The ‘Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch’ is a step by step tutorial that teaches SQL and Web Security testing with real time examples. The course will teach you all the fundamentals of SQL and also prepares you with the SQL interview questions.

By the end of this course, you will gain the ability to design any complex SQL query to a database. The course is usually available for INR 2,799 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Learn SQL +Security(pen) testing from Scratch’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • IT professional, regardless of the industry they work in.
  • QA testers looking to improve their abilities in security and data base testing.
  • Graduates who want to master the basics of computer science.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,79980% off
Duration13 Hours
Student Enrollment16,420 students
InstructorRahul Shetty
Topics CoveredSQL Operators, CRUD, Schema Operations, String Functions
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews2,588

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to create any intricate SQL to query a database (SQL).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the GROUP BY, Subqueries, Aggregate, SQL Server, and HAVING clauses – (SQL).
  • Recognize the variations between the FULL OUTER JOIN, LEFT/RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and INNER JOIN (SQL).
  • You will comprehend the significance of session hijacking mechanisms and their usage of private information (Security Testing).
  • Application behaviour can be investigated via parameter tampering and brute force assaults (Security Testing).
  • You will learn all the fundamentals of HTTP that could be attacked by malicious inputs (Security Testing).
  • Build new databases or connect with ones that already exist, then check the database for schema validations (SQL).
  • Identify any Request forgery Designs in Web apps — (Security Testing).
  • With the knowledge of the interview questions, you can succeed in any SQL interview (SQL).

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Course FAQ’s (07 minutes)Why to learn SQL and Security Testing? and how this course is designed
Please Note
2.Introduction to SQL (29 minutes)Introduction to DataBase
Introduction to SQL and MySQL
Downloading MySQL server with workbench
Overview of SQL Editor with basic features
SQL basic Material for reference
3.CRUD operations on Database with Practical examples (27 minutes)creating Database and pointing to it
Creating Tables in database
Inserting records into Table
Retrieving records from the Table
SQL commands glossary on discussed Topics
4.Altering Table Schema operations (25 minutes)Adding and modifying records in a table
Deleting records and droping database
Updating rows in a table
Modifying operations example
SQL Glossary on discussed topics
5.SQL Logical operators to retrieve Data (32 minutes)Select Distinct keyword in queris
SQL WHERE command usage
Logical operators on Queries AND OR – 1
Logical operators ‘In’ ‘Between’- 2
6.Regular expressions in writing Smart SQL Queries (21 minutes)Regular expressions Introduction
Wild cards usage in Qeuries -1
SORT by usage in Queries
SQL glossary on discussed topics
7.Deeper Understanding on GroupBy, Aggregate functions with practical examples (01 hour 01 minutes)Importance of Group By in SQL
Combination of GroupBy and SQL functions(Min,Max,Avg)
Usage of Having keyword with GroupBy and Aggregate functions
Difference between Having and Where keyword and when to use them
Practise Exercises on GroupBy,Having,Where and Aggregate functions keyword -1
Practise Exercises on GroupBy,Having,Where and Aggregate functions keyword- 2
SQL glossary on discussed topics
8.Building SQL Sub queries with examples (14 minutes)SubQueries syntax and usage
SubQueries Example
9.SQL Joins, Inner Joins, Outer joins, Left&Right joins with Interview questions (01 hour 00 minutes)SQL Joins usage and its advantages
SQL Joins Example
Relation on subqueries and Joins
Practical examples on Joins and subqueries
Left and Right joins importance in SQL
Practical example on Inner joins, Left join, Right Join
10.Understand SQL String functions and Views with examples (40 minutes)Importance of views in Database
views example on Database
String functions – 1
String functions – 2
String functions -3
SQL glossary on discussed topics
11.Miscelleanous SQL keywords(Union,Intersect,Exist, Case,UnionAll) and their usage (37 minutes)Importance of Union and Union All SQL Keyword
Query to intersect records from two tables
Exists keyword usage in SQL
CASE Statement in SQL with example
SQL GLossary
12.Importance of Data constraints for Database Validations (36 minutes)NOT NUll constraint -1
Not Null Constraint Validations and Testing – 2
Default Constraint Validations and Testing – 3
Unique Constraint Validations and Testing – 4
Primary Key Constraint validaton and Testing -5
SQL glossary on discussed topics
13.Importance of Foreign Key and Primary key with real time examples (36 minutes)Importance of Foreign Key constraint in SQL
Understand Foreign key rules and constraints with examples
On DELETE CASCADE Keyword to force rules on Foreign key deletion
SQL Glossary
14.Practise Exercises for Interviews with Solutions (10 minutes)Practise Practise Practise !!!
Practise Exercise/Interview Questions- 1
Practise Exercise/Interview Questions- 2
Solutions for Exercise – 1
Solutions for Exercise -2
15.JDBC Connectivity for Integration with Selenium (Basic Automation knowledge req (31 minutes)Jdbc odbc programming-Creating Project
Creating Database Tables and connecting to Jdbc java code
Retrieving data from Database with Java code
jdbc code download
16.SQL Injection (38 minutes)What is SQL Injecting
How to identify SQL loop holes in web application
Exposing Security loop holes with malcious SQL syntax
List of urls Pattern which can cause attack with SQL
Material for reference
17.Complete Unix Material (01 seconds)Unix for Beginners- 2
18.Important Note (10 seconds)Important Note
19.Introduction to Security Testing – Phase 2 (09 minutes)Why security Testing gaining Importance day by day!
20.Security Testing Basic Terminologies (39 minutes)What is Http and Https?
How can we avoid Man in middle attacks?
Http Methods overview in talking to servers
Fiddler Demo- Monitoring Network traffic
Understanding Fiddler to intercept requests
Material for Reference
21.XSS – Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Testing (01 hour 13 minutes)What is XSS? How it can damage Web sites
Detecting XSS Vulnerability for Websites – 1
Detecting XSS Vulnerability for Websites – 2
ByPassing Client Validation to perform XSS
Encoding all the inputs to avoid Attacks
Types of Attack – Reflected XSS
Types of Attack – Persisistence XSS
How to handle cross site scripting in IE browser
Material for Reference
22.Importance of Cookies and their role in Security (01 hour 13 minutes)What are cookies and where are they stored
Session cookie sensitive data Threats
How can we stop Cookies hijacking
Methods to Prevent cookie steal -Secure Attribute
Preventing cookies steal -Http Attribute flag
Domain and path attribute to restrict cookies
Setting Timeperiod for Sessions- Security Safety Tip
Material for Reference
23.Session Hijacking and Cross Site Forgery Attacks (41 minutes)What is CSRF? How can it cause threat
Session Hijacking with illegal requests
Avoid Cross SIte forgeries with Token Mechanisim
Checklist for Pen Testers to check CSRF Attacks
Material for Reference
24.Parameter Tampering to steal sensitive data (18 minutes)Different sources to intercept requests
Importance of having Server side Validations
Intercepting requests with fiddler tool
Material for Reference
25.Account Security (46 minutes)Steps to be taken for Password setting
List of Hacking Passwords and Precautions which need to be taken
Sources of Attacking Passwords
Best Practices to be followed in securing Account
Bruteforce attack handler Mechanism
Material for Reference

Resources Required

  • You do not need any prior understanding of SQL or security testing.
  • The course includes care for every installation setup, including database fundamentals.
  • There are download links for theoretical material, code dumps, and interview guides.

Featured Review

MD ALAM (5/5) : The course is excellent for both who want to be tester and DBA. The way of his teaching is awesome. The content is comprehensive and informative The instructor’s delivery is interesting and engaging.Easy and step by step method of teaching. I hope some more additional topics for database testing and he promised to add many more topics for both SQL query, DB Testing(With stored procedure) etc.If you want to learn sql & DB testing in short time and practical way I recommend this course for them. I think this will be an investment for your career.


  • Navin Singh (5/5) : I have enrolled 5 tutorials of yours including this and all are awesome.
  • Chidanand md (5/5) : After completion of all courses that Rahul’s set of courses is the best in the industry.
  • Ashirbad Satapathy (5/5) : Rahul Shetty is one of the best trainers I have ever seen.
  • Mo Ka (5/5) : best offline teacher to me is Mr. Rahul Shetty awesome way of teaching


  • Kartik S. (1/5) : waste of money, there is nothing to learn in security testing only a few definitions are there which keep repeating by trainer again and again. I can’t understand why he telling the same thing 20-30 times. seriously disappointing.
  • Salahaldin A. (1/5) : you didnt tell us everythings about how to test the data base, you given us how to develop.
  • Udemyv4 T. (1/5) : Course has about only 1% of database testing as per my understanding. Lecture is more like on ‘Learning SQL Basics’.Very Disappointed.
  • Chris K. (1/5) : This course doesn’t offer anything more than a free course would offer on basic SQL concepts.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Rahul Shetty who is a Teacher over 650k+ QA Students| Founder of RahulShettyAcademy. With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 269,257 Reviews on Udemy, Rahul Shetty offers 29 Courses and has taught 689,226 Students so far.

  • Rahul Shetty is a QA trainer with 15 years of expertise who has taught classes on Selenium, software testing (Jira), API testing, Cypress, Postman, Appium, Playwright, JMeter, and many other topics to students from 195 different countries.
  • Rahul Shetty serve as the Lead Teacher at the Leading QA Ed Tech Platform (Rahul Shetty Academy), where he has assisted countless numbers of students in learning to test and automate in order to transform their lives and become Automation Engineers.

Comparison Table

ParametersLearn SQL +Security(pen) testing from ScratchLinux(Unix) Command with Shell Scripting-Must for Testers/QAGet Expertise in Database Testing(SQL) + Linux for Testers
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,799) 80% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration13.5 hours11 hours18.5 hours
Student Enrollments16,4172,3565,860
InstructorsRahul ShettyAutomation WorldAutomation World
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