‘The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch’ course will give an in-depth understanding of Python programming from scratch. Throughout the entire course, Instructor go through every single line of code in detail.

In this course, you’ll learn how to make your own web-scraping tool using Python  and how to perform data analysis using Python. The course also gives in-depth knowledge of all Django and Flask concepts. The course is usually available for INR 2,799 on Udemy but students can click on the link and get the ‘The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch’ for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Beginners who want to learn Python, Django, Flask, and other programming languages
  • Web designers
  • Students looking to advance their careers by learning a new skill
  • Anyone who aspire to work as Python developers

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,49987 % off
Duration39 Hours
Student Enrollment24,066 students
InstructorAshutosh Pawar https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashutoshpawar
Topics CoveredDjango 3, Python programming, Python web framework, Flask, Web Scraping
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews6,959

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn Python 3, the most recent version
  • Learn about the most recent Django release, Django 3
  • Learn and comprehend every single Python idea
  • Discover how to use Selenium to automate social media posting
  • Python can be used to create web applications
  • Use Tkinter to create GUI-based Python applications
  • Discover how to use Python and Django 3 to create full-stack web applications
  • Learn how to use OpenCV to process photos and movies
  • Find out how to use Python to create your own web-scraping tool
  • Create desktop applications focused on databases using Python, PostgreSQL, and Tkinter
  • Recognize every Django notion
  • Know every Flask concept
  • Learn how to use Python for data analysis
  • Learn Python object-oriented programming
  • Find out how to use Python for file compression and decompression
  • Discover data analytic techniques for analysing grocery sales information
  • Create a Python QR code generator
  • Convert text to speech by building one
  • Discover Python password hashing techniques
  • Using Python and ChartJs, create a web application that tracks your spending

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (08 minutes)Introduction To The Course
2.Basic Python Concepts (01 hour 03 minutes)Installing Python And PyCharm
Hello World Program In Python
Some other mathematical operations in Python
Strings In Python
Accepting input from the user in Python
Performing operations on a string in Python
Variables in Python
In place operators in Python.
Writing our very first program in PyCharm
Coding Challenge Part 1
Quiz For Section 1:
Notes & Summary For Section 1
3.Control Structures In Python (01 hour 14 minutes)If statement in Python
Elif statement in Python
Introduction to lists in Python
List operations in Python
List functions in Python
Range function in Python
Code reuse and functions in Python
For Loop in Python
Boolean logic in Python
While loop in Python
Quiz For Section 2:
Coding challenge 2
Coding challenge 2 solution
Coding challenge 3
Coding challenge 3 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 2
4.Functions & Modules In Python (22 minutes)Passing arguments to functions in Python
Making function return value in Python
Passing functions as arguments in Python
Modules in Python
Quiz For Section 3:
Coding challenge 4
Coding challenge 4 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 3
5.Exception Handling & File Handling In Python (38 minutes)Errors & exceptions in Python
Exception handling in Python
Finally block
File handling
Reading data from file
Adding data to the file
Appending to a file
Quiz For Section 4:
Coding challenge 5
Coding challenge 5 solution
Coding challenge 6
Coding challenge 6 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 4
6.Some More Types In Python (44 minutes)Dictionaries
Dictionary Functions
List Slicing
List Comprehension
String formatting
String functions
Numeric functions
Quiz For Section 5:
Coding challenge 7
Coding challenge 7 solution
Coding challenge 8
Coding challenge 8 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 5
7.Functional Programming In Python (55 minutes)Functional programming
Lambdas in Python
Map in Python
Filters in Python
Generators in Python
Recursion in Python
Coding challenge 9
Coding challenge 9 solution
Coding challenge 10
Coding challenge 10 solution
Coding challenge 11
Coding challenge 11 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 6
8.Object Oriented Programming In Python (01 hour 13 minutes)Introduction To Object Oriented Programming, Classes & Objects
Class Methods
Creating A Class & Defining Class Attributes
Instance Attributes & Constructor
Implementing Methods In Object Oriented Programming
Function Based vs OOP Way Of Writing Code
Multiple Inheritance
Multi-level Inheritance
Operator overloading in Python
Data hiding in Python
Coding challenge 12
Coding challenge 12 solution
Coding challenge 13
Coding challenge 13 solution
Notes & Summary For Section 7
9.Regular Expressions In Python (39 minutes)Regular expressions in Python
Search & find all
Find & replace
The dot metacharacter
Caret & dollar metacharacter
Character class
Star metacharacter
10.Create GUI Apps In Python Using Tkinter (01 hour 12 minutes)Tkinter : Hello world program
Tkinter: Using frames
Tkinter: Grid layout
Tkinter: Self adjusting widgets
Tkinter: Handling button clicks
Tkinter: Using classes
Tkinter: Using drop downs
Tkinter: Toolbar
Tkinter: Making Status Bar
Tkinter: Message box
Tkinter Drawing
11.Project 1: Building Calculator App Using Tkinter (34 minutes)Building Calculator App Part 1
Building Calculator App Part 2
Building Calculator App Part 3
Building Calculator App Part 4
Building Calculator app: Source Code
12.Project 2: Building Database Apps With PostgreSQL & Python (01 hour 53 minutes)Introduction To Databases
Introduction To PostgreSQL
Installing PostgreSQL On Windows
Installing PostgreSQL On Mac
Creating A Database
Creating Table & Adding Data
Reading Data From Database
Setting Up Virtualenv on Mac
Setting Up Virtualenv On Windows
Installing Psycopg2
Connecting To Database With Python Code
Creating Database Tables With Python
Adding Data To Database Tables With Python
User Submitted Data To Database
Creating App Layout
Adding Entries
Saving Entries To Database
Search Functionality
Listing All Entries
13.Project 3: File Compression & Encoding In Python (53 minutes)Compressing Files In Python
Decompressing Files
Splitting Code Into Functions
Designing The GUI
Compressing Via GUI
Compressing Files From Local Directories
14.Project 4: Text To Speech Converter Using Python (19 minutes)Generating Audio From Text Data
Converting File Data To Audio
Converting User Input To Speech
15.Project 5: Implementing Password Hashing & Building A Password Validator (28 minutes)Introduction To Password Hashing
Implementing Password Hashing In Python
Building A Password Validator
16.Project 6: Building A QR Code Generator With Python (17 minutes)QR Code Generator Part 1
QR Code Generator Part 2
17.Project 7: Building A Video Downloader App (31 minutes)Creating The user Interface
Accepting Path To Download Videos
Getting Local Path
Making Download Button Functional
Testing Our App
Converting Videos To Mp3
18.Project 8: Credit Card Validation Using Lhun’s Algorithm (30 minutes)Building A Credit Card Validator Part 1
Building A Credit Card Validator Part 2
Building A Credit Card Validator Part 3
19.Data Analysis Using Python (02 hours 27 minutes)Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python
Installing Tools For Data Analysis
Converting Dictionaries to Series
Introduction to Data Frames
Introduction to Pandas & Series
Changing Column Sequence
Reindexing Series & DataFrames
Changing Columns & Transposing Dataframe
Deleting Rows & Coulumns
Arithmetic operations on dataframe and series
Arithmetic operations in between dataframe and series
Sorting series and dataframes
Sorting according to values
Handling duplicate values
Calculating sum, max & min values
Dropping nan values
Loading data from a file
Analyzing file data
Creating Numpy Array
19 Another way to create an array
Logspace & Linspace
Slicing a Numpy Array
Advanced indexing and slicing techniques
Iterating using nditer
Plotting data using Matplotlib
20.Project 9: Supermarket Data Analysis Project With Python & Pandas (01 hour 45 minutes)Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 1: Reading CSV File
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 2: Switching Up The Theme
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 3: Accessing Different Parts Of Data
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 4: Selecting Rows On A Condition
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 5: Queries To Find Conditional Data
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 6: Sum, Max, Min & Average
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 7: Using GroupBy To Group Data By Location
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 8: Finding Market Share
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 9: Classifying Shoppers
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 10: Analysing Memberships & Ratings
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 11: Answering Multiple Queries
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 12: Classifying Sales By Day
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 13: Classifying Sales By Month
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 14: Classifying Sales By Hour
Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 15: Classifying Payment Types With Hour
21.Django 3: Make Web Apps Using Python & Django 3 (04 hours 13 minutes)Introduction To Django
Installing Django On Windows
Installing Django On Mac
Creating A Django Project On Windows
Creating A Django Project On Mac
Running Django Project On Localhost For Windows
Running Django Apps On Localhost For Mac
Understanding Significance Of Project Files
Creating Views
Creating Another view
What Is A Database
Creating Models In Django
Making Migrations
Adding Objects To Database
Creating Superuser
Passing Objects
Django Templates
Passing Context
DetailView Part 1
DetailView Part 2
DetailView Part 3
Removing Hardcoded URLs
Adding URLs To App
Namespacing URLs
Adding Staticfiles
Adding Bootstrap
Using Base Template
Adding Image Field
Getting Saved Images
Adding Own Images
Adding HTML Form
Submitting Form Data To Database
Edit Functionality
Fixing Errors & Issues
Update Functionality
Delete Functionality
Design Touchup For Index Page
Design Touchup For Detail Page
Source Code
22.Project 10: Building A Todo App Using Django 3 (02 hours 24 minutes)Going From Idea To App
Installing Virtualenv
Setting Up The Project
Creating Model
Form View & Template
Handling Post Request
Adding Bootstrap
Read Functionality
Two Functionalities On Same Page
Styling Part 1
Styling Part 2
Styling Part 3
Delete Functionality
Adding Date To Tasks
Edit Functionality
Introduction To Class Based & Generic Views
Class Based Generic View Part 1: ListView
Class Based Generic View Part 2: DetailView
Class Based Generic View Part 3: UpdateView
Class Based Generic View Part 4: DeleteView
23.Make Web Applications Using Python & Flask (02 hours 37 minutes)Introduction To Flask
Installing Flask
Hello World
Debug Mode
Redirect & URL For
Receiving Requests
Passing Dynamic Data To Templates
Conditionals In Template
Using Loops In Template
Rendering Objects
Adding Bootstrap & Template Inheritance
Adding Navbar
Adding CSS
Adding Forms Part 1
Adding Forms Part 2
Configuring Databases
Creating Models
Adding Books To Database
Retrieving Data From Database
Implementing Edit Functionality Part 1
Implementing Edit Functionality Part 2
Implementing Delete Functionality
24.Project 11: Building A Expense Manager With Flask, Python & ChartJs (01 hour 56 minutes)Setting Up Flask Project
Creating Route To Accept Data
Creating Form
Styling The Form
Getting Values From The Form
Creating A Database Model
Adding Expenses To Database
Displaying Expenses
Styling Expenses Page
Adding A Navbar
Delete Functionality
Edit Functionality Part 1
Edit Functionality Part 2
Calculating Total
Displaying Total
Integrating ChartJs
Add View
25.Project 12: Building A REST API with Python & Django Rest Framework (01 hour 27 minutes)What is an API
Installing Django Rest Framework
Creating & Setting Up Django App
Setting Up API App
Creating Serializer For Model
Creating Another Endpoint
Update & Delete Functionality
Adding Images To API
Making The API Consumable
Setting Up React App
Fetching Data From API From React Front End
26.Project 13: Learn How To Crawl Websites Using Python : Web Crawling (01 hour 49 minutes)Python Web Crawler Part -1
Python Web Crawler Part -2
Python Web Crawler Part -3
Python Web Crawler Part -4
Python Web Crawler Part -5
Python Web Crawler Part -6
Python Web Crawler Part -7
Python Web Crawler Part -8
Python Web Crawler Part -9
Python Web Crawler Part -10
Python Web Crawler Part -11
Python Web Crawler Part -12
Python Web Crawler Part -13
Python Web Crawler Part -14
Python Web Crawler Part -15
Python Web Crawler Part -16
Python Web Crawler Part -17
Python Web Crawler Part -18
Python Web Crawler Part -19
Web Crawler Source Code
27.Complex Coding Challenges (04 minutes)Introduction
Complex Python Challenges
28.Automation With Selenium Web Driver and Python (36 minutes)Introduction to Selenium
Installing Selenium
Opening a URL
Automating Google Search
Find Elements By XPATH
Clicking Links
Refreshing a Webpage
Using Forward and Backward Navigation Buttons
Scrolling and Getting the Current URL
29.Project 14: Building A Facebook Auto Poster (13 minutes)Building A Facebook Auto Poster
30.Python Best Practices: Writing Clean & Efficient Python Code (34 minutes)Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 1
Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 2
Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 3
Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 4
Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 5
31.Project 15: Building A Chat Application Using Network & Socket Programming (01 hour 35 minutes)IP Address
Ports & Sockets
Creating A Client
Sending Messages
Using Buffer
Building The Messaging Functionality
Sending Messages To Client
Programming Send Functionality
Completing Our Chat App
32.Image Processing With OpenCV & Python (02 hours 24 minutes)Introduction To OpenCV
Installing OpenCV
Reading & Displaying Images
Capturing Video From Webcam
Drawing Shapes On Images
Mouse Callback Events
Manipulating Pixels
Color Spaces In OpenCV
Object Tracking In Images
Object Tracking In Videos
Simple Thresholding
Simple Thresholding Implementation
Adaptive Thresholding
Adaptive Thresholding Implementation
Geometric Transformation Of Images
Geometric Transformation Of Images Implementation
Image Blurring
Image Blurring Implementation
Gaussian Filtering
Open CV Updates
33.Miscellaneous Content (57 minutes)Updating entries in Django with UpdateView
Bootstrap For Django Introduction
Bootstrap part 1: Introduction To Bootstrap
Bootstrap Part 2: Adding Bootstrap To Our Site
Bootstrap Part 3: Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap Part 4: Grid Classes Part 1
Bootstrap Part 5: Grid Classes Part 2
Bootstrap Part 6: Grid Column Offset
Bootstrap Part 7: Making Images Responsive
Bootstrap Part 8: Nesting of Rows & Columns
34.Regular Expressions Revisited (49 minutes)Introduction to Regular Expressions & Raw Strings
Search & Match Methods
Introduction To Meta Characters
Star Meta Character
Introduction To Plus Meta Character
Plus Meta Character Example
Introduction To Curly Braces
Curly Braces Example
Introduction To Wildcard
Wildcard Example
Optional Meta Character
Caret Meta Character
Character Classes Part 1
Character Classes Part 2
35.Conclusion (02 minutes)Conclusion

Resources Required

  • There is no need for technical or coding expertise
  • An internet-connected computer
  • As the tools needed for this training are free, no further fees are necessary
  • A burning desire to learn something new

Featured Review

Vemula Ramakrishna (5/5) : You are awesome sir, the way you explain the topics is speechless. I am looking forward to take other courses of you very soon. Thank you very much sir.


  • Shashank Pandey (5/5) : The Best Python Course in the planet.I am a python programmer now.The best mentor and the best explanation.
  • Mala Garg (5/5) : This is really best couse to start pythn from scratch to end.Thank you for the course.
  • Prasannakumar (5/5) : Started in a slower phase but you will experience the best platform..
  • Joseph Mills (5/5) : I think this course is an excellent value for anyone looking for a wide-ranging and in-depth tutorial on Python.


  • Lovpal Singh (1/5) : Course is too basic, and topics covered are in random flow.
  • Subham Kumar (2/5) : e.g – different type of data structures like list,dictionary,set etc are explained at random sections.
  • Satish Kumar (1/5) : “There is basic stuff in django only” but i was expected something more,so i am not happy with this course content.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Ashutosh Pawar who is a Entrepreneur, Python, Java & Android Geek. With 4.5 Instructor Rating and 20,526 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 17 Courses and has taught 358,568 Students so far.

  • The director of Optimal Solutions, an Indian software company with offices in Pune that works with small and medium-sized businesses all over the world to provide software solutions, Ashutosh Pawar, has served more than 200 clients internationally
  • He has more than 8 years of experience designing scalable software infrastructure across numerous domains, including real estate, medical, and finance
  • He has a bachelor’s degree in information technology (computer science) engineering
  • In addition to being a businessman, he has always had a passion for teaching, and his objective is to impart his expertise to his pupils and provide them the tools they need to succeed in the IT industry

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OffersINR 455 (INR 2,799) 85% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration39.5 hours36 hours23.5 hours
Rating4.6 /54.9 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments24,06628,61624,010
InstructorsAshutosh PawarFred BaptisteArdit Sulce
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