The ‘SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database -Beginner2Expert’ course will teach you Database development & Structured Query Language fundamentals with MySQL. In this course, you will learn SQL from basics to advanced topics.

The main topics covered in this course are Database designing, Database modeling, SQL RDBMS concepts, and Database relationships. The course is usually available for INR 2,699 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database -Beginner2Expert’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Everyone who wants to study MySQL and SQL.
  • Database administrators and programmers.
  • Creators of desktop and mobile applications.
  • Developers of network apps.
  • For academic purposes, graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Those who take pleasure in learning new talents.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,69980% off
Duration11 Hours
Student Enrollment9,736 students
InstructorPradnyankur Nikam
Topics CoveredSQL, MySQL, SQL Datatypes, SQL Functions
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews1,916

Learning Outcomes

  • To communicate with a relational database management system, use SQL queries (RDBMS).
  • With MySQL, you may learn the principles of database development and structured query language.
  • To perform data analysis and query reports, write sophisticated SQL statements.
  • Develop MySQL 8 databases to a high level.
  • From fundamentals to more complex topics, you will study SQL.
  • Learn about JOINS, database connections, database normalisation, etc.
  • You will get knowledge that will help you in your career as a database developer.
  • Study database management and modelling as well.
  • Get familiar with MySQL Workbench, It is a comprehensive visual tool for database administrators, developers, and architects.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language) (02 minutes)What is SQL?
Who should learn SQL?
Quiz 1: Introduction
2.Setup a Testing Environment (Install MySQL 8 Database Server) (50 minutes)Download & Install MySQL 8.0.11 on Windows 10 Operating System
Download & Install MySQL 8.0.32 on macOS 12 Monterey
Install MySQL 8.0.32 on Linux Ubuntu 22.04LTS
How to add a new database user and add privileges
Quiz 2: Setup a Testing Environment
Display all database
3.An Overview of SQL (34 minutes)What is DBMS and RDBMS?
Difference between Database Engine, Database Server and Database Software
What is a database? How to create and use a database?
What is a database table? How to create and use a database table?
How to add the data rows to a database table?
Understand Keywords, Identifiers, Constants and Clauses
Learn about SQL Statements
Data Definition Language(DDL) and Data Manipulation Language(DML)?
Quiz 3: An Overview of SQL
Create a table in MySQL database
4.Important SQL Clauses (Data Manipulation Language) (29 minutes)Create example databases, tables and data rows
Learn about SQL SELECT Clause
Learn about SQL FROM Clause
Learn about SQL WHERE Clause
Quiz 4: Important SQL Clauses
Retrieves specific data rows from movies table
5.Conditions and Operators (Data Manipulation Language) (01 hour 02 minutes)SQL True Condition
SQL False Condition
SQL AND Operator
SQL OR Operator
SQL IN Operator
SQL EXISTS Condition
SQL NOT IN or NOT EXISTS? Conditions
SQL Comparison Operators
SQL LIKE Operator
SQL Numeric Operators
SQL Concatenation Operator
SQL Temporal Operator
Quiz 5: Conditions and Operators
Get data rows a table that matches specific condition
6.Data grouping, sorting, select and dates (Data Manipulation Language) (36 minutes)Learn about SQL GROUP BY Clause
Learn about SQL HAVING Clause
Learn about SQL ORDER BY Clause
SQL Wildcards
SQL Aliases
SQL Dates
Quiz 6: Data grouping, sorting, select and dates
Group & count data rows retrieved from a database table.
7.Insert, Read, Update, Delete the Data Rows (Data Manipulation Language) (28 minutes)Add the data rows in a table using INSERT INTO Statement
Update data rows using UPDATE Statement
Delete data rows using DELETE Statement
What is SQL Injection and How to secure a database?
Quiz 7: Insert, Read, Update, Delete the Data Rows (Data Manipulation Language)
8.SQL JOINS (Data Manipulation Language) (57 minutes)What are JOINS in SQL? Types of SQL JOINS
Learn about INNER JOIN in SQL
Learn about LEFT OUTER JOIN in SQL
Learn about FULL OUTER JOIN in SQL
Learn about CROSS JOIN in SQL
SQL UNION Operator
Derived Tables or Inline Views
Quiz 8: SQL JOINS (Data Manipulation Language)
9.SQL Functions (01 hour 05 minutes)Functions in SQL and Types of SQL functions
SQL COUNT() Function
SQL FIRST() Function
SQL LAST() Function
SQL SUM() Function
SQL MIN() Function
SQL MAX() Function
SQL AVG() Function
SQL UCASE() Function
SQL LCASE() Function
SQL MID() Function
SQL LEN() Function
SQL ROUND() Function
SQL FORMAT() Function
SQL CAST() Function
SQL CASE() Function
SQL NULLIF() Function
Quiz 9: SQL Functions
10.SQL Data Types (18 minutes)What is data type in SQL?
Integer Numbers in SQL (Exact Values)
Fixed-Point Numbers in SQL (Exact Values)
Floating-Point Numbers in SQL (Approximate Values)
CHAR and VARCHAR in SQL (String Values)
NCHAR and NVARCHAR in SQL (String Values)
CLOB and BLOB in SQL (String Values)
DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP in SQL (Temporal Values)
Quiz 10: SQL Data Types
11.Data Definition Language (01 hour 01 minutes)Learn how to create and display databases
Select and use existing database
Remove or delete database from database management system
Learn how to create the database table using right method
Modify or update the database table details
Remove or delete an existing table
Understand Constraints in SQL
NOT NULL Constraint in SQL
UNIQUE Constraint in SQL
PRIMARY KEY Constraint in SQL
FOREIGN KEY Constraint in SQL
CHECK Constraint in SQL
DEFAULT Constraint in SQL
Quiz 11: Data Definition Language
12.Data Control Language – DCL (21 minutes)What is Data Control Language (DCL)
The GRANT statement
The REVOKE statement
13.Transaction Control Language (TCL) (39 minutes)What is Transaction Control Language (TCL)
The COMMIT statement
The ROLLBACK statement
The SAVEPOINT statement
The SET autocommit
14.Database Relationships (23 minutes)Understand Database Relationship in SQL
One-to-One (1:1) Relationship in SQL
One-to-Many (1:M) Relationship in SQL
Many-to-Many (M:M) Relationship in SQL
Quiz 12: Database Relationships
15.Database Normalization (06 minutes)What is Database Normalization in SQL?
First Normal Form (1NF) in database normalization
Second Normal Form (2NF) in database normalization
Third Normal Form (3NF) in database normalization
Quiz 13: Database Normalization
16.SQL Database Export and Import (15 minutes)What is SQL Export and Import?
How to Export the database using SQL statement
How to Import the database using SQL statement
Quiz 14: SQL Database Export and Import
17.MySQL Workbench (33 minutes)What is MySQL Workbench?
Create a new user and connect to database using MySQL Workbench
Create, Alter, Drop database using MySQL Workbench
Create, Alter, Drop table using MySQL Workbench
Insert, Read, Update, Delete data rows using MySQL Workbench
Database Export and Import using MySQL Workbench
Quiz 15: MySQL Workbench
18.Additional Lectures (OLD / Outdated Lectures) (01 hour 21 minutes)Install MySQL database server on Windows 7 operating system (MySQL 5.7.10)
Install MySQL database server on Windows 10 operating system (MySQL 5.7.20)
Install MySQL database server on Mac operating system (MySQL 5.7.10)
Install MySQL database server on Mac operating system (MySQL 5.7.20)
Install MySQL database server on Linux operating system (MySQL 5.7.20)
Install MySQL database server on Linux operating system (MySQL 5.7.10)
MySQL shortcut for Windows users
Course Introduction
19.Thank You! (01 minutes)Thank You for completing the course

Resources Required

  • No coding, designing, or other technical expertise is required
  • An electronic device running the Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems
  • Basic computing skills, such as computer operation
  • No programme must be purchased

Featured Review

Tarif Riyad Rahman (5/5) : As a course for revising database concepts, this is truly excellent. However, I just have one suggestion, while explaining DML, I believe the instructor should display how the process works in a step by step process using table pictures prior to executing the statements would be better.


  • Imad Munir (5/5) : Best thing for me is that , when the instructor speaks, I know how to write the query.
  • Christos Natsos (5/5) : This is a great Course and i suggest it to anyone who want to learn all about SQL!
  • Aslam Pathan (5/5) : Excellent step by step information to install the SQL command Line Client
  • Rushikesh Gedam (5/5) : the course is very good for beginners , it explores every aspect of mysql.


  • Waldemer Meier (2/5) : Sorry, but If you have trouble understanding accents, this course is not for you.
  • Spandan Sarangi (1/5) : The Educator is very slow in teaching concept, do not have a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Dennis Palmer (2/5) : This person’s accent is so strong it is very difficult to understand what is being said.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Pradnyankur Nikam who is a Freelance Web developer and Instructor, 9000+ Happy Students. With 4.5 Instructor Rating and 1,953 Reviews on Udemy, Pradnyankur Nikam offers 2 Courses and has taught 9,916 Students so far.

  • Pradnyankur Nikam is from Pune, Maharashtra.
  • He is an educator, a self-employed web developer, and a WordPress, PHP, and MySQL developer.
  • He started building websites for himself in 2008 after finishing his post-graduate studies, where he used to sell affiliate games & software.
  • Through applying SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques, he gained knowledge of online marketing.
  • He began working on freelance tasks while promoting his websites, which gave him the chance to advance his talents.
  • He helped hundreds of clients construct websites, APIs, troubleshoot issues, set up web servers, and much more throughout the course.
  • He completed tens of thousands of projects.

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OffersINR 499 (INR 2,699) 80% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration11 hours6.5 hours2 hours
Student Enrollments9,7367,1182,128
InstructorsPradnyankur NikamUsman RaoofUmang Shah
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