The ‘Microsoft SQL from A to Z’ course will teach you how to use the SQL language within Microsoft SQL Server which is one of the most popular database engines in the world. The course consists of plenty of video lessons to teach you the majority of the content.

The course consists of 12 sections which includes practice problems or additional e-books to help reinforce what you learn in the video tutorials. The course is usually available for INR 2,699 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Microsoft SQL from A to Z’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Any person who works with databases, tables, or data.
  • Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of big data and data analytics.
  • Those employed by businesses that frequently use Microsoft databases.
  • Those who use Oracle, DB2, or MySQL professionally might not benefit as much from this course.
  • If you work in any of the following fields or positions that collect information: marketing, finance, accounting, operations, sales, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, etc.
  • Someone who desires to acquire abilities that could enable them to make close to six figures.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,69978% off
Duration5.5 Hours
Student Enrollment24,951 students
InstructorBrewster Knowlton
Topics CoveredSQL Server Functions, SQL Server Data Types, T-SQL
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews6,859

Learning Outcomes

  • Literal complete SELECT statements.
  • Execute fundamental SELECT queries against a single table.
  • Using the WHERE clause, filter data.
  • Use the ORDER BY clause to order the data.
  • Study database normalisation and design.
  • Return columns from various tables in one query by using joins.
  • Know the distinctions between the FULL OUTER JOIN, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and INNER JOIN.
  • Finish the aggregate function-using SQL statements.
  • Use the GROUP BY clause to group data together.
  • Use the HAVING clause to data groups to filter them.
  • Use the SQL Server built-in functions.
  • Recognize the Type Casting and Data Types in SQL Server.
  • Deal with Derived Tables and CTEs when using Table Expressions.
  • Implement CASE statements.
  • Employ subqueries.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction to SELECT Statements (01 hour 01 minutes)START HERE: Introduction Lecture
Installing SQL Server Written Instructions
How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Express
How to Attach the AdventureWorks Sample Database
Introduction to T-SQL and Database Concepts
Literal SELECT Statements – Part 1
Literal SELECT Statements – Part 2
Literal SELECT Statement Practice Problems
Basic SELECT Statements – Part 1
Basic SELECT Statements – Part 2
Basic SELECT Statements – Part 3
Basic SELECT Statement Practice Problems
2.Filtering Data with the WHERE Clause (48 minutes)Using the WHERE Clause – Part 1
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 2
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 3
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 4
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 5
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 6
Using the WHERE Clause – Part 7
WHERE Clause Practice Problems
3.Sorting Data with the ORDER BY Clause (14 minutes)Sorting with the ORDER BY Clause – Part 1
Sorting with the ORDER BY Clause – Part 2
ORDER BY Clause Practice Problems
4.Querying Multiple Tables with Joins (38 minutes)Using the INNER JOIN – Part 1
Using the INNER JOIN – Part 2
INNER JOIN Practice Problems
Using the LEFT OUTER JOIN – Part 1
Using the LEFT OUTER JOIN – Part 2
Using the LEFT OUTER JOIN – Part 3
5.Aggregate Functions (12 minutes)Aggregate Functions – Part 1
Aggregate Functions – Part 2
Aggregate Function Practice Problems
6.Grouping Data with the GROUP BY Clause (14 minutes)Grouping with the GROUP BY Clause – Part 1
Grouping with the GROUP BY Clause – Part 2
GROUP BY Clause Practice Problems
7.Filtering Groups with the HAVING Clause (14 minutes)Filtering Groups with the HAVING Clause – Part 1
Filtering Groups with the HAVING Clause – Part 2
HAVING Clause Practice Problems
8.Using SQL Server Functions (42 minutes)Using SQL Server Functions – Part 1
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 2
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 3
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 4
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 5
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 6
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 7
Using SQL Server Functions – Part 8
Nesting Functions – Part 1
Nesting Functions – Part 2
SQL String and Nesting Function Practice Problems
Using Date Functions – Part 1
Using Date Functions – Part 2
Using Date Functions – Part 3
Date Function Practice Problems
NULL Handling Functions – Part 1
NULL Handling Functions – Part 2
NULL Handling Function Practice Problems
9.SQL Server Data Types and Type Casting (05 minutes)The Basics of SQL Server Data Types and Type Casting Functions
SQL Server Type Casting and Data Types Practice Problems
10.Working with Table Expressions (43 minutes)Using Derived Tables – Part 1
Using Derived Tables – Part 2
Using Derived Tables – Part 3
Using Derived Tables – Part 4
Using Derived Tables – Part 5
Derived Table Practice Problems
Working with CTEs – Part 1
Working with CTEs – Part 2
Working with CTEs – Part 3
Working with CTEs – Part 4
Common Table Expression (CTE) Practice Problems
11.CASE Statements (32 minutes)Using CASE Statements – Part 1
Using CASE Statements – Part 2
Using CASE Statements – Part 3
Using CASE Statements – Part 4
Using CASE Statements – Part 5
Using CASE Statements – Part 6
CASE Statement Practice Problems
12.Creating Tables and Inserting/Updating Data (14 minutes)Creating a Table
Insert Data into a Table
Updating Data in a Table

Resources Required

  • No prior knowledge of SQL or databases are required.
  • Require a Windows computer.

Featured Review

Marshall Bush (5/5) : It’s been an excellent refresher in SQL select statements and everything is well demonstrated and explained. More complex concepts like INNER JOIN and LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN are explained clearly and concisely.


  • David Collier (5/5) : I’m feeling about 95% on it, so I’ll go ahead and give them 5 stars out 😀
  • Anonymized User (5/5) : I am really very happy with the way of teaching and giving the examples to learn and practice.
  • Anonymized User (5/5) : Thank you once again for giving me this wonderful opportunity of learning.
  • Mohsin Ahmed (5/5) : I have just finished this course, and this is one of the best SQL classes anybody can find.


  • Kushal sharma (1/5) : sorry, i don’t understand this topic properly, everything is mismatch in my mind ufff.
  • Corina Anderson (2/5) : Based on questions posed by other students, it has been missing for at least five months.
  • Iulian Flester (1/5) : The title is Microsoft SQL from A to Z, but this is like intro to Microsoft sql, here are some of the things that are missing: – functions – indexes – optimizations – stored procedures – materialized views – views – normalization and denormalization – window functions …

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Brewster Knowlton who is a Business Intelligence Expert. With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 29,775 Reviews on Udemy, Instructor offers 2 Courses and has taught 103,001 Students so far.

  • Brewster Knowlton has experience in every area of business intelligence.
  • His main skill is his ability to express complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.
  • He has extensive expertise writing SQL code, creating ETL procedures, and architecting and implementing data warehousing systems.
  • Brewster has performed business intelligence projects in a range of industries, so he is aware of the BI capabilities that businesses require and that employers are looking for.
  • His objective is to assist you in developing your SQL and business intelligence skills so that you can pursue your ideal profession in the field of business intelligence.

Comparison Table

ParametersMicrosoft SQL from A to ZMicrosoft SQL for Beginners70-461, 761: Querying Microsoft SQL Server with Transact-SQL
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,699) 78% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration5.5 hours4 hours28.5 hours
Rating4.6 /54.6 /54.5 /5
Student Enrollments24,95185,47371,809
InstructorsBrewster KnowltonBrewster KnowltonPhillip Burton
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