Best Tableau Courses Online in 2024

Tableau is an extremely effective and user-friendly tool that helps its users build complex charts and graphs and helps the users effectively handle large volumes of data. One of the main reasons to learn Tableau is because of the high demand for Tableau professionals, the main reason being the surge in Data that is being generated by the companies on a daily basis.

Tableau developers are also among the highest-paid professionals in the department of Data Analytics. There are several platforms that provide Tableau courses to students, in this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best Tableau courses available online. Also Check: Best Tableau Courses on Udemy

Students can choose from a variety of courses that are tailored to their specific needs and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, there is a course on this list that will help you improve your Tableau skills and take your data visualization to the next level.

Tableau Tutorial for BeginnersUdemy2 hours 26 minutes4.3/5
Introduction to TableauCoursera19 hours4.9/5
Tableau Certification Training CourseSimplilearn90 days4.5/5
Data Representation and Visualization in TableauedX4 weeks4.7/5
Tableau Essential TrainingLinkedIn Learning4 hours 42 minutes4.8/5
Data Visualization with Tableau SpecializationCoursera1 month (10 hours a week)4.5/5
Learn Tableau for Data VisualizationCodecademy5 hours4.3/5
Tableau Certification TrainingUdemy17 hours3.8/5
Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional CertificateCoursera8 months (10 hours a week)4.7/5
Tableau – Basics to AdvancedUdemy26.5 hours4.4/5

Tableau Tutorial for Beginners: Udemy 

The course is suitable for beginners. It focuses on basic topics related to Tableau and data visualization including how to connect various data sources, package reports into a dashboard, visual analytics, drill-downs, sorting, grouping, annotations, reference lines, and more. The course is also ideal for candidates from technical backgrounds willing to explore career in data science or analytics.

Introduction to Tableau: Coursera 

Since this course has a flexible schedule students can learn this course at their own pace. In this course, students will learn to describe the value of data visualization in the field of business analytics, they will learn to preprocess data using Tableau Public and will also be taught to combine data from multiple tables found within the same data source as well as other data sources in Tableau Public. Students will gain valuable skills like preprocessing data, data visualization fundamentals, and data restructuring.

Tableau Certification Training Course: Simplilearn 

This certification course will help the students to master Tableau Desktop, a worldwide utilized data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence tool. This course is highly regarded by companies for data-related jobs.

Data Representation and Visualization in Tableau: edX 

The course focuses on data visualization using Tableau. After finishing this course, students will be able to use key data analysis tools and techniques and use Tableau to create meaningful tables, graphs and visualizations to organize data. The course also teaches candidates how to critically assess graphical representations for any kind of inaccuracies in data and evaluate decisions/solutions based on data.

Tableau Essential Training: LinkedIn Learning

The course helps students to learn data analysis using Tableau. The course is taught by Curt Frye. He uses real-world examples to help students create, manipulate and share compelling data visualizations. The course includes 12 chapter-based quizzes, project files and offers a sharable certification. 

Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization: Coursera

It is one of the top Tableau courses on Coursera. The course focuses on the creation and design of visualizations and dashboards. The topics covered in this course include data combining, data navigation, visualization, and how to use the various features of Tableau. 

Learn Tableau for Data Visualization: Codecademy

The course is suitable for beginners. It focuses on teaching students how to use Tableau to build interactive visualizations and visually appealing dashboards. Students will learn how to merge data and build data repositories. They will work on a guided project as well as an independent capstone project to put their knowledge to the test.

Tableau Certification Training: Udemy 

The course walks students through the working of top business analytics tools. It focuses on Tableau, providing ample knowledge to pass the Tableau certification exam. The course follows a hands-on approach and includes practical examples to teach the basics of Tableau. 

Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate: Coursera 

It is one of the top Tableau courses on Coursera. It enables students to learn the essential skills to work in an entry-level Business Analyst role. The course focuses on topics such as crafting and dissecting data visualizations to reveal patterns and derive meaningful insights through data.

Tableau: Basics to Advanced – Udemy

The course focuses on fundamental topics such as creating basic charts, and advanced dashboards. Students will first learn the basics and installation of Tableau Desktop and Prep version. The instructor follows a hands-on approach to teaching the essential concepts. The course includes more than 50 downloadable resources and 15 practical examples for each topic.

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