Python for Beginners with Examples course is categorized as one of the best courses for students who want to learn Python from the basics. Currently, Udemy is offering the Python for Beginners with Examples course for up to 82% off i.e. INR 455 (INR 2,599).

This course focuses on learning the wxPython GUI library to develop desktop graphical user interfaces.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightDetails
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PriceINR 455 (INR 2,599) 82% off
Duration4 hours
Student Enrollment0.95 lakhs
InstructorArdit Sulce
Topics CoveredVariables, Strings, and Numbers, List Slicing, Conditionals with Multiple Conditions
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginner
Total Student Reviews~ 9,400
  • You will get this real-world Python experience by gaining free access to a remote server
  • Run Python programs directly on the remote computer
  • Certain terms are used which are relevant for experts
  • The course is not friendly in Microsoft

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Python, including variables, functions, conditionals, loops, text processing, file processing, and more.
  • Learn the fundamentals by using real-world examples.
  • Make a command-line application.
  • Make a desktop app that converts between various units.
  • Create a standalone desktop app that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  • Learn how to use the wxPython GUI library to create desktop graphical user interfaces.
  • Develop a browser-based web application.
  • Deploy a web application to a live server so that anyone with a browser can access it.
  • To do web development with Python, learn the Flask web framework.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Python Basics (1 hour 54 mins)Variables, strings, and numbers, Math Operators
List Indexing and Slicing, Append to List
Sequences, collections, strings and iterations, Conditionals with Multiple Conditions
2.Beyond the Basics (53 mins)While Loop, While Loop with Password Checker, Modules, Libraries, and Packages,
Looping Over Multiple Sequences, Files, Loops, Functions, and Conditionals
3.A Real World Desktop App (28 mins)Making a “Bare Bone” GUI, Creating the Widgets, Distributing the Program: Making a Standalone Executable
4.A Real World Web App (30 mins)Creating a Bare-Bone App, Creating an App with User Widgets, Distributing the Program: Deploying the App to a Live Server

Resources Required

  • A functional computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux)
  • There is no need for prior Python knowledge.

Comparison Table

ParametersPython for Beginners with ExamplesThe Ultimate Python Basics: BootcampMachine Learning and Data Science Hands-on with Python and R
OffersINR 455 (INR 2,599) 82% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration4 hours2 hours72.5 hours
Student Enrollments0.95 lakhs52,00047,000
InstructorsArdit SulceKarthik NandulaeduCBA
LevelBeginnerBeginnerAdvanced (Knowledge of R)
Topics CoveredVariables, strings, and numbers, Custom Functions with ConditionalsVariables & Data Types, Logical Operators, Manipulating Strings and CommentingBig Data Machine Learning, Emerging Trends Machine Learning, Data Mining Continues
Coding ExercisesNoNoYes
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for the Python for Beginners with Examples

  • Shin K.(5.0/5) “I took this course for my quick recap and to get me back on track. As I expected, his course is great for the “Python” beginner and other “salvaged” students, especially, me, who need to refresh my memory and encourage myself. Plus, I could start building my confidence again. I can’t start other courses, and also other instructors, too. So exciting!!”
  • Ravi J.(5.0/5) “This is a very good course for all those who are new to the python programming language. Nicely structured content covering the basics of Linux as well. Thanks for the wonderful course.”
  • Duruaku V.(5.0/5) “It has been good so far”
  • Amandeep. (5.0/5) “The content of this course is very useful and the delivery of your lectures is awesome.”
  • Aftab U.(5.0/5) “Very good course to begin with”
  • Marc Damon O.(4.0/5) “Ardit Sulce is very knowledgeable on the subject of Python and does a good job with the activities and lectures. There is enough content to go around to learn the subject, but I feel the structure of the lectures, from beginning to end could have been thought out and put together differently to make learning easier. Otherwise, no further complaints, good Lecturer.”
  • Vincenzo B.(4.0/5) “For a beginner that is interested in how to use Python in real-world applications, this course is a must. The Desktop App and the Web app projects allow familiarizing with the true use of programming. Anyway, since most fundamental coding topics are introduced very rapidly, it might not be a course for Absolute Beginners (you should have at least some general knowledge on the main structures of coding such as loops, conditionals, etc.).”
  • Andrew K.(4.0/5) “Pretty good course. I’m not quite sure I would recommend this to anyone who has never learned how to code in any other language. This is a great course for someone who has learned another language and wants to skip over a lot of the low-level skills. This is good for people who want to jump straight in. I’ve taken parts of another python course on UDEMY that goes significantly deeper into details on a lot of things like dictionaries, lists, and tuples.”
  • Madhu V. (3.0/5) “all the sections were good except the lectures involving wxpython. I could not import wxpython at all and got many errors. I spent way to long trying to get it to work and it never did. Everything else was really well done!”
  • Rodrigo A.(3.0/5) “Just can’t use wxpython, and the users with the same problem just didn’t get a satisfying solution, you got no answer at all.”

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Python for Beginners with Examples: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The course is originally priced at INR 2,599 but currently, it is available for INR 455.

Ques. What will I learn in the course?

Ans. This course helps the students learn about the basics of Python with coding.

Ques. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The duration required to complete this course is 4 hours

Ques. Is there a certification from Udemy?

Ans. Yes, you will get a certificate of completion from Udemy.

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. The course is rated as 4.2/5

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, you can access this course for a lifetime on mobile or TV.

Ques. Can I access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV?

Ans. Yes, you can access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV.

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