30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python potential course will improve learner’s Python abilities by making them familiar with the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming. This course will help students to learn Python by creating practical projects step-by-step while they go through each concept thoroughly.

The language of OOP was always challenging for students to understand without the use of suitable examples. In this course, Instructor will teach how to run their animation software, Pixar using Python. It is used by Instagram and Pinterest to run their online applications (backend via Django) and Instructor demonstrate how to control Python. Students of any age, any level of computer knowledge, and newbies to Python can benefit much from this training. Currently, udemy is offering 30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python potential course for up to 78% off i.e. INR 449 (INR 1,999)

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Non-technical Founders and Entrepreneurs
  • Students who wants to learn Python
  • Beginners
  • Development Hackers
  • Everyone who is interested in learning how to collect data from websites and analyse large data
  • Anyone who wants to automate email on their terms

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 1,999) 78% off
Duration09 Hours
Student Enrollment195,074 students
InstructorJustin Mitchel https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinmitchel
Topics CoveredPython, web scraping, Twitter API
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews7,417

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Python
  • Use Python to create applications
  • Python allows you to send email
  • Using Python, scrape websites to extract data
  • Python may be used to scrape dynamically loaded (javascript-laden) websites
  • Python can read and parse emails
  • To work in Excel/Numbers, you can read and write CSV (comma separated values) files
  • Employ a few lines of code and the Twitter API to quickly send tweets
  • To get information about any company listed on Yelp, use their API

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Welcome (11 minutes)Welcome
Getting Help
YouTube & Suggestions
2.Days 1: Basics (15 minutes)Setup, Strings, Variables, and Integers
3.Day 2 & 3 | Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, and Loops (34 minutes)Day 2 – Lists
Day 2 (cont) – Dictionaries & Tuples
Day 3 – Loops: For Loops, and While Loops
4.Day 4: Conditionals (21 minutes)Day 4: Conditionals
Day 4 (cont): Using Conditional Expressions
5.Day 5: Functions (28 minutes)Functions Part 1
Functions Part 2
6.Day 6: Advanced Strings (22 minutes)Day 6 – String Substitution
Day 6 – String Formatting and Substitutions All Together
7.Days 7-9: Classes (55 minutes)Day 7: Classes
Day 8 – Classes Part 2
Day 9: Classes Part 3
Class Part 4
8.Days 10 – 15: Python CSV, and Email | Do something Real (02 hours 43 minutes)Day 10: Setup Python to send Email with Gmail
Day 11: HTML and Plain Text Emails through Python and Gmail
Day 12 – Send Formatted Emails to a Set of Users
Day 13 – Using External Template Files with Context Data in Python
Day 14 – CSV Files with Python – Read, Write, & Append
Day 15 – Functions to Dynamically Add Data to CSV with Python
Day 16 – Edit CSV with Python Part 1
Day 16 – Edit CSV with Python Part 2
Day 17 – Read Data Function for CSV File
Day 18 – Running Python Commands & Arguments in Terminal
Day 19 – Integrating Part 1
Day 20 – Integrating Part 2
9.Days 21 – 24: Web Scraping with Python 3 Python Requests & BeautifulSoup (58 minutes)Day 21 – Web Scraping with Python 3 Python Requests & BeautifulSoup
Day 22 – Web Scraping Part 2
Day 23 – Web Scraping Part 3
Day 24 – Web Scraping Part 4
10.Day 25: Web Scraping on Javascript Driven HTML (30 minutes)Part 1 | Web Scraping on Javascript-Driven HTML using Python
Part 2 | Web Scraping on Javascript-Driven HTML using Python
11.Day 26: Get Data with an API (25 minutes)Part 1 | Get Data with an API
Part 2 | Get Data with an API
12.Day 27 – 28: Text Messaging (SMS/MMS) with Python & Twilio (40 minutes)Day 27 – Sending SMS Messages with Python & Twilio Part 1
Day 27 – Part 2 – SMS Messages with Python & Twilio
Day 28 – Twilio Python Client & SMS
13.Day 29: Twitter API & Python (18 minutes)Day 29: Twitter API with Python & python-twitter
14.Day 30: Read Email Inbox using Python & Gmail (33 minutes)Day 30 – Login with IMAP
Day 30 – Fetch & Convert Email
Day 30 – Save Emails Locally
15.Thank you & Next Steps (02 minutes)Thank you and Next Steps

Resources Required

  • We walk you through installing Python and using it
  • Windows 8 or later, Linux, and Mac OS X or later

Featured Review

Jumar Alam (5/5) : This is the best python course for beginners who are eager to learn and start their coding with python. Every topic in this course was explained carefully with detailed documentations. Thank you so much Justin Mitchel sir for this amazing course!!


  • Alex Hunt (5/5) : Best tutorial ever found on python language on any education platform online.
  • Tee Hunter (4/5) : It would be awesome if you write both on text editor and command line.
  • Awe Asadbek (5/5) : awesome course.Thank you udemy and instructor for giving me chance to learn Python.
  • Md. Habib Hasan Shakil Buya (5/5) : I can bet this one is the one of the best.


  • Mohan Sreenath Kanala (2/5) : At the least i would expect “PIP” to be talked about, why and why not.
  • Adeel Rehman (2/5) : There are also no practice resources, so it’s hard to become fluent.
  • Min Luo (1/5) : The lecture was not too difficult to follow, but that’s because I have prior python experience.
  • Mohan Sreenath Kanala (2/5) : Though we are yet to dive into the coding part, i am not excited to see the way installation has been explained.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Justin Mitchel who is a Coding Entrepreneur & Teacher – 568,000+ Students. With 4.4 Instructor Rating and 28,772 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 34 Courses and has taught 793,127 Students so far.

  • Instructor was a adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California
  • He is the Bestselling instructor on Udemy
  • Instructor is a funded creator on Kickstarter
  • Instructor is a founder of Coding for Entrepreneurs
  • Instructor is a Cohost of Backer Radio

Comparison Table

Parameters30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python PotentialArtificial Intelligence and Predictive AnalysisPython eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application
OffersINR 455 (INR 1,999) 78% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration9.5 hours6.5 hours33 hours
Rating4.4 /54.2 /54.8 /5
Student Enrollments195,07462,50176,623
InstructorsJustin MitchelEDUCBA Bridging the GapJustin Mitchel
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