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November 22, 2023

Project management uses specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to plan, manage, and organize a project to achieve a required goal or outcome. It uses an organisation’s resources to deliver something of value or move a specific task to completion.

Organizations associated with engineering & construction, healthcare, information technology, etc., use project management applications. Almost every organization or company relies on project managers to manage resources, including personnel, finances, technology, etc., define the goals and objectives of a project, and determine the completion of various project components. Candidates with project management skills help them to secure jobs like project manager and project coordinator in different organisations.

There are hundreds of online platforms offering project management courses. However, some of the best project management courses offered online by top online education providers are listed in the table below.

Course PlatformDurationRating
The Project Management Course: Beginner to Project ManagerUdemy7.5 hours4.6/5
Foundations of Project ManagementCoursera18 hours4.9/5
Google Project ManagementCoursera3-6 months4.8/5
Project ManagementCoursera1-3 months4.7/5
International Project ManagementedX9 weeks4.2/5
Project Management and its Role in Effective BusinessFuturelearn10 weeks4.6/5
Project Management FoundationsLinkedIn Learning3 hours 32 minutes4.8/5
PMP Certification CourseSimplilearn35 hours4.40/5
Digital Project ManagementUdacity4 weeks
Introduction to Project ManagementCodecademy1 hour4.2/5

The Project Management Course: Beginner to Project Manager-Udemy

The course ‘The Project Management Course: Beginner to Project Manager’ offered by Udemy focuses on gaining the project management knowledge and skills necessary to manage an entire project. The course studies Waterfall and Agile project management performed with scrum. The course also teaches using MS Excel to create the five most crucial project management documents.

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Foundations of Project Management-Coursera

The ‘Foundations of Project Management’ course offered by Coursera is a beginner-friendly course. The course aims to teach skills, roles and responsibilities required by different organizations. The course also explains the project management life cycle and compares different program management methodologies. After completing the course, skills include project management, leadership and management, strategy and operation, communication, and change management.

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Google Project Management-Coursera

The course ‘Google Project Management’ offered by Coursera is a beginner-level course that helps understand the practices and skills required in an entry-level project. The course focuses on implementing scrum events, building scrum artefacts, and understanding scrum roles to learn the foundations of agile project management. The course also teaches creating effective project documentation, practising strategic communication, and problem-solving through real-world scenarios. 

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Project Management-Coursera

The ‘Project Management’ course offered by Coursera aims to familiarize learners with the concepts, tools and techniques used in project management. Learners will be able to describe different phases of a project life cycle. Learners can also distinguish different project management methodologies and choose the best for a particular project.

After completing the course, learners will be equipped with skills including planning, strategy and operation, risk management, budget management, etc.

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International Project Management

The course ‘International Project Management’ offered by edX is designed to teach how to deliver projects in an international environment successfully. The course helps learners to equip the knowledge, skills, and behaviour required to manage the projects internationally. The course also teaches the impact of culture, language variations, religion, technology penetration, corruption, ethics, etc. The course helps learners to use practices and technology efficiently to meet global project challenges.

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Project Management and its Role in Effective Business

The course ‘Project Management and its Role in Effective Business’ offered by Futurelearn teaches learners the understanding of the role of project management in an organization. After completing the course, learners can investigate the application of project management methodologies used to organize and plan project time, cost, and resources. The courses also teach the effects of culture, communication, leadership, and teamwork in international project management.

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Project Management Foundations

The ‘Project Management Foundations’ course offered by Linkedin Learning aims to teach learners the fundamentals of project management. Topics covered in this course include establishing project goals and objectives, project plan building, resource and work management, meeting deadlines, and closing the project. The course also mentions communication tips, holding meetings, keeping a project on track, and gaining customer acceptance. 

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PMP Certification Course

The course ‘PMP Certification Course’ offered by Simplilearn is designed to teach students topics essential for project management professionals. The course includes new technologies and practices, emerging trends, and core competencies. The course also mentions the role of a project manager regarding strategic and business knowledge.

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Digital Project Management

The course ‘Digital Project Management’ offered by Udacity is designed to teach learners the two standard methodologies including, Waterfall and Agile. The course also covers the monitoring and control stage of the digital project management lifecycle. Other topics included in the course are building realistic plans, execution, closure and getting things done in digital project management.

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Introduction to Project Management

The ‘Introduction to Project Management’ course is a beginner-level course that teaches learners high-level concepts related to project management. The course lets learners gain skills required by a project manager. The course also introduces the responsibilities expected of a project manager, the most popular frameworks for project management, and starting and organising a project. 

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