The ‘The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Online’ course will teach you complete fundamentals of SQL language and helps you to launch your career as a Certified Oracle SQL Developer.

The course helps you to master the content required to pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 Database SQL Exam. The course is usually available at INR 3,399 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get ‘The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course Online’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Anyone interested in a career in software development
  • Candidates who wants to learn SQL and work as a highly compensated Oracle SQL Developer
  • Annyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn SQL
  • Students who wants to pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 3,39987% off
Duration16.5 Hours
Student Enrollment158,239 students
InstructorImtiaz Ahmad https://www.linkedin.com/in/imtiazahmad
Topics CoveredSQL Commands, Inner and Outer Joins, Basics of Tables
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews41,445

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your skills so you can contribute from Day 1 as a database developer
  • Create SQL programmes to address a range of database issues
  • To PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT all you learn, code along with me
  • Learn SQL and the inner workings of the Oracle Database
  • Master the content needed to pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 database SQL exam
  • Get the Qualifications Required to Become a SQL Developer
  • Capability to resolve any SQL issue

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Database Basics (33 minutes)Oracle Database Introduction & Basics of Tables
Creating the Workspace in Oracle
IMPORTANT: Prepare the Sample Data
Dedicated TA Support
How to Proceed in This Course
2.Single Table Queries (Exercises & Solutions in the Lectures) (02 hours 25 minutes)Oracle Exams and Certification Information
Retrieving Data Using the SELECT Clause
Using the WHERE Clause in a Query
Important Information from Instructor
Using Operators in the WHERE Clause
Some Inspiration
Combining WHERE, AND & OR with Operators
Query Filtering Continued BETWEEN, IN and NULL
What Will Make you Grow as a Software Developer
Query Filtering Conditions & Operator Precedence
Ordering, Concatenating And Aliasing Query Results
Assignment 1: Practice with Single Table Queries
3.Single Row Functions (Exercises and Solutions In the Lectures) (01 hour 38 minutes)Single Row Functions (SRF) & Using The Dual Table
Using Functions in WHERE And Character Based SRFs
Numeric and Date Data type SRFs
Conversion SRFs and Date Formatting
Some More Date Functions
Concluding SRFs & NULL / NULLIF Functions
Assignment 2: Practice with Single Row Functions
4.Grouping Functions (Exercises and Solutions In the Lectures) (51 minutes)Grouping Functions MIN, MAX, AVG, COUNT etc.
GROUP BY Clause & HAVING Clause
More Practice With The GROUP BY Clause
5.Multi-Table Queries and Joins (Exercises and Solutions In the Lectures) (02 hours 05 minutes)SELECT within SELECT (Subqueries)
Relating Tables Together Using JOINs
Joins Continued INNER & OUTER Joins
Career Advice
Correlated Subqueries with EXISTS & NOT EXIST operators
CASE Statements
6.Analytical Functions using OVER and PARTITION with ORDER BY (01 hour 07 minutes)OVER Clause with PARTITION BY
Compute Running Totals with Ordering and Partitioning
Unbounded Preceding Order in Over Clause
Slicing Windows and Filtering with Analytic Functions
Rank, Dense_rank, Lead, and Lag Functions
7.Creating, Altering, and Updating Objects Using SQL (Exercises in Lectures) (03 hours 57 minutes)Creating Your Own Tables & Design Considerations
Inserting Data Into Our Table
Create Table With a Primary Key Constraint
INSERT ALL for Multi-table & Conditional Inserts
Using ALTER to modify the table structure
Create Table with SELECT + UPDATE Data
MERGE Statement in Oracle
Primary and Foreign Keys
Sequence Statements in Oracle
Working With Database Indexes
System Tables, Pseudo Columns & Deleting Duplicates (Newly Added)
Views and Other Objects and Commands (Newly Added)
SQL could be tricky, check this out!
Granting and Revoking Privileges
Bonus Lecture: Lifetime Access to All My Courses
8.ADDITIONAL TOPICS + REVIEW for EXAM 170-071 (02 hours 13 minutes)OFFSET and FETCH
ERD Diagrams
Commit, Rollback, and Savepoint
Large Objects and Interval Data Types
Using Cascade Constraints and On Delete Cascade
UNUSED Columns
External Tables
SQL Plus and Substitution Variables
9.Exam Question Walkthrough Videos + 2 Exams (01 hour 18 minutes)QA 1- DML, DDL, and Transaction Control
QA 2- Fetch and Substitution Variables
QA 3 – Conversion Functions, TO_CHAR, NVL, and TO_DATE
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
10.APPENDIX – Installing Oracle on Windows (23 minutes)Install Oracle Database 19c in Windows
Install Oracle SQL Developer in Windows

Resources Required

  • To master the material in this course, you don’t need any programming experience

Featured Review

Marek Brandt (5/5) : An excellent course, Imtiaz is an excellent teacher. Thank you and kudos for you Imtiaz for creating this awesome learning material!


  • Chipurupally Anu (5/5) : the way he is explaining is wonderful and looking forward to attend his all lectures
  • Antonio E Lopez Alvarez (5/5) : You have illustrated every concept to make it easier to understand and that’s simply great!
  • Hughens (5/5) : the instructor has done a wonderful job explaining the basics and also how to use the operators.
  • Lexx Inc. (5/5) : One of the best things I’ve ever done is invest in this course.


  • Norbert Traian (1/5) : This course is setting wrong perception on the chances passing the course, and the students end up wasting time and money.
  • Norbert Traian (1/5) : I felt doing extra miles to get certified, and still failed, because my perception was wrong about my progress compared to exam requirements.
  • Brandon Lindsey (2/5) : Not sure if it’s because this video is older or not, but sadly I feel I wasted 250 on the exam thinking I was ready to go…

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Imtiaz Ahmad who is a Senior Software Engineer & Trainer @ Job Ready Programmer. With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 110,221 Reviews on Udemy, Instructor offers 12 Courses and has taught 417,657 Students so far.

  • Imtiaz is a highly skilled educator on Udemy who has won awards
  • He has extensive knowledge of big data technologies and business software designs
  • Imtiaz has devoted a significant amount of time to developing financial software on Wall Street, working with organisations like S&P, Goldman Sachs, AOL, and JP Morgan as well as assisting other startups in resolving pressing software issues
  • Imtiaz also taught software development in coding languages like Java, C++, Python, PL/SQL, Ruby, and Javascript over his more than 13 years of experience
  • He is the founder of Job Ready Programmer, an online programming academy that trains students from various backgrounds to become skilled, marketable software developers

Comparison Table

ParametersThe Complete Oracle SQL Certification CourseAdvanced SQL : The Ultimate GuideThe Complete Oracle SQL Bootcamp (2023)
OffersINR 499 (INR 3,399) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration16.5 hours14.5 hours38.5 hours
Student Enrollments158,23937,74268,758
InstructorsImtiaz AhmadOracle Master Training | 200,000+ Students WorldwideOracle Master Training | 200,000+ Students Worldwide
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