The Tableau 10 and Tableau 9.3 Desktop, Server & Data Science course teaches students how to use Tableau. The course is structured to start with the basics and practical applications of the tool and ends with an explanation of the Tableau server using 2 real-world projects.

The course is 46 hours in length. The course content includes PowerPoint presentations, datasets for visualization, 2 case studies, interview questions, sample questions, etc. The course is usually available for INR 2,499 on Udemy but you can click now to get the Tableau 10 and Tableau 9.3 Desktop, Server & Data Science Course for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

This course is meant for students, working professionals, data analysts, data scientists, etc., who want to learn the science & art behind generating powerful data visualizations to address even complicated business problems.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 2,49982% off
Duration46.5 hours
Student Enrollment3,262 students
InstructorExcelR Solutions
Topics CoveredTableau Basics, Statistics for Tableau, Text Mining, Forecasting, Time Series, etc.
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews537

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of data visualization and the significance of Tableau in the modern world
  • Find out more about Tableau’s architecture and the most popular charts used there
  • Discover the statistical ideas essential to a career in Tableau
  • Discover how to create forecasting & prediction models in Tableau
  • Learn about advanced reporting concepts using Tableau calculated fields
  • Learn the fundamentals of K-Means clustering, Text mining, and how to use Tableau to achieve the same
  • Discover numerous Tableau Server topics, such as automatic reporting and security settings

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Tableau Introduction (01 hour 32 minutes)Introduction about the trainer and overall Agenda
Introduction – Why Tableau?
Tableau, Analytics – Icebreaker
Tableau Products & Introduction to Architecture – Part 1
Tableau Architecture Part 2
Tableau Architecture Part 3
How to download and install tableau
An Introduction to Tableau Desktop and History of Tableau
Explore Tableau “Start Page”
Location Based Analytics using Tableau
Tableau User Interface
Basic Tableau Visualization
2.Statistics for Tableau including Linear Regression, K-Means Clustering & R (06 hours 34 minutes)First Moment Business Decision
Measures of Dispersion
Barplot & Histogram
Box Plot
Tableau-Barplot, Color encoded, Nested, Stacked
Histogram-Calculated Field
Pareto Chart
Overlaying Pareto Chart
Barplot Dual Axis
Barplot-Calculated Field
Box Plot
Scatter Diagram, Correlation Coefficient
Confidence Interval-Part 1
Scatter Plot using Tableau
Confidence Interval-Part 2
Simple Linear Regression
Simple Linear Regression R
Linear Regression Tableau-Part 1
Linear Regression Tableau-Part 2
Data Visualization Principles-Part 1
Data Visualization Principles-Part 2
Connecting to Data R
Tableau – R connection
K-means Clustering -Part 1
K-means Clustering -Part 2
3.Working with Data using Tableau including Data Extraction & Blending (01 hour 22 minutes)Data Interpreter-Pivot
Customizing Views, Data Types, Fields
Using Clipboard, Hierarchies, Saving-Sharing Metadata
Data Extraction
Data Blending
Tableau Hadoop Integration & Twitter data Extraction using Tableau
Quiz 3
4.Various Charts in Tableau including Text Mining (01 hour 58 minutes)Trend Line Chart
Tableau_Maps_Mark Types
Line Chart Variants
Text Table – Area Chart
Various Charts-Part 1
Pie Chart
Bubble Chart
Bullet Chart
Waterfall Chart
Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions
Word Cloud
Quiz 4
5.Bonus Section… (20 minutes)Word Cloud_Text Mining
6.Forecasting/Time series/Trend lines in Tableau (02 hours 47 minutes)Forecasting using Tableau
Forecasting-Why Forecasting & types of Forecasts
Forecasting – Who Forecasts?
Forecasting Strategy-Defining goal
Forecasting-Data Collection, Various components
Forecasting Seasonal, Trend, and Random components
Forecasting-Data Exploration & Visualization
Forecasting-Data Visualization Principles
Forecasting-Error measures
Exploratory Data Analysis Using Walmart Footfalls Example Part-1
Exploratory Data Analysis Using Walmart Footfalls Example Part-2
Evaluating Predictive Accuracy
Forecasting Different Methods
Recap Forecasting Part-1
7.Forecasting Model Based Approaches (02 hours 28 minutes)Forecasting Methods-Linear Model
Forecasting Methods-Exponential, Quadratic and Additive Seasonality Models
Forecasting Methods- Additive seasonality with the trend, Multiplicative seasonality
Forecasting-Irregular Components.
Forecasting – Linear Regression and Auto Regression
Forecasting Autocorrelation Model
Forecasting-Model Based Approach VS Data-Driven Approach
Forecasting-Understanding Moving Average
Forecast Methods based on Smoothing
Forecast Methods Exponential Smoothing
8.Forecast Data-Driven Approach (50 minutes)Forecast Data Driven- Holts and Winter Method
Forecast Data Driven-Seasonal Indexes
Forecast Seasonal Indexes, Centered Moving Average Hands on
Forecasting -Logistic Regression using XLminar
9.Tableau Filtering (01 hour 16 minutes)Tableau Filtering_Part 1
Tableau Filtering_Part 2
Tableau Quick Filters
Parameters_Part 1
Parameters_Part 2
Tableau Worksheet Actions_Filter Actions
Tableau_Worksheet Actions_Highlight & URL Actions
10.Tableau Groups, Sets, Calculations (02 hours 52 minutes)Dimension Grouping _ Visual Grouping
Different Sets in Tableau
Calculated Fields_Adhoc Calculations _ Calculation Editor
Calculated Fields_Numeric, String, Date Calculations
Calculated Fields_Logic Constructs _ Aggregation
LOD expressions_Part 1
LOD expressions_Part 2
Table Calculations_Part 1
Table Calculations_Part 2
11.Tableau Maps (01 hour 18 minutes)Tableau Maps Introduction & Geographic Roles
Tableau_Maps Custom Geocoding
Tableau Maps_Navigating Maps & Map Search
Tableau Maps_Map Options & Web Map Services
Tableau_Maps_Background Images
Tableau_Maps_Mark Types, Attached Assignment
12.Tableau Dashboard & Story (58 minutes)Dashboard-Part 1
Dashboard-Part 2
Dashboard-Part 3
Story & Story Points
13.Tableau 10 New Features (01 hour 02 minutes)Tableau 10 Highlighter & Filter across data sources
Custom Territory & Enhanced Bar Plot
Marimekko Bar chart
Gantt Chart
14.Prerequisite to Understand Clustering (36 minutes)Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) – Part 1
Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) – Part 2
Statistics of ANOVA
15.Tableau 10 Clustering New Feature (44 minutes)Introduction to Clustering
K Means Clustering Introduction
Clustering Using Tableau 10
Statistics of Clustering
Statistics of Clustering Using Tableau 10
16.Tableau Server Introduction (02 hours 42 minutes)Tableau Server Installation_Part 1
Tableau Server Installation_Part 2
Tableau Server Installation_Part 3
Tableau Server_Architecture _ Key Processes
Tableau Server_Key Processes Part 2
Tableau Server_Activation offline & online
Tableau Server_Location of Log files
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 1
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 2
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 3
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 4
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 5
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 6
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 7
Tableau Server Configuration Tabs explained_Part 8
17.Bonus Section….Working with Various Products of Tableau (50 minutes)Exporting Worksheets, Workbooks, Dashboards
Tableau Reader & Tableau Public
Tableau Online
Whats Next…..?
18.Interview Q&A’s (00 seconds)Interview Q&A’s
19.New Tableau10.3_class1 (31 minutes)01. Data Types-In-Tableau
02. Naming-Conventions-And-Bar-Chart-In-Tableau
03. Visualization-Sharing-In-Tableau
04. Tableau-Reader-And-Publishing-Workbook-In-Tableau
20.New Tableau10.3_class2 (01 hour 00 minutes)1. Creating-Charts-In-Tableau
2. Difference-Between-Tableau-Public-And-Tableau-Desktop
3. Tableau-Server-Architecture-Tutorial
4. Different-Data-Connectivity-Options-And-Joints-In-Tableau-Part-1
5. Joints-In-Tableau-Part-2
6. Joints-In-Tableau-Part-3
7. Data-Blending-In-Tableau
21.Latest Tableau 10.3_class3 (57 minutes)1. Creating Text Tables in Tableau
2. Bar Graphs
3. Stacked & side by side Bars
4. Line Graph
5. Dual-axis Graphs In Tableau
22.New Tableau10.3_class4 (01 hour 33 minutes)1. Creating Pie chart
2. Heat Map
3. Tree Maps
4. Creating Area charts in Tableau
5. Creating Circle view
6. Sorting in Tableau
7. Filtering
8. Filter Dates in Tableau
23.New Tableau10.3_class5 (29 minutes)1. Measure-Filters-In-Tableau
2. Hierarichal-Filters-In-Tableau
3. How to Create Groups In Tableau
4. How to Create Sets In Tableau
24.New Tableau10.3_class6 (01 hour 50 minutes)1. Adding-Reference-Lines-In-Tableau part1
2. Reference lines part2
3. Reference lines part3
4. Reference-Bands-In-Tableau
5. parameter with reference lines
6. parameter with calculation field part1
7. parameter with calculation field part2
8. Forecasting In Tableau
9. Forecasting length In Tableau
10. Estimation on forecasting
25.New Tableau10.3_class7 (01 hour 06 minutes)1. Creating Scatter plots In Tableau
2. Scatter plots part2
3. Scatter plot part-3
4. Trend Models In Tableau
5. Gantt Chart In Tableau part-1
6. Gantt chart In Tableau Part-2
7. Gantt Chart part-3
26.New Tableau10.3_class8 (01 hour 23 minutes)1. Histograms part-1
2. Histograms In Tableau part-2
3. Histograms part-3
4. Histograms part-4
5. Box-whisker plot part-1
6. Box whisker plot part-2
7. Box-whisker plot part-3
8. Box whisker plot part-4
9. Creating Bullet Graph
10. Bubble chart
27.New Tableau10.3_class9 (01 hour 27 minutes)1.Difference-Between-Geographic-And-Non-Geographic-Fields-Part-1
2.Switching-Between-Geographic-And-Non Geographic-Fields-In-Tableau Part2
3. How-To-Create-Filled-Map-In-Tableau
4. How-To-Create-Symbol-Map-In-Tableau
5. Difference-Between-Filled-And-Symbol-Map-In-Tabelau
6. How-To-Edit-Unrecognised-Locations-In-Tableau
7. Map-Layer-In-Tableau
8. Polygon-Maps-In-Tableau
9. Polygon-Maps-In-Tableau-Part-2
10. Web-Map-Services-In-Tableau
28.New Tableau10.3_class10 (01 hour 08 minutes)1. how to add custom geographic In Tableau
2. custom geocoding
3. how to add background image part 1
4. adding background image part 2
5. adding background image part 3
29.New Tableau10.3_class11 (01 hour 11 minutes)1.Logical-Calculations-In-Tableau-Part-1
4. Creating-If-Statement-In-Tableau
5. ATTR-In-Tableau
8. Addressing-And-Directions-In-Tableau
9. Quick-Table-Calculations-Moving-Average-In-Tableau
30.New Tableau10.3_class12 (01 hour 01 minutes)1. Creating Fixed LOD In Tableau
2. Cohort Analysis In Tableau
3. Calculating Repeated purchases in Tableau part-1
4. Calculating Repeated purchases in Tableau Part-2
5. Creating Pareto chart
31.New Tableau10.3_class13 (30 minutes)1. Waterfall Chart in Tableau
2. Funnel chart in Tableau
3. Data Extraction in Tableau1
32.New Tableau10.3_class14 (47 minutes)1. Creating Dashboards in Tableau part-1
2. Creating Dashboards in Tableau Part-2
3. Creating objects in Tableau
4. Actions in Tableau
33.New Tableau10.3_class15 (01 hour 09 minutes)1. Integration Tableau with R-In TABLEAU Part-1
2. Integration Tableau with R-In TABLEAU Part-2
3. Integration R with Tableau part-3
4. Outliers in Tableau
5. cluster Analysis in Tableau
6. Creating Donut charts In Tableau
7. Creating Motion Charts In Tableau

Resources Required

  • To practice and recreate the visualizations, download all the datasets offered as part of this program
  • Visit the Tableau website to download Tableau Desktop Professional

Featured Review

Arjun Rajendran (5/5): The course provided a detailed understanding of the Tableau Software widely used by working professionals nowadays. Though it looks like a normal MS Excel tool, the application of this tool is way far beyond MS Excel. The way Mr. Kumar has explained is very attractive. He is demonstrating a way to give attention to the details. Hats off !! I presume I have had a wonderful journey with the tutor and with the techniques. Hope I can replicate the same at my office as well.


  • David Richardson (5/5): In addition, the clarity of each class is excellent along with the excitement and passion of Mr. Kumar.
  • Jack Gets (5/5): ExcelR Solutions (Instructor) is indeed very experienced with Tableau and his skills are no joke.
  • Vinay Singh (5/5): I liked it and would like to thank Bharani for it.
  • Pankha Pori (5/5): The course is very easy to comprehend, interactive, represented, and tailored well.


  • Shakif Rauf (1/5): The am doubtful if he is going to deliver as expected I am not impressed at all

About the Author

ExcelR Solutions is a pioneer in professional management training & consulting. With a 3.9 instructor rating and 1,832 reviews on Udemy, they offer 8 courses and have taught 15,157 students so far.

  • With more than 15 years of professional experience, Bharani Kumar graduated from prestigious schools like IIT and ISB.
  • He has worked for MNCs like HSBC, ITC, Infosys, and Deloitte in a variety of roles, including data scientist, project manager, service delivery manager, process consultant, and delivery head.
  • Over 1500 people from all over the world have received his training in topics like Business Analytics, Agile, PMP, Lean Six Sigma, and others.
  • He has 8 years of comprehensive experience in corporate, open house, and online training.
  • He is a meticulous implementer with expertise in Agile and Business Analytics projects.
  • He worked in delivery management, with an emphasis on maximizing the articulation of business value.
  • He has vast expertise in managing teams and several projects.

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OffersINR 455 (INR 2,499) 82% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration46.5 hours6.5 hours2.5 hours
Student Enrollments3,26268,9653,239
InstructorsExcelR SolutionsLukas HalimKirill Eremenko
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