The ‘Python Programming – From Basics to Advanced level [2023]’ course will teach you Introduction to Python and Python 3. In this course, you will Learn object oriented programming in Python and understand the basics such as Data types, Loops, Conditional statements, Functions and Modules.

The course will teach you how to make your own web-scraping tool using Python. The course is usually available for INR 1,999 on Udemy but students can click on the link and get the ‘Python Programming – From Basics to Advanced level [2023]’ for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Beginners wishing to start programming in Python
  • Novices who want to become Python developers
  • Novice Python developers who are interested in web scraping
  • Those who want to learn Python as a developer

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 399 (INR 1,999) 78% off
Duration07 Hours
Student Enrollment332,375 students
InstructorEdYoda Digital University
Topics CoveredPython Functions, Web Scraping, Object Oriented Programming
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews6,563

Learning Outcomes

  • Python 3 introduction and Python 3
  • Data types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and modules are fundamental concepts to comprehend
  • Learn Python object-oriented programming
  • Understand how to read and interpret XML and JSON files
  • Find out how to use Python to create your own web-scraping tool

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction & Basics (51 minutes)Why Python ?
How to install Python and Sublime text
Variable Declaration and Memory Allocation
Builtin Python Datatypes
Python Operators
2.Conditional Statements and Loops (40 minutes)Conditional Statements | if, elif, else
Iterating using For loop | Syntax
Iterating using For loop | Continue | Break | enumerate
Iterating using While Loop | Syntax
Python Assignment – 1 | Conditional and Looping Statements
3.Python Data Types – String, Lists, Tuple, Dictionaries (01 hour 56 minutes)Str Data Type | Indexing | Slicing | Striding – Closer look at python data types
Str Data Type | Built-in functions – Closer look at python data types
List Data Type | Indexing | Slicing | Append – Extend – Insert – Closer look at
List Data Type | Update and Delete Operations – Closer look at python data types
Tuple Data Type – Closer look at python data types
Dictionary Data Type | Storing and Accessing the data in dictionaries
Dictionary Data Type | Update and Delete Operations
Set Data Type | Add – Update – Delete operations
Working with Math and Random Modules | Math functions | Random Number Generator
4.Python Functions (50 minutes)Getting Started with User Defined Functions
Parameter Passing Techniques | Positional – Default – Keyword Parameters
Parameter Passing Techniques | Variable Length Positional and Keyword Parameters
Writing Recursive Functions
5.Python Modules and Packages (34 minutes)Creating Modules and Packages
Introduction to RE Module | Regx Meta-characters
RE Module | Groups
6.Functional Programming (52 minutes)List Comprehension – Dict Comprehension
Functional Programming | Map – Filter – Lambda
Function Iterators | Generator functions
Iterators and Itertools
7.File Operation | JSON, XML Parsing (44 minutes)Getting started with file operations
File Operations | Read – Write – Append
Parsing JSON files using Python
Parsing XML files using xmltodict
8.Object Oriented Programming (48 minutes)Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming – Class Method and Static Method
Object Oriented Programming – Inheritance
9.Web Scraping and Database handling using Python (27 minutes)Web Scraping using BeautifulSoup
Executing Database Queries Using Python | sqlite3 Module
10.Python Decorators (12 minutes)Python Decorators
Python Quiz

Resources Required

  • Basic aptitudes for problem-solving
  • Any programming language knowledge will be an asset

Featured Review

Valerian Angelo Griffiths (5/5) : Honestly much better than all the paid courses I have taken out there. I can follow up and understand perfectly with the way he explains. Initially when i saw him in the introduction i felt okay he wont be able to teach and i stuck by for 10 mins and ever since Ive been coming back everyday to learn. Thank you so much for making this course free.


  • Faizan Ahmad (5/5) : And teach stap by stap, which is best part of course.
  • chinu’s vines (5/5) : it is going awesome with a great pace but i need a answer session for the questios you asked.
  • Vattem Trivikramrao (4/5) : good , but i think ,if these content will be upgrade from time to time it will be best


  • Sourabh Patel (2/5) : Communication skills are below average and thus not able to engage with the desired audience.
  • T Prem Chand (2/5) : Even the teaching is not soo good and explanation of a concept is very bad

About the Author

The instructor of this course is EdYoda Digital University who is a Visit us at With 4.3 Instructor Rating and 40,776 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 15 Courses and has taught 1,075,749 Students so far.

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Comparison Table

ParametersPython Programming – From Basics to Advanced level [2023]Python 3 | Ultimate GuideThe Python Programming A-Z Definitive Diploma in 2023
OffersINR 449 (INR 1,999) 78% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration8 hours13 hours5.5 hours
Rating4.3 /54.1 /54.4 /5
Student Enrollments332,375235,255230,561
InstructorsEdYoda Digital UniversityJosh WernerSDE Arts | Octavo
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