Best Power BI course online in 2024

Power Business Intelligence (BI) is a data analytics application or collection of software services for creating data visualisation, sharing data, and aggregating data. Microsoft Power BI is used to find the organisation’s data insights in Data Science.

To organise business data efficiently, Power BI is a useful tool. It can assist in creating a data model, separate data sets connected, and data visualisations using charts and graphs. Therefore, learning Power BI can help professionals and students boost their knowledge in the related field. Also Check: Best Power BI Courses on Udemy

This article features the best Power BI courses online, along with key details about the courses, the ratings, duration, and the course platforms. This will assist in better decision-making while selecting the most suitable online course on Power BI.

Power BI essential trainingLinkedin Learning3 hr 45 min4.7 / 5
Power BI: Dashboards for beginnersLinkedin Learning33 min4.7 / 5
Power BI – Data analytics essentials with Power BIUdemy4 h 56 min4.5 / 5
Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence (2024)Udemy15 h4.7 / 5
Master in Microsoft Power BI Desktop and serviceUdemy7.5 h4.4 / 5
Power BI A-Z:  Hands-on Power BI training for data scienceUdemy4.5 h4.5 / 5
Microsoft Power BI data analystCoursera3-6 months4.6 / 5
From Excel to Power BICoursera1-4 weeks4.5 / 5
Getting Started with Power BI desktopCoursera2 h4.7 / 5
Power BI data dashboardsLinkedin Learning2 h 24 min4.5 / 5


Power BI essential training – LinkedIn Learning

This course explains the Power BI desktop, Power BI service, and Power BI mobile well. Gini von Courter is the instructor of this online course, she has covered topics such as creating visualizations, arranging those visualizations into reports, importing data, web-based Power BI, etc. Students will gain Microsoft Power BI after completing this course.

Power BI: Dashboards for beginners – LinkedIn Learning

In this 33-minute course, students will learn a short and simple guide to Power BI. Joshua has explained the crisp of Power BI dashboards, adjusting Power BI layout, applying filters, selecting and configuring chart type, etc. This course is easy to understand for even novice users and helps them in making better business decisions.  

Power BI – Data analytics essentials with Power BI – Udemy

Udemy offers this Power BI course, which will help in learning the simple methods of analysing data with Power BI, helps in making reports, creating links, reducing the manual reporting processes with the help of Power BI, helps in designing the dashboards and reports in an interactive way and many more. This course includes 5 hours of videos, assignments, 12 articles, and a certificate of completion.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence (2024) – Udemy

Microsoft Power BI Desktop for Business Intelligence is an online course offered by Udemy, and many top companies offer this course to their employees. The course outcome is it helps design and implement tools used by data scientists and professionals; it also helps build professional-quality business intelligence reports, with the help of interactive dashboards.

Master in Microsoft Power BI desktop and service – Udemy

In this course, all the features of Power BI are explained very simply, which is easily understandable by anyone. This course is suitable for those who are starting with Power BI and want to learn all aspects of visual development with online tools and desktops. Students will learn about Power Query, DAX, reporting and visualisations, and Power BI online service.   

Power BI A-Z: Hands-on Power BI training for data science – udemy

By enrolling in this course, the student will learn to connect Microsoft Power BI to the data source and will learn to create bar charts, treemaps, donut charts, waterfall diagrams, and piecharts. This is suitable for one who wants to learn Power BI from the basics, or if one wants to level up in these skills can choose a course.

Microsoft Power BI data analyst – Coursera

Coursera offered a Microsoft Power BI data analyst online course. Students will learn to prepare Excel data for analysis in Power BI, learn to use Power BI, and get insights about it; data visualizations are also taught in this course, which helps create interactive dashboards and reports. After completing this course, students will gain skills like data analysis, Power BI, Power Query, SQL, and Microsoft Excel.

From Excel to Power BI – Coursera

From Excel to Power BI offered by Coursera, where students will learn about the use of Power BI and Excel that further helps maintain, collect, collaborate, share, and make data-driven decisions. The students will gain skills like Microsoft Excel, data analytics, data visualizations, Power BI, and business analytics.  

Getting Started with Power BI Desktop – Coursera

In this 2 hours video, students will learn to transform and import data with Power BI, and with Power BI desktop will learn to visualize data. This course will help in developing skills like data analytics, data visualizations, Power BI, business analytics, and business intelligence. Anyone can learn this course at their convenience, as no such prerequisites are needed.

Power BI data dashboards – LinkedIn Learning

Business analysis expert Helen Wall, a professional with 15 years of experience, created this module. This course teaches students about building data dashboards, choosing colours, and setting up the ecosystem and Power BI model. After finishing this course, the skills that will be developed are performance dashboards and Microsoft Power BI.

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