Python Mega Course

The Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 Apps Course is designed both for beginners; who want to know the process behind building apps, websites, and tools using Python, and for professional web developers who want to imbibe Python skills. Currently, Udemy is offering the course for up to 87% off i.e. INR 455 (INR 3,499).

Through real-world examples, practice assignments, and projects, the instructor Ardit Sulce aims to teach Python programming from scratch. He also guides the students to build up to 10 real-world programs using Python.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build real-world apps in Python 3
  • Build a book inventory GUI app with an SQL database backend
  • Create a web scraper
  • Build a website in Python
  • Create various apps capable of improving the mood with good quotes, sending automated emails, processing Excel and CSV files, and recording videos with webcams

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameThe Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 Apps
Duration39.5 Hours
Student Enrollment2.86 lakhs
InstructorArdit Sulce
Course Level (Resources Required)A beginner with a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
Coding ExercisesYes
Total Student Reviews0.60 lakhs
  • Create various apps capable of improving the mood with good quotes, sending automated emails, processing Excel and CSV files, and recording videos with webcams
  • Build real-world apps in Python 3
  • Build a book inventory GUI app with an SQL database backend
  • Build a website in Python
  • The style of teaching can be improved
  • A beginner will have a lot to take in
  • The video quality and the sound quality of some module is low

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1Course Introduction (5 Minutes)
2Getting started with Python (16 Minutes)Installing Python and the IDE
Creating & Running a Python Program
What (surprisingly) is Python?
3The Basics: Data Types (46 Minutes)Variables -Why and How to Use Variables
Python Interactive Shell
Simple Types: Integers, Strings, and Floats
Data Type Attributes
4The Basics: Operations with Data Types (23 Minutes)Tip: Better Error Messages in Python 3.10
Accessing Characters and Slices in Strings
Accessing Items in Dictionaries
5The Basics: Functions and Conditionals (27 Minutes)Creating Your Own Functions
Conditional Explained Line by Line
Elif Conditionals
White Space
6The Basics: Processing User Input (18 Minutes)String Formatting
String Formatting with Multiple Variables
7The Basics: Loops (19 Minutes)Looping Through a Dictionary
While Loops: How and Why
For Loops: How and Why
8Putting the Pieces Together: Building a Program (20 Minutes)Problem Statement, Approaching the Problem, Building the Maker Function, Constructing the Loop & Making the Output User-Friendly
9List of Comprehensions (8 minutes)Simple List Comprehension
List Comprehension with If Conditional
10More About Functions (11 Minutes)Functions with Multiple Arguments
Default and Non-default Parameters and Keyword and Non-keyword Arguments
Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Keyword Arguments
11File Processing (20 Minutes)Processing Files with Python
Reading Text From a File
Different Filepaths
Appending Text to an Existing File
12Using Python with CSV, JSON and Excel files (1 Hour 10 Minutes)The “pandas” Data Analysis Library
Loading CSV Files
Installing Jupyter
Exercise: Loading JSON Files
13App 1: Web Mapping with Python: Interactive Mapping of Population and Volcanoes (1 Hour 21 Minutes)Creating an HTML Map with Python
Adding a Marker to the Map
Practicing File Processing by Adding Markers from Files
Practicing Functions by Creating a Color Generation Function for Markers
14Image and Video Processing with Python (1 Hour 2 Minutes)Loading, Displaying, Resizing, and Creating Images
Detecting Faces in Images
15App 2: Controlling the Webcam and Detecting Objects (53 Minutes)
16App 3 (Part 1): Data Analysis and Visualisation with Pandas and Matplotlib (1 Hour 49 Minutes)Exploring the Dataset with Python and pandas
Aggregating and Plotting Average Ratings by Day
What Day of the Week are People the Happiest?
17App 3 (Part 2): Data Analysis and Visualisation in Browser Interactive Plots (1 Hour 24 Minutes)Making a Data Visualization Web App
Adding a Time-Series Graph to the Web App
Multiple Time-Series Plots
18App 4: Web development with Flask – Build a Personal Website (51 Minutes)
19App 5: GUI Apps and SQL: Build a Book Inventory Desktop GUI Database App (1 Hour 32 Minutes)Coding the Frontend Interface
Connecting the Frontend with the Backend
20Object-Oriented Programming (1 Hour 15 Minutes)Using OOP in a Program
Creating Classes Through Inheritance
Creating a Bank Account Class
21App 6: Mobile App Development: Build a Feel Good App (2 Hours 3 Minutes)Creating a User Login Page
Processing User Login Credentials
Stylizing the Login Page
22App 7: Web Scraping – Scraping Properties for Sale from the Web (1 Hour 14 Minutes)Extracting “div” Elements
Scraping the Addresses of the Properties
Scraping Special Elements
23App 8: Flask and PostgreSQL – Build a Data Collector Web App (2 Hours 31 Minutes)Creating a Page with HTML
Creating the PostGreSQL Database Model
24App 9: Django and Bootstrap Blog and Translator App (3 Hours 31 Minutes)Creating a Django Project
Adding Bootstrap to Django
25App 10: Build a Geography Web App with Flask and Pandas (30 Minutes)

Resources Required

  • A computer with Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • A working Internet

Comparison Table

ParametersThe Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 AppsAutomate the Boring Stuff with Python ProgrammingLearn Python Programming Masterclass
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,199) 85% off
Duration39.5 hours9.5 hours70 hours
Student Enrollments2.86 lakhs10.29 lakhs3.70 lakhs
InstructorsArdit SulceAI SweigartTim Buchalka, Jean-Paul Roberts
Topics CoveredBuild desktop database apps, webcam motion detectors, data visualization dashboards, blog websites, web scrapers, etcUsing python to automate tasks, generate and update excel spreadsheets, and write various programs that can do text pattern recognition with “regular expressions”Add various skills to resume like Python OOP, understanding Python and 3
Coding ExercisesYesNoYes
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Student Reviews

  • Ritika P (5.0/5): “It was an amazing experience. Before starting this course I simply knew that Python is a very powerful language but taking up the course and practicing it along with Ardit helped me realize its true potential. Now I am just wondering how to absorb so much content and how to make good use of the lessons learned here. Kudos to Ardit for such commitment and hard work. From beginning to end it was an enriching experience, I got so many “WOW” moments while solving the problems here and then going through Ardits solutions.”
  • Saurabh T (5.0/5): “Great course on Python to build Real World Projects using Python. It covers projects on many topics like Data Science (visualization), Web Development, Android/iOS app development, etc. Also covers required basics of Python required to build the projects. Helpful course.”
  • Okodi Ataime B (5.0/5): “I can confidently say that this is the best python course I have ever seen. Ardit explains things in a very detailed manner, I have bought his advanced course also. Thank you for this Python Course, Ardit and God bless you.”
  • Jose M (5.0/5): “The course was excellent! My primary objective here was to learn the basics of Python because in my line of work (Business Intelligence) it is required for almost every job to know how to use Python, though not the most important requirement. But I really liked some of the apps we built in this course which can be very useful in certain situations I might encounter.”
  • Uday Vikram S (5.0/5): “So I have just completed the course and one thing I can bet for sure is that if the person is serious then this course is going to be heaven. Everything was as expected, more than that, Ardit is a damn good man. Special appreciation for David who solved all my doubts without any delay”
  • Edward F (4.0/5): “I had taken a break from the course about halfway through, came back to find it almost completely revamped. Ardit is a good instructor, taking the time to explain the basics of Python. He keeps the code simple enough to follow easily and gives a lot of room for experimentation. While some of the lectures are outdated, Ardit does his best to keep things as up-to-date as possible, and his teaching assistant and the other students also find novel solutions.”
  • Nader B (4.0/5): “It covers a great number of details which is helpful and I’ve learned quite a bit. Following up with two other courses by Ardit. A couple of suggestions: On a smaller scale: 1) A better video quality would help, and 2) better naming convention, for example, “account” and “Account” in the program do not help. These are minor suggestions and once again, it is a great course. Thank you very much.”
  • Salih K (4.0/5): “Good course, clear instructions, has some coding exercises and good projects. I took the course mostly Django but I need a more detailed course for that. Considering it is in one course it’s very good.”
  • Jijainth (3.0/5): “All the libraries used in this tutorial were not clearly explained. He just implemented it and I felt like a copy-paste session sometime. But overall I was able to come across many libraries and I am happy about it”

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The Python Mega Course: Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 Apps: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The price of the course is INR 3,499 but currently, it is available for INR 455 only.

Ques. What will I learn in the course?

Ans. Students will learn to become Python programmers and build apps, webcam motion detectors, data visualization dashboards, blog websites, web scrapers etc

Ques. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The duration of the course is 32.5 Hours

Ques. Is there a certification from Udemy?

Ans. Yes, the student will receive the certificate of completion after completing the course.

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. The course is rated 4.7 out of 5

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, students have lifetime access to this course.

Ques. Can I access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV?

Ans. Students can access the course through mobile or TV

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