“How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch” course is categorized as one of the best courses for software development. This course will teach you the basics of the most relevant languages and frameworks for Java enterprise software with Java, Spring, JavaScript, and Angular. The courses are usually available at INR 3399 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch for INR 455.

This course focuses on the most relevant concepts and methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, and teamwork.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 455 (INR 3399) 87% off
Duration13 hours
Student Enrollment427
InstructorBartosz Kaminski
Topics CoveredTypes of Companies, A Bug in Production, Scrum, A Business Case, Installation
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginner
Total Student Reviews52
  • It will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the IT industry and enterprise software development.
  • Many of the fundamental techniques and principles are explained simply and illustrated with animated slides.
  • The course’s practical component does not consist of theoretical problems divorced from reality.
  • It might not be very easy for beginners
  • Some coding activities are there which are difficult for beginners
  • Some beginners find this course difficult

Learning Outcomes

  • Basics of the most relevant languages and frameworks for Java enterprise software: Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular.
  • Technologies that every software developer needs to know: version control systems, databases, networks and infrastructure.
  • Most relevant concepts and methodologies for our daily work: Scrum, Extreme Programming, teamwork.
  • What you need to further study to become a professional software developer: learning tips, and book recommendations.
  • Advanced techniques and practices: Clean Code, SOLID principles, Extreme Programming, and more.
  • A sample enterprise-class web application with a complete source code and business case explanation

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (6 mins)Introduction
2.IT Industry (25 mins)Passion
Types of Companies
How It Works
3.Daily Work (53 mins)First Days
A Bug in Production!
4.The Project (1 hour 27 mins)A Business Case
5.Basics of software development (7 hours 24 mins)Text-based Data Formats
Java Programming Part 1 – JVM, JDK and JRE, Memory, Maven
Java Programming Part 2 – Programming Tasks
Java Programming Part 3 – Unit Testing, Debugging, Tips on Learning Programming
Frontend Development
Version Control System: Git
Networks and Infrastructure
6.Advanced Software Development (2 hours 9 mins)From a Bad, Bad Code to the Clean Code
Complex Domains
Programming Task
More Fun with Refactoring, IDE and Testing
7.Practicalities (33 mins)Job Interview
Sample Tasks
Learning Tips

Resources Required

  • Be enthusiastic about learning about software development!
  • If you haven’t started learning yet and want to get a sense of what it’s all about, this course will help you.
  • You will also benefit from the course if you have already begun learning Java and want to know how it is used in real-world projects.

Comparison Table

ParametersHow to Become a Software Developer From ScratchPython OOP: Four Fillers of OOP in Python 3 for BeginnersJavaScript BootCamp: Build real World Application
OffersINR 455 (INR 3399) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3499) 88% offINR 455 (INR 79950% off
Duration13 hours2.5 hours16.5 hours
Student Enrollment42780,00016,000
InstructorsBartosz KaminskiFebin GeorgeGeorge Lomidze, Lasha Nozadze
Topics CoveredTypes of Companies, A Bug in Production, Scrum, A Business Case, InstallationInstallation for Windows, Implementation of Classes and Objects in Python, Class Attributes and Instance AttributesHow to Watch Lectures in High Quality, Date Object – Digital Clock Project, Execution Context And Execution Stack
Coding ExercisesYesNoYes
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for “How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch” course.

  • Delphin M. (5.0/5) “I feel I made a right choice to take part in this course.am enjoying”
  • Azeez Oluwaseun S. (5.0/5) “it’s a good match and i’m hoping for the best”
  • Kamila (5.0/5) “This is a really great course that takes you through IT industry in an easy and well crafted way. Bartosz does a wonderful job explaining everything you need to know to become professional software developer, without focusing too much on the minor details that would cause boredom. The practical part of the course is not theoretical problems detached from reality (which can be found in most courses or tutorials) – it’s a real problem solving for the simulated business domain and enterprise-class application. I highly recommend this course, especially for beginners, but not only!”
  • Ann K. (5.0/5) “I enjoyed the course. A good introduction to IT.”
  • Jrzymrk (5.0/5) “The course is interesting and comprehensive”
  • Gadar (4.0/5) “Good course, well-explained topics, good quality materials, I recommend”
  • Anton Marques F. (2.0/5) “After completing 46% of the course I am changing my rating from 5* (requested at the beginning of the course) to 2*. The name of the course suggests that you do not need any knowledge in programming since it is intended to teach you “from scratch”. Sadly, it is not the case. Coding is appearing out of nowhere (no explanation about syntax, about PostgreSQL [besides mentioning it] whatsoever). Because of this, I’ve stopped watching the course. Maybe all these things are explained later, but being at 46% of the course and having no idea why the code is this or that way is discouraging.”

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How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The course is originally priced at INR 3399 but currently, it is available for INR 455.

Ques. What will I learn in the course?

Ans. This course will teach you the basics of the most relevant languages and frameworks for Java enterprise software with Java, Spring, JavaScript, and Angular.

Ques. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The duration of the course is 13 Hours

Ques. Is there a certification from Udemy?

Ans. Yes, you will get a certificate of completion from Udemy

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. The course is rated at 4.3/5

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, you can access this course for a lifetime on mobile or TV.

Ques. Can I access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV?

Ans. Yes, you can access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV.

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