The ’SQL & Database Design A-Z: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL’ course will teach you all the fundamentals of SQL. The advantage of this course is that in addition to learning SQL you will also master the concepts of Database Design.

In this course you will learn how to create queries in a popular variation of SQL called PostgreSQL. The course is usually available for INR 2,799 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘SQL & Database Design A-Z: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Anyone interested in learning PostgreSQL
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about how databases operate
  • Anyone who wants to advance their profession in data science

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,79980% off
Duration12.5 Hours
Student Enrollment29,173 students
InstructorKirill Eremenko
Topics CoveredBasics of SQL, Fundamentals of Database Theory, Database Design
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews4,998

Learning Outcomes

  • Make simple SQL queries.
  • Do sophisticated SQL queries.
  • Make joins on the left, right, inside, and outside.
  • In databases, add new tables and change those that already exist.
  • Database normalisation.
  • Recognize database design.
  • Get familiar with the first, second, and third normal form schemas.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (05 minutes)Intro Video
Some Additional Resources!!
Learning Paths
Get the materials
Your Shortcut To Becoming A Better Data Scientist!
2.Installation (21 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you wil learn
Installation: PostgreSQL & PgAdmin 4 for Windows
Installation: PostgreSQL & PgAdmin 4 for MAC OS
Installation: MS SQL Server & MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for Windows
3.Preparation (30 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you will learn
The challenge: Investigating Consumer Complaints
Upload Consumer Complaints
Getting To Know The PGADMIN
Upload COnsumer COmplaints MS SQL
Getting to know MS SQL SERVER
4.Basics of SQL (01 hour 29 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you will learn
Theory Select Query
Time to write your first query in PostgreSQL
Adding a filter using WHERE in PostgreSQL
Logical conditions AND, OR in PostgreSQL
Using wildcards % and _ (advanced tutorial)
Comments in SQL
Getting to write your first query MS SQL
Where MS SQL
Logical conditions, AND OR MS SQL
Using wildcards MS SQL
Comments in SQL MS SQL
Basics of SQL quiz
5.Working With Data (01 hour 44 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you will learn
The challenge: Analyzing Console Games Sales
Uploading Console Games Dataset
Working with arithmetic data types
Implicit Data Conversion in SQL
Uploading Console Games DATASET MS SQL
Working with arithmetic data types MS SQL
Working with VARCHAR MS SQL
Working with Dates MS SQL
Implicit DATA conversion MS SQL
Working With Data quiz
6.Fundamentals of Database Theory (22 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you will learn
Structured vs Unstructured Data
Elements Of a Database
Relational Keys
Relational Database
Functional Dependency
7.Joining tables in SQL (03 hours 02 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you wil learn
Types of Joins
Duplicates in Joins
Joining on multiple fields
The challenge: The Vet’s Clinic
Upload the data
Your First Left Outer Join
Joins Tips & Tricks
Inner Join
Full Outer join
Joining on Multiple Fields (Practice)
Complex Joins
Cleaning up your Join
Cross Join (advanced tutorial)
Upload The Data – MS SQL
Your First Left Outer Join – MS SQL
Joins Tips & Tricks – MS SQL
Inner Join – MS SQL
Full Outer Join – MS SQL
Joining on Multiple Fields (Practice) – MS SQL
Complex Joins – MS SQL
Cleaning Up Your Join – MS SQL
Cross Join (advanced tutorial) – MS SQL
8.Creating Tables in SQL (01 hour 13 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you will learn
Create Database
Create Table
Insert Data
Alter Table
Drop Table
Create Database MS SQL
Create Table MS SQL
Insert Data MS SQL
Creating Tables in SQL quiz
9.Database Design (03 hours 44 minutes)Welcome to this section! This is what you wil learn
MS SQL Server: What is Database Normalization?
Prime and non-prime attributes
First Normal Form (1NF)
Second Normal Form (2NF)
Third Normal Form (3NF)
The challenge: Online Clothing Store (OLTP Database)
Upload the data
Normalization 1NF Investigation
Normalization 2NF Investigation
Normalization 2NF Modification
Normalization 3NF Investigation
Normalization 3NF Modification
Upload The Data – MS SQL
Normalization 1NF Investigation – MS SQL
Normalization 2NF Investigation – MS SQL
Normalization 2NF Modification – MS SQL
Normalization 3NF Investigation – MS SQL
Normalization 3NF Modification – MS SQL
10.Special Offer (01 minutes)***YOUR SPECIAL BONUS***

Resources Required

  • Basic knowledge of computers

Featured Review

Fabian Styven Cubas Puente (5/5) : I really like and enjoy the course. It was what I need. I didn’t know which course would be the best for me. So I saw the rating, and the comments and I decide for this course. I think it has a lot of relevant information and an specific order for any step.


  • Cristian Sanchez (5/5) : However I still give the course 5 stars because it was great and I learned a lot!!
  • Sabesan Samithamby (5/5) : He scratched this course perfectly for the people who seeking their career in Data word.
  • Sebastian Robinson (5/5) : That’s what I bought the course for and it delivered perfectly.
  • Daniel Neil Darling (5/5) : This was an excellent course, that matched up perfectly with my job.


  • Brian Tong (2/5) : The creators didn’t even take the time to edit the videos to remove the bad takes.
  • Pat Poplawska (2/5) : the fact that this was called out as a valid approach is DANGEROUS.
  • Ben (1/5) : They get you do slyly go to their website and the shameless plugins are just laughable.
  • Pat Poplawska (2/5) : However, several videos in the portion I completed (about 25%) had editing mistakes, poorly managed audio, and sometimes just awful advice.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Kirill Eremenko who is a Data Scientist. With 4.5 Instructor Rating and 619,411 Reviews on Udemy, Instructor offers 59 courses and has taught 2,341,088 Students so far.

  • Professionally, Kirill Eremenko is a data science consultant with experience in the retail, transportation, and financial sectors.
  • At Deloitte Australia, Kirill Eremenko received training from the top analytics mentors, and since Kirill Eremenko started teaching on Udemy, he has shared his experience with thousands of aspiring data scientists.
  • Kirill Eremenko emphasis on intuitive explanations is one of his teaching strengths, so you can be confident that you will fully comprehend even the most challenging subjects.

Comparison Table

ParametersSQL & Database Design A-Z™: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQLTableau 2022 Advanced: Master Tableau in Data ScienceStatistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z™
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,799) 80% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration12.5 hours10 hours6 hours
Student Enrollments29,17394,87258,859
InstructorsKirill EremenkoKirill EremenkoKirill Eremenko
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