The ‘Snowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual)’ course is specially designed for people who are looking forward to learn Snowflake. The course include all aspects to perform operations on Snowflake such as Snowflake Core concepts, Snowflake Advanced Concepts, Working with Snowflake APIs using Python, Tableau with Snowflake for Visualizations, and PowerBI with Snowflake for Visualizations.

The course consists of 225 lectures with 17+ hours of on-demand content. The course is usually available for INR 2,799 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Snowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual)’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Aspiring data engineers who want to broaden their horizons.
  • Data scientists and analysts: to prepare data on Snowflake so that Analytics can be performed on it.
  • Everyone interested in learning Snowflake at any level, from beginner to expert.
  • Students or any working professionals that want to improve their skills.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,79980% off
Duration17.5 Hours
Student Enrollment25,938 students
InstructorKashish Gakkar
Topics CoveredSnowflake, AWS, Snowpipe, Snowflake SQL
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews4,752

Learning Outcomes

  • Snowflake Fundamental Ideas.
  • Advanced ideas like failsafes, caching, and time travel.
  • Overview of the Snowflake WebUI in detail.
  • SQL: From Basic to Advanced.
  • Python Snowflake API.
  • Python can be used to automate Snowflake activities.
  • Tableau can be connected to Snowflake Data to produce visualisations.
  • Create visuals by connecting Snowflake Data to PowerBI.
  • Regular updates on the capabilities of Snowflake.
  • Going for certification will be helpful.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (12 minutes)Know your Instructor
Introduction to Snowflake
Create Free Snowflake Account
Download Resources for this course
Snowflake Introduction
2.Deep Dive into Snowflake (28 minutes)Different Roles in Snowflake
Explore – Databases, Schemas and Tables
Snowflake Architecture
Virtual Warehouses (Compute Engine) – Intro
Virtual Warehouses – Standard vs Economy Scaling policy
Deep Dive into Snowflake
3.Snowflake Pricing (44 minutes)Snowflake Pricing – Overview
What are Snowflake Credits
Snowflake Editions
Serverless Features cost
Storage Cost
Choose Storage type wisely
Check storage cost for different regions
Virtual Warehouses – Compute Cost
Cloud Services Cost
Data Transfer Cost
Check consumed CREDITS on your account
Queries to check consumption
Optimization Methods to reduce cost
Snowflake Pricing
4.Resource Monitors – Track Compute Consumption (29 minutes)Resource Monitors – Introduction
Properties of Resource Monitor
Actions or Triggers of Resource Monitors
Suspension or Resumption
Detailed Example – How Resource Monitors work
Create a Resource Monitor using WebUI
SQL queries to Create Resource Monitor
5.Micro-Partitioning in Snowflake (20 minutes)Partitioning in Traditional Data Warehouses
Partitioning in Snowflake – Micro Partitioning
Advantages of Micro-Partitioning
Structure of Micro-Partition
Query Processing in Snowflake
6.Clustering in Snowflake (18 minutes)Clustering Introduction
Clustering Keys
Clustering Metadata
Clustering Depth
Automatic Re-clustering
Clustering in Snowflake
7.Query History & Caching (30 minutes)Query History
Detailed Lab – Query History
SQL Queries to fetch Query History
Caching in Snowflake
Caching – Detailed using Examples
Lab – Results Cache
Query History and Caching
8.Jump into Code (15 minutes)Worksheets – Databases, Schemas, Tables, etc.
Setting up Context/Parameters for worksheet
Run first SQL statement
More about Worksheet’s Results section
Test your knowledge on Worksheets
9.Load data from AWS (Amazon Web Services) (01 hour 25 minutes)Create Free AWS Account
What is AWS s3 and how to create buckets under it
What is IAM (Identity & Access Management)
Create an IAM Group
Create IAM User
Create AWS IAM Role
Upload data to AWS s3 using web console
Load Data – 1st Step | Create Table Schema
Load Data – 2nd Step | Create Integration object – 1
Load Data – 2nd Step | Create Integration object – 2
Loading CSV Data to snowflake using COPY command
Load Complete CSV data from S3
Load Parquet data – Part 1
Load Parquet data – Part 2
View Stages and File formats
Load JSON Data from AWS S3
Test your knowledge on Copying Data from AWS S3
10.Snowpipe – Continuous Data Ingestion Service (26 minutes)Introduction to Snowpipe
Load CSV Data from s3 using Snowpipe
Load PARQUET Data from s3 using Snowpipe
Load JSON Data from s3 using Snowpipe
Test your knowledge on Snowpipe
11.Load data from Microsoft Azure (33 minutes)Load data from Azure – Overview
Create Azure Trial Account – FREE
Azure Infrastructure Hierarchy
Create storage account
Load data on Azure data lake
Create integration and stage objects
Load CSV data from Azure data lake
Load Parquet data from Azure
12.Different Types of Tables (22 minutes)Different Types of Tables
Create Permanent & Transient Database
Create Permanent & Transient Schema
Create Temporary, Permanent & Transient Table
Convert Table to a Different type
Test your knowledge on Types of Tables in Snowflake
13.Time Travel – Work with history of Objects (30 minutes)What is Time Travel – Detailed
Set & Alter Retention Time Property
Query Historical Results
Clone Historical Objects
Restore the Dropped Objects [IMP]
Test your knowledge on Time Travel
14.Fail Safe – A Recovery Area (12 minutes)What is Failsafe – Detailed Overview
Check Failsafe Storage Consumption
Test your knowledge on Fail Safe
15.Tasks In Snowflake – Scheduling Service (31 minutes)Introduction to Tasks
What is a Tree of Tasks
How to implement a Standalone Task
Detailed Lab on Tree of Tasks
Call Stored Procedures using Tasks
Check Tasks History
Test your knowledge on Tasks in Snowflake
16.Snowflake Streams – Change Data Capture(CDC) (29 minutes)Introduction to Streams
How Streams work under the hood
Capture & Process INSERT Operations
Capture & Process UPDATE Operations
Capture & Process DELETE Operations
How streams work within a Transaction
17.Zero-Copy Cloning (31 minutes)What is Zero-Copy Cloning
Clone Database, Pipes, Streams, Tasks & Stages
Clone Schema & Tables
DML changes in Cloned table
Cloning Table Storage Metrics
Cloning Using Time Travel
Swap the Tables
Zero-copy Cloning
18.Secure Data Sharing (45 minutes)Secure Data Sharing – Section Overview
Data Sharing – Definition
Provider and Consumer Accounts
Allowed list of objects to Share
How Data Sharing works on Snowflake
Data Sharing – Architecture
Create First share – Hands On
Share data with other Snowflake accounts
Consume shared data on Consumer accounts
Cloning on Shared Databases
More on Consuming data from Shares
Adding or removing consumer accounts from shares
Revoke and Grant privilege to consumer accounts
Drop Shares
19.Materialized Views on Snowflake (34 minutes)SQL Views – Refresher
Materialized Views – Introduction
Materialized Views – When to create
Materialized Views – Advantages
Materialized Views – Limitations
Materialized Views – Hands On
Important Metadata Columns
When MVs becomes Invalid
Materialized Views – Refresh History
Materialized Views – Clustering and ReClustering
20.Secure Views on Snowflake (18 minutes)Secure Views – Introduction
Secure Views – Hands On (Part 1)
Secure Views – Hands On (Part 2)
Fetch metadata information about Views
21.*** Mini Project – Setup Row Level Security *** (14 minutes)Understand the Requirements
Set up Users and Custom Roles
Grant Privileges to custom Roles
Apply Row-Level Security
Test Row-Level Security
22.Security – Dynamic Data Masking: Column level security (29 minutes)Data Masking – Introduction
Data Masking – Detailed overview
Data Masking – Hands on
Recreate and Unset Masking Policy
Apply Masking policies on Views
Alter Masking Policies
Dynamic Data Masking
23.Snowflake Partner Connect (09 minutes)Introduction to Partner Connect
Know about available Tools
Start Free Trial for Matillion ETL
Snowflake Partner Connect
24.Snowflake SQL – DDL (Data Definition Language) (01 hour 07 minutes)Intro to Snowflake SQL
Intro to Data Definition Language (DDL)
Create Virtual Warehouse
Create Database, Schema & Table
Create File Format and Stage object
Create Views
Alter Virtual Warehouse
Working with Roles and Users
Alter Database, Schema and Table
Drop Statement
Truncate and Comment
SQL Data Definition Language
25.Snowflake SQL – DML(INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE) & DQL(Query Language – SELECT) (02 hours 20 minutes)Keywords to Fetch Data and their precedence
SELECT Statement-I
SELECT Statement-II
SELECT Statement-III
Comment your SQL statements
WHERE with AND operator
WHERE with OR operator
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators (IN and NOT IN)
Logical Operators (BETWEEN)
Logical Operators (LIKE)
Logical Operators (CONTAINS)
Distinct Keyword
Limit and Offset Keywords
Group By Clause
Order By Clause
Having Clause
SQL Joins – Intro
Joins Explanation – Detailed
Insert, Delete and Update Operations
Joins – Left Join
Joins – Right, Inner & outer
Joins – Self Join
26.Snowflake SQL – Sub-queries & Case Statements (34 minutes)Sub-query Introduction
Sub-query with From Clause
Sub-query with Where Clause
Sub-query with HAVING
Joins & Sub-queries — Interview Question*
CASE Statement – Part 1
CASE Statement – Part 2
CASE Statement with Order by Clause
27.Snowflake SQL – Set Operators (UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, EXCEPT, MINUS) (16 minutes)UNION Clause
28.Snowflake SQL – Working with Row Numbers & Information Schema (33 minutes)Working with Rows Numbers – Sequences
Working with Rows Numbers – Identity
Working with Rows Numbers – Auto Increment
Working with Rows Numbers – ROW_NUMBER() function
Metadata tables – Information Schema
Different ways to make a copy of Table
29.Snowflake SQL – Functions & Transactions (42 minutes)Functions – Intro
Functions – ABS, Ceil, Floor, Coalesce
Functions – String Functions
Functions – Date Functions
Functions – System Functions
Transaction, Commit and Rollback
SQL Functions
30.Work with Snowflake’s Python API – Automation stuff (46 minutes)Download Python and Anaconda
Install Python or Anaconda
IDEs – Jupyter Notebook and Spyder
Install snowflake-connector-python
Connect to Snowflake using Python
How to mask your password
Store results in a Pandas Dataframe
31.Visualizations – Working with Tableau and Snowflake (10 minutes)Download Tableau Desktop
Connect Tableau with Snowflake
How to get Tableau License for Free
32.Visualizations – Working with PowerBI and Snowflake (12 minutes)Download PowerBI Desktop
Connect Snowflake with PowerBI
Create Graphs & Charts
33.Minor Project – 1: Expose Snowflake Data by Creating Python API (20 minutes)Project Requirements
Connecting Snowflake Using Python
Use Snowflake Parameters for Python Session
Defining Main function to fetch data
Create a Flask API
Test API using Postman
Create a similar API on your machine and share codes/python scripts
34.BONUS!! – CERTIFICATION PRACTICE TESTS (00 seconds)Practice Test – SnowPro Core Certification
Practice Test – Snowflake Basics

Resources Required

  • Strong desire to learn
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection

Featured Review

Sagar Deshpande (4/5) : One of the best course , which I came across in the field of Snowflake..!!


  • Sharath H (5/5) : Helped me to start with snowflake in a guided manner with very good labs and progress on to the details.
  • Greeshma Varghese (5/5) : The course was very good and made me understand the concepts
  • Gaurav (5/5) : This is a great course, I am a beginner and learned a lot from the course.
  • Ajay pratap Singh (5/5) : it is very detailed and very good for someone like me who just started for snowflake learning.


  • Brian Jardine (1/5) : As well as being monotonous and quite frankly boring the speech idiosyncrasies such as pausing after saying a key word is very annoying e.g. “…
  • Ahamed Mohammed Hussain (1/5) : Hence it will lead to loss of information as voice is breaking and subtitle is wrong.
  • Anonymized User (2/5) : Till now it is very slow to start with, lot of useless content and the transcripts are out of sync
  • Shubham Gupta (1/5) : also these is no good example for explanation till now for the monitor resource section.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Kashish Gakkar who is a Data Engineer. With 4.4 Instructor Rating and 5,280 Reviews on Udemy, Kashish Gakkar offers 3 Courses and has taught 32,182 Students so far.

  • Kashish has more than 8 years of experience working in business intelligence, data science, and engineering.
  • He tries to broaden his horizons at work by working with various technologies and then assisting others in learning them.
  • He is incredibly knowledgeable about several different technologies, including SAS, SQL, Python, Snowflake, AWS cloud services (EC2, DMS, RDS, S3, LAMBDA), Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Kafka, and many others.
  • His career gave him the possibility to adopt a 360-degree perspective of the data reality, which allowed him to work in the fields of data engineering, data science & analytics, and data reporting.
  • He makes sure that the content he uploads is of the highest quality and concentrates on the content that is simple to understand in order to offer the best delivery.
  • His love of teaching and technology prompted him to Udemy to assist you all.
  • He has already taught more than 15000 students in more than 80 countries, and he is eager to meet you in his courses.

Comparison Table

ParametersSnowflake[A-Z] Zero to Hero Masterclass(Core+SQL+API+Visual)Snowflake Masterclass[stored proc+demos+Best practices+Labs]Snowflake – The Complete Masterclass (2023 Edition)
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,799) 80% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration18 hours21 hours14 hours
Student Enrollments25,92116,51853,474
InstructorsKashish GakkarPradeep H CNikolai Schuler
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