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Power BI A-Z: Hands-on Power BI Training for Data Science course is about Microsoft Power BI and how it can be used in Data Science or Data Analytics. Students will learn how to discover data patterns like client purchasing habits, sales trends, or manufacturing obstacles by learning data visualization with Microsoft Power BI.

There is no pre-requisite for this course, the instructor starts from the basics so that students of all levels can understand it. This course will give a practical idea about how to use the software, link it to a data file, and export a worksheet. Currently, Udemy is offering Power BI A-Z: Hands-on Power BI Training for Data Science Course for up to 87 % off i.e. INR 449 (INR 3,499).

Who all can opt for this course?

  • If you want to learn Power BI totally from start, you should enroll in this course.
  • If you have some knowledge of Power BI but wish to improve, you should enroll in this course.
  • If you are proficient with Microsoft Power BI and want to advance your knowledge and fully utilize Power BI, you should enroll in this course.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,49987 % off
Duration4 hours
Student Enrollment1,00,715 students
InstructorKirill Eremenko https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirilleremenko
Topics CoveredPower BI, Timeseries, Aggregation, Filters, Maps/Scatterplots, Power BI reports
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews19,437

Learning Outcomes

  • Link data sources to Microsoft Power BI
  • Publish bar charts
  • Build treemaps
  • Make donut diagrams
  • Drawing waterfall diagrams
  • Construct pie charts

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Welcome to the Course (02 minutes)Installation
Get the Datasets here
Extra Resources
2.Your First Bar Chart (48 minutes)The business Challenge – Who Gets The Annual Bonus?
Connecting Power BI to a Data File – CSV File
Navigating Power BI
Drilling down and up in hierarchies
Advanced drilling in hierarchies
Adding Colours
Adding A Calculated Column
Adding Labels and Formatting
Your first bar chart
3.Timeseries, Aggregation, and Filters (37 minutes)Downloading and connecting to the dataset
Working with timeseries
Understanding aggregation and granularity
Creating an area chart & learning about highlighting
Filters and Slicers in Power BI
Timeseries, Aggregation, and Filters
4.Maps, Scatterplots and Interactive BI Reports (01 hour 07 minutes)Joining data in Power BI
Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and OUTER joins work
Joins with duplicate values
Joining on multiple fields
Creating a map, working with hierarchies, lats and lons
Power BI: Calculated Columns vs Calculated Measures
Creating a scatter plot
Combining charts, filters and slicers
Adding a Donut Chart
Maps, Scatterplots and Interactive BI Reports
5.Creating an Interactive Business Intelligence Report (56 minutes)Downloading the dataset and connecting Power BI
Mapping: How To Set Geographical Roles
Creating Table Calculations for Gender
Creating Bins and Distributions for Age
Creating Bins and Distributions for Balance
How to create a Treemap chart
Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard
Controlling Report Interactivity
Analyzing the Customer Segmentation Dashboard
Creating an Interactive Business Intelligence Report
6.Leveraging Custom Visuals (46 minutes)The Challenge: Visualizing the European Debt Crisis
Installing a Custom Visual for Power BI
Mechanics of a Chord Chart
Setting up the second Chord Chart
Adding Treemaps
Exploring the visualization
7.Special Offer (01 minute)***YOUR SPECIAL BONUS***

Resources Required

  • Basic familiarity with computers

Featured Review

Jaskaran Sandhu (5/5): The course is perfect for someone getting into Power BI or even someone that has watched youtube videos and can maneuver around. The instructor is very well experienced and actually tries to get you to learn something when he teaches. Great course, greater teacher.


  • Pavan Kumar Jadhav (5/5): The explanation in each of the videos and then exploring them after the reports are created is really awesome.
  • Rajshri Kesarwani (5/5): the best part of courses from SuperData Science team and KirillEremenko is the level and intensity of conceptual clarity explained and hence so was in this course….
  • Tanya Sharma (4/5): Its just if we can incorporate the below 2, would make it simply perfect: 1.
  • Kiran Nadukula (5/5): Thank you, Kirill for the wonderful tutorials!!! I will see you in ‘Data Science A-Z:Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included’ training.


  • Igor Chernyshev (2/5): Low-level explication of DAX syntax, almost no tables mapping tutorials and poor work with visualizations
  • James F (1/5): What a waste! I attempted to ask for a refund and said I wasn’t eligible! The 30-Day ‘Guarantee’ is a LIE! You can’t and they WON’T provide a refund.
  • Nitin Sharma (1/5): This is not fair deal, once you are about to finish the course, you come to know that there is condition to get the certificate.
  • Babita Tariyal (2/5): very poorly crafted course that failed to keep me engaged despite the short sessions.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Kirill Eremenko who is a Data Scientist. With a 4.5 instructor rating and 5,99,095 reviews on Udemy, he offers 59 courses and has taught 2,251,523 students so far.

  • Professionally, he is a data science consultant with experience in the retail, transportation, retail, and financial sectors.
  • At Deloitte Australia, he received training from the top analytics mentors, and since then he started teaching on Udemy.
  • He has shared his experience with thousands of aspiring data scientists.
  • Students can see from his courses how he can give skilled step-by-step tutoring in the field of data science by fusing real-world expertise and academic background in physics and mathematics.
  • His emphasis on intuitive explanations is one of his teaching strengths, so students can be confident that they will fully comprehend even the most challenging subjects.

Comparison Table

ParametersPower BI A-Z: Hands-On Power BI Training For Data Science!Data Science A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science Exercises IncludedTableau 2023 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training for Data Science
OffersINR 449 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 449 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 449 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration4.5 hours21 hours8.5 hours
Student Enrollments1,00,7152,08,2563,25,763
InstructorsKirill EremenkoKirill EremenkoKirill Eremenko
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Power BI A-Z: Hands-on Power BI Training for Data Science: FAQs

Ques. Should I learn Tableau or Power BI in 2023?

Ans. Compared to Tableau, Power BI is significantly easier to use and has a more user-friendly design. Organizations select Power BI for Tableau due to its simplicity and ease of use. The most typical usage of Tableau is to create personalized dashboards with simple layouts and an intuitive user experience.

Ques. What skills are needed for Power BI?

Ans. For starters, knowledge of data science, business intelligence, and data analytics are one of the most crucial talents a Power BI Developer must possess. Along with modeling, data integration, data warehousing, and presentation strategies and ideas, Power BI developers also need to be familiar with these topics.

Ques. What coding is used in Power BI?

Ans. Microsoft Power BI uses the scripting language Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to create calculated columns, measurements, and custom tables.

Ques. Is Power BI useful for data science?

Ans. Data analysts’ tasks are simplified with Power BI, which also makes it simple to integrate, transform, and visualize data. However, there are a lot of alternative tools available that are comparable. For instance, Excel, a product of Microsoft, is another crucial tool for data specialists. In actuality, combining Excel with Power BI is quite popular.

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