (1 Hour 47 Minutes)Intro to AJAX, API’s, JSON
HTTP Verbs, HTTP Status Codes, HTTP Headers
Using The Fetch API
Introducing Axios
24.Prototypes, Classes & OOP (1 Hour 26 Minutes)What Are Prototypes
Intro to Object Oriented Programming
Factory Functions, Constructor Functions
JavaScript Classes
25.Our First Brush With Node (45 Minutes)Introducing Node JS
What Is Node Used For, Installing Node
The Node REPL
Running Node Files
Process & ArgvFile System Module Crash Course
26.Exploring Modules & The NPM Universe (59 Minutes)Working With module.exports
Requiring A Directory
Introducing NPM
27.Creating Servers With Express (54 Minutes)Introducing Express
The Request & Response Objects
Express Routing Basics, Express Path Parameters
Working With Query Strings
28.Creating Dynamic HTML with Templating (1 Hour 19 Minutes)What is Templating
Configuring Express For EJS
EJS Interpolation Syntax, Setting The Views Directory, Subreddit Template Demo
A More Complex Subreddit Demo, Serving Static Assets In Express
29.Defying Restful Routes (1 Hour 46 Minutes)Defining Express Post Routes
Parsing The Request Body
Intro to REST, RESTful Comments Overview, RESTful Comments Index, RESTful Comments New
Express Redirects, Express Method Override
30.Our First Database: MongoDB (1 Hour 20 Minutes)Introduction to Databases, SQL Vs. NoSQL Databases
Installing Mongo: MacOS, The Mongo Shell
Inserting With Mongo, Finding With Mongo, Updating With Mongo, Deleting With Mongo
31.Connecting to Mongo with Mongoose (1 Hour 50 Minutes)What is Mongoose, Connecting Mongoose to Mongo, Our First Mongoose Model
Finding With Mongoose, Updating With Mongoose, Deleting With Mongoose
Mongoose Schema Validations
Validating Mongoose Updates, Mongoose Validation Errors
Model Instance Methods, Adding Model Static Methods
Defining Mongoose Middleware
32.Putting it All Together: Mongoose with Express (1 Hour 16 Minutes)Express + Mongoose Basic Setup
Products Index, Product Details, Creating Products, Updating Products
Tangent On Category Selector
Deleting Products
33.YelpCamp: Campgrounds CRUD (59 Minutes)Introducing YelpCamp
How to Access YelpCamp Code, Creating the Basic Express App
Campground Model Basics
Seeding Campgrounds
Campground Index, Campground Show, Campground New & Create, Campground Edit & Update, Campground Delete
34.YelpCamp: Adding Basic Styles (50 Minutes)Bootstrap5! Boilerplate
Navbar Partial, Footer Partial
Adding Images
Styling Campgrounds Index, Styling The New Form, Styling Edit Form, Styling Show Page
35.Handling Errors in Express Apps (1 Hour 7 Minutes)Express’ Built-In Error Handler
Defining Custom Error Handlers
Handling Async Errors
Defining An Async Utility
Differentiating Mongoose Errors
36.YelpCamp: Errors & Validation Data (58 Minutes)Client-Side Form Validations
Basic Error Handler
Defining ExpressError Class
Defining Error Template
JOI Schema Validations, JOI Validation Middleware
37.Mongo Relationships with Express (58 Minutes)Defining Our Farm & Product Models
Creating New Farms
Farms Show Page
Creating Products For A Farm
Finishing Touches
Deletion Mongoose Middleware
38.YelpCamp: Adding the Reviews Model (55 Minutes)Adding The Review Form
Creating Reviews, Validating Reviews, Displaying Reviews, Styling Reviews, Deleting Reviews
39.Express Router & Cookies (55 Minutes)Express Router Intro
Express Router & Middleware
Introducing Cookies
Sending Cookies
Signing Cookies
40.YelpCamp: Restructuring & Flash (41 Minutes)Breaking Out Campground Routes
Breaking Out Review Routes
Serving Static Assets
Configuring Session
Setting Up Flash, Flash Success Partial, Flash Errors Partial
41.Authentication from ‘’Scratch’’ (1 Hour 36 Minutes)Authentication Vs. Authorization
Cryptographic Hashing Functions
Password Salts
Password Salts
Auth Demo: Setup, Auth Demo: Registering, Auth Demo: Login, Auth Demo: Staying Logged In With Session, Auth Demo: Logout, Auth Demo: Require Login Middleware, Auth Demo: Refactoring To Model Methods
42.YelpCamp: Adding In Authentication (1 Hour 3 Minutes)Introduction to Passport
Creating Our User Model
Register Form
Register Route Logic
Login Routes
Adding Logout
Fixing Register Route
ReturnTo Behavior
43.YelpCamp: Basic Authorization (45 Minutes)Adding an Author to Campground
Showing and Hiding Edit/Delete
Campground Permissions
Authorization Middleware
44.YelpCamp: Image Upload (1 Hour 36 Minutes)Intro To Image Upload Process
The Multer Middleware
Cloudinary Registration
Uploading To Cloudinary Basics
Displaying Images In A Carousel
Adding Upload to Edit Page
Customizing File Input
Deleting Images Form, Deleting Images Backend
Adding a Thumbnail Virtual Property
45.YelpCamp: Adding Maps (49 Minutes)Registering For Mapbox
Geocoding Our Locations
Working With GeoJSON
Displaying A Map
Fixing Our Seeds Bug
Centering The Map On A Campground
46.YelpCamp: Styles Clean Up (30 Minutes)Styling Home Page
Additional Home Page Styling
Styling Login Form, Styling Register Form
Removing Inline Map Styles
Adding Map Controls
47.YelpCamp: Common Security Issues (45 Minutes)Mongo Injection
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Sanitizing HTML w/ JOI
Hiding Errors
48.YelpCamp: Deploying (37 Minutes)Setting Up Mongo Atlas
Using Mongo For Our Session Store
Heroku Setup, Pushing to Heroku
Configuring Heroku Env Variables

Resources Required

  • A computer with proper internet connection
  • No prior programming knowledge is required

Comparison Table

ParametersThe Web Developer Bootcamp 2023The Complete 2023 Web Development BootcampThe Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration63.5 hours65 hours69 hours
Students Enrollments8.56 lakhs6.20 Lakh6.09 Lakh
InstructorsColt SteeleDr. Angela YuJonas Schmedtmann
Topics CoveredJavaScript Decision Making, An Introduction to Web Development, Callbacks & Array MethodsIntroduction to HTML, Intermediate HTML, Introduction to CSS, Intermediate CSSJavaScript Fundamentals, Data Structures, Modern Operators and Strings
Coding ExercisesYesYesNo
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Student Reviews

  • Code D. (5.0/5) ‘’To anyone starting to learn development – whether web dev, mobile dev, frontend, backend whatever, this should be the first course. It literally covers all the basics needed from ground up to a very good level from where you can take the knowledge you gained and learn advanced topics, or maybe start building applications on your own. This is the best course, the instructor is super awesome.’’
  • Marc L. (5.0/5) ‘’Amazing course! Thank you Colt for putting in so much effort into this. I learned a crazy amount of information, this was extremely valuable. It is the beginning of my developer journey and i will always recommend this course to anyone looking to get started in web development!’’
  • Yanal K. (5.0/5) ‘’What an amazing course. The course content is robust and useful, the community comments are active and help the learning process, Colt the instructor and Teachers Assistants / support staff make this course really enjoyable.’’
  • Berk Saltuk Y. (5.0/5) ‘’Highly detailed. If you write codes along, you will undoubtedly learn a lot; it has been a journey of several months for me, and I am proud of the things I learned throughout the course. Now I feel like Colt is a friend of mine; he is a funny guy, and he does not hesitate to make mistakes during the lectures, which encourages me. I strongly recommend this course for beginning your web development adventure.’’
  • Jonathan K. (5.0/5) ‘’Wow, never would have expected myself completing this course after 3 months. Purchased this well before Colt released the new version of the course and could never stay committed enough to complete it. Colt is an amazing instructor – totally chill and has an uncanny ability of explaining complicated concepts in simple ways. I truly believe Colt has included best practices that any new developer should follow when they start working in the real world or on personal projects. 3 tips for anyone looking to pick up this course or has struggled with completing it. Focus on learning the concepts. I tried way too hard at first to take notes, memorize patterns for everything, etc. Frankly, it was a waste of time and only led to me dropping the course multiple times. It’s okay to feel confused or lost. Once I hit Javascript in the course, I can confidently say there were plenty of times where I was just copying and pasting and not fully understanding what was going on. If you spend too much time trying to become comfortable with each section, you will become frustrated and quit. You will not know how to code in the end – and that’s okay! I think the goal should be to go through the course the best you can and start working on projects. From what I can see, you learn to code by actually building projects, not from watching videos. Colt & the rest of the staff that support this course – THANK YOU!”
  • Tom K. (4.0/5) ‘’It was great! Colt was amazing as well as all theTAs that helped out along the way. It was long, but was thorough, and covered all the essentials and more of WebDev. Fully satisfied, however, maybe a few more smaller projects along the way would have helped retain more of the course material and would have served as better reference of particular concepts. Otherwise, it was perfect, would recommend for anyone serious about starting a career or hobby in Web Development.’’
  • Pablo Bahler G. (4.0/5) ‘’I finished the course. The quality of the lectures declines towards the end. Several topics “will be covered/done in the next video” and are not actually covered. The last 10 sections feel kinda rushed. It was like he didn’t want to explain everything in detail like at the beginning and he adopted more of a follow my code kind of attitude.’’
  • Juan Diego U. (4.0/5) ‘’I love it, it is very complete. I just graduated and it was an incredible refresher and an absolute blow to the things I didn’t learn, so grateful with Colt the only bad thing was the last practices because of old versions but the rest was incredible. Again, thanks Colt’’
  • Ondrej M. (3.0/5) ‘’I would say this course is worth that 12$ I spent for it. I think the problematic and amount of technologies used is so big, that it was foolish from me to think, that I will learn it in 60 something hours. In my case it will be maybe better to focus on front end first, then do some projects and when feel confident enough go to backend course, but in this full stack scenario I feel like I now only little bit from both worlds. Also in the second part after javascript all code challenges disappeared, probably because we really only scratch the surface, like Colt said many times, you can spend 30-40hours learning with each used tool here. Overall I think its good intro to the web dev, to get an idea of how it can look like.’’
  • Pavel S. (3.0/5) ‘’I am at 50% and just decided to write a review. Until the section 27, I would rate it at least with 4.0/5. Now I go with 3. I am not sure if I want to learn ASYNC Javascript before coding some useful apps with the knowledge we already have. So I have to do the same thing as I did in CSS section – pause this course and take another in-depth CSS course (javascript course respectively)…and then return. I feel this course is extremely rushed without real examples and enough practice. Sometimes there are 8-minutes explanations of absolute basic things..but the more important and difficult ones are rushed. I believe no one can become developer by just taking ONLY this course. So I recommend to pay for more in-depth CSS and Javascript course as well – where you can do more and more practise before moving to another big section.’’

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The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. Currently the course can be availed at a discounted price of INR 455 (INR 3,399) which is a total of 87% off on the average price.

Ques. Is the Udemy web development Bootcamp worth it?

Ans. The course is likely truly outstanding to learn full-stack web improvement containing over 60 hours of video content. The course has more than 600k understudies enlistments and a 4.7 rating score meaning and demonstrates you are good to go while signing up for this program.

Ques. Is Colt Steele good?

Ans. Colt is a fantastic teacher and you construct a few tomfoolery projects with a cutting edge stack, yet the course does exclude ES6 or a frontend structure. Both of those things are fundamental if you have any desire to be a full-stack or front-end web designer

Ques. Can Udemy courses get you a job?

Ans. That is about whether course testaments from Udemy, Coursera, edX, and Udacity are important or not. They are certainly important as far as giving acknowledgment, adding the watchword in your resume, and giving beginning boots, yet you can’t find a new line of work or begin a vocation by utilizing them.

Ques. What is yelp camp?

Ans. YelpCamp is a site where clients can make and audit campsites. To survey or make a camping area, you should have a record. This task was essential for Colt Steele’s web dev seminar on udemy. This task was made utilizing Node. js, Express, MongoDB, and Bootstrap.

Ques. What is Bootcamp in web development?

Ans. A web Development bootcamp is a dense, vivid schooling program that intends to take propelled fledglings to work prepared graduates in anything from a couple of months to a year

Ques. What is yelp in web development?

Ans. This is a full-stack web application project for a startup called Yelp Camp. It is a web application designed to add, rate and review different campgrounds, different users(read campers) can put in their comments and concerns, so that it is a well informed and well prepared camping trip for other users.

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. The rating for the course is 4.7 out of 5.

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, one can access this course on mobile devices and laptop for lifetime.

Ques. How do I get free courses on udemy?

Ans. Go To Udemy.com.

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