“SQL For Data Science With Google Big Query” teaches you all the fundamentals of SQL as well as more complex features and methods, supposing the students know nothing about the language. Additionally, students will learn how to use Google Big Query, a very well-liked cloud-based tool for mass data queries. Students will gain a lot of knowledge about data visualization and how to draw conclusions from the data, in addition to learning SQL.

The Google Big Query Ecosystem’s hundreds of enormous real-world data sets will also be available to you. Students can keep getting better even after finishing the course material by working on various projects using the provided data. A Google account, which is free, and a free 12-month trial of Google Cloud Platform are prerequisites for this course (GCP). Currently, udemy is offering the SQL For Data Science With Google Big Query course for up to 87 % off i.e. INR 449 (INR 3,399).

Who can opt for this course?

  • Everyone with an interest in data and the insights it can provide
  • Anyone interested in learning SQL
  • Anyone who wants to learn about cloud computing, specifically Google Big Query
  • Anyone interested in practicing SQL on fantastic real-world data sets on the cloud
  • Anyone interested in developing dashboards and data visualizations further

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,39987 % off
Duration06 Hours
Student Enrollment8,876 students
InstructorChris Levy https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrislevy
Topics Covered
  • Signing up for 12 Month Free Trial of Google Cloud Platform and Google Big Query
  • Returning Distinct Records and Ordering With a Single Column
  • Where Clause On TIMESTAMP Columns And Some Useful Extract Functions
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews1,949

Learning Outcomes

  • Data mining, data analysis, data science, and data visualization can all be done with SQL
  • Utilize the Google Big Query Tool and Ecosystem with confidence
  • With Google Data Studio and Google Big Query as the backend, create stunning dashboards

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (49 minutes)Introduction
Creating Google Account
Signing up for 12 Month Free Trial of Google Cloud Platform and Google Big Query
Getting Access to Big Query Public Data Sets and Pinning them Quick Access
Introduction Big Query UI and Functionality
How Big Query Charges Per Query and How to Make Your Credit Last A Long Time
2.Counting Records, Returning Distinct Records, and Ordering Records (39 minutes)Intro to Count and Count Distinct
Count and Count Distinct with Null Records
Quiz 1: Count and Count Distinct Quiz
Quiz 1 Solutions
Returning Distinct Records and Ordering Records
Quiz 2: Returning Distinct Records and Ordering With a Single Column
Quiz 2 Solutions
Returning DIstinct Records and Order with Multiple Columns
3.Where Clause (48 minutes)Introduction to Where Clause
Where Clauses On Numerical Columns
Where Clause On String (Text) Columns
Quiz 3: Where Clause Quiz With Integer and String Columns
Quiz 3 Solutions
Where Clause On TIMESTAMP Columns And Some Useful Extract Functions
Quiz 4: Where Clause Quiz With Timestamp Column
Quiz 4: Solution
Where Clause: IS NULL & IS NOT NULL
4.Group By And Aggregate Functions (01 hour 23 minutes)Intro to Group By, Aggregation, and Google’s Data Studio Visualization Tool
Group By And Aggregation Functions: MAX MIN SUM COUNT AVG
Group By Example: COUNT with WHERE Clause and Visualization In Data Studio
Group By Example: SUM and Visualization In Data Studio
Group By Example: MAX MIN AVG with WHERE and Visualization In Data Studio
Group BY Example: COUNT with HAVING and Visualization In Data Studio
Quiz 5: Group By And Aggregate Functions Quiz
Quiz 5 Solutions
Grouping By Multiple Columns Explanation
Grouping By Multiple Columns Example
5.Project 1: New York Citi Bike Dashboard (48 minutes)Project Intro
Quick Intro to Google Data Studio Reporting and Data Sources
Prepare Data Set Question: NY Citi Bike By Day
Prepare Data Set Answer: NY Citi Bike By Day
Prepare Data Set Data Studio: NY Citi Bike By Day
Prepare the Remaining Three Data Sets In Data Studio: NY Citi Bike Project
Create a Dashboard in Data Studio
6.Joins (Joining Multiple Tables Together) (01 hour 08 minutes)Intro to Joins
Left Join Example Big Query Census Data
Joining Tables with Duplicate Records Leads to Duplicate Results Example
Trimming and Lowering When Joining on Columns of Type String
Joins & Where Clause & Group By and Aggregate: Putting it all together Examples
Joining On Multiple Columns With Multiple Tables (More than 2)
7.Census International Data Dashboard Project (18 minutes)Project Intro
8.Big Query Standard SQL Functions (36 minutes)Intro to Big Query Standard SQL Functions
Examples With Cast Function
Examples of Mathematical Functions
Examples with String Functions
Examples with Date and Timestamp Functions
Practice Questions for SQL Functions Section
Solutions for SQL Functions Questions
9.Case Statements (11 minutes)Intro to Case Statement Syntax and Example
Case Statement Examples
10.Next Steps: Start Your Own Projects! (02 minutes)Start Your Own Projects!

Resources Required

  • ability to follow directions and enthusiasm for learning
  • To register for a Google Cloud Platform Free Trial, you’ll need a credit card or bank account
  • It’s not charged to your card
  • It is only used to identify you and is necessary for the registration procedure

Featured Review

Avdesh Verma (5/5): Brilliant instructor!! This course gave me a thorough understanding of SQL and BigQuery which I can leverage in my carrier path of data architect. Thank you so much!!


  • Tamara (5/5) : Ideal para quienes están empezando a explorar en el mundo de la ciencia de datos!
  • Saghi Seyed Mahmoud Barghani (3/5): The content is great but I wish that instructor would put some time into answering questions!
  • Shuaib (5/5): Very good introduction to using BigQuery workflows added with the collaboration for a BI dashboarding framework (Google Data Studio).
  • Karollorak (5/5): Very good course even for people with zero SQL/Big Query skills.


  • Anthony enamel (1/5): you talk too fast, you do not consider those of us that may be using a windows pc, how bad..
  • Sumit (1/5): Sheer waste of money, never buy this one as the author doesn’t even know what he is saying kinda confused
  • Anthony enamul (1/5): I cant even make it past the 3rd video because your course is for Mac users.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Chris Levy who is a Research Scientist / Data Scientist / Ph.D. Applied Math with a 4.4 instructor rating and 2,728 reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 5 Courses and has taught 26,937 Students so far.

  • Chris Levy quit his job as an academic to pursue a data science career
  • Chris Levy is a full stack data scientist with years of industry experience who is skilled in data engineering, machine learning, data visualization, and commercializing data science models
  • Chris Levy been working as a research scientist more recently, specializing on computer vision and deep learning
  • In addition to educating thousands of students on Udemy in subjects like math, SQL, and coding, I have expertise teaching thousands of students in mathematics at the university level
  • Chris Levy enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with others
  • Chris Levy like to spend time with my wife and three children, play the guitar, shoot hoops, go bicycling, and learn new things

Comparison Table

ParametersSQL For Data Science With Google Big QueryLearn SQL for Data Analysis with Google Big QueryApplied SQL For Data Analytics / Data Science With BigQuery
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration7 hours2 hours10.5 hours
Rating4.3 /54.4 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments8,8758,1563,319
InstructorsChris LevyAnnabel LyleJeff James
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