This ‘Learn SQL Using PostgreSQL: From Zero to Hero’ Udemy course will give you an in-depth knowledge of PostgreSQL. In this course, you will learn basics to advanced features like triggers, PL/pgSQL functions, Window Functions and CTE.

The course contains 182 lectures and 16 hours of on-demand content. The course is usually available for INR 2,499 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Learn SQL Using PostgreSQL: From Zero to Hero’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Someone who wants to become proficient in SQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Anyone who wants to understand sophisticated query expressions.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,49976% off
Duration16 Hours
Student Enrollment16,270 students
InstructorWill Bunker
Topics CoveredPostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL Functions, Window Functions, CTE
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews2,863

Learning Outcomes

  • Run advanced searches.
  • Glue tables together.
  • To respond to queries about aggregated date, use Group By.
  • Altering and making new tables.
  • To speed up searches, create indexes.
  • Add restrictions to keep the data organised.
  • Use the pgAdmin tool.
  • Study recursive search methods.
  • How perspectives simplify data access.
  • Subqueries.
  • Standard Table Expressions.
  • Expressions with conditions.
  • Window Services.
  • How to manage time and date information.
  • Functions in SQL.
  • Managing concurrency and transactions.
  • Functions in PL/pgSQL.
  • Triggers.
  • Types of Composite Data.
  • Data Types for Arrays.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (05 minutes)Introduction
2.Installing PostgreSQL and pgAdmin (18 minutes)Installing PostgreSQL on Mac
Installing PostgreSQL on Windows
Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu
Install Northwind Database
Install Some Additional Databases.
3.Simple Selection of All Records (13 minutes)Selecting All Data From a Table
Selecting Specific Fields
Selecting Distinct Values
Counting Results
Combining Fields in SELECT
Practice What You’ve Learned
4.Using WHERE to Select Records (21 minutes)What If You Don’t Want All Records
Searching For Specific Text
Searching Numeric Fields
Searching Date Fields
WHERE Using Logical AND Operator
WHERE Using Logical OR Operator
WHERE Using Logical NOT Operator
WHERE Combining AND, OR, and NOT
Using IN
Practice What You’ve Learned
5.Schemas (03 minutes)Schema Basics
6.Using psql To Connect To Postgres (13 minutes)Connecting With psql
Eliminate Typing Connection Parameters
Databases In psql
Schemas In psql
7.Intermediate SELECT Statements (21 minutes)ORDER BY
Using MIN and MAX Functions
Using AVG and SUM
LIKE to Match Patterns
Renaming Columns With Alias
LIMIT to Control Number of Records Returned
NULL Values
Practice What You’ve Learned
8.Joining multiple tables together (36 minutes)Diagramming Table Relationships
Grabbing Information From Two Tables
Grabbing Information From Multiple Tables
Left Joins
Right Joins
Full Joins
Self Joins
USING To Reduce Typing
Even Less Typing With NATURAL
Practice What You’ve Learned
9.Grouping and Aggregation Functions (34 minutes)Group By
Use HAVING to Filter Groups
Grouping Sets
Cube – Rollup On Steroids
10.Combining Queries (11 minutes)Union
11.Subqueries (16 minutes)Subquery Using EXISTS
Subquery Using ANY and ALL
IN Using Subquery
12.Modifying Data In Tables: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE (27 minutes)INSERT INTO
Returning Data From Update, Delete, and Insert
13.Indexes and Performance Tuning (58 minutes)What Are Indexes?
How To Kill Runaway Queries
Using Explain To See Query Plan
Use Analyze To Update Table Statistics
How Is Query Plan Cost Calculated
Using Indexes On More Than One Field
Expression Indexes
Types Of Indexes
Speeding Up Text Matching
14.Database Design and Normalization (54 minutes)Design Process Overview
Database Terminology
A Design Process
Finding Mission Statement And Ojectives
Analyzing Current Systems
Create Table Structure
Establishing Keys
Specifying Fields
Relationships Between Tables
Business Rules
Establish Needed Views
Double Checking Data Integrity
15.Creating and Modifying Tables (23 minutes)CREATE TABLE
ALTER TABLE – Part Three
16.Table Constraints (44 minutes)NOT NULL Constraint
UNIQUE Constraint
PRIMARY KEY Constraint
FOREIGN KEY Constraint
CHECK Constraint
Changing a Column’s Default Value
Adding and Removing a Column’s Constraint
17.Sequences (24 minutes)Create A Sequence
Alter and Delete Sequences
Using Serial Datatypes
18.CTE – Common Table Expressions (25 minutes)WITH Queries
Using CTE to Grab Identity Field From Insert
Creating Hierarchical Data To Use For Recursive WITH Queries
Using Recursion in CTEs
19.Views (30 minutes)Views – How To Create
Views – How To Modify
Creating Updatable Views
With Check Option
Deleting Views
20.Conditional Expressions (17 minutes)CASE WHEN
21.Using Date/Time In PostgreSQL (50 minutes)Date, Time, and Timestamp Data Types
Time Zones
Interval Data Type
Date Arithmetic
Pulling Out Parts of Dates and Times
Converting One Data Type Into Another
22.Window Functions (29 minutes)Basic Window Function Example
Using Window Functions With Subqueries
Using Rank() To Find The First N Records In Join
23.Composite Types (16 minutes)Composite Type Basics
Using Composite Types
24.SQL Functions and Procedures (01 hour 05 minutes)Write Your First Function
Write A Function That Returns A Single Value
Functions With Parameters
Functions That Have Composite Parameters
Functions That Return A Composite
Functions With Output Parameters
Functions With Default Values
Using Functions as Table Source
Functions That Return More Than One Row
Procedures – Functions That Don’t Return Anything
25.Transactions And Concurrency Control (22 minutes)ACID Transactions
Simple Transaction Control
Rollbacks & Savepoints
SQL Transaction Isolation
PostgreSQL Transaction Isolation
26.Array Data Type (28 minutes)Declaring Arrays
Inputting Array Values
Accessing Arrays
Modifying Arrays
Searching Arrays
Array Operators
27.PL/pgSQL – SQL Procedural Language (01 hour 18 minutes)Build Your First PL/pgSQL Function
Handling Functions With Output Variables
Returning Query Results
Declaring Variables
Looping Through Query Results
Using If-Then Statements
Returning Query Results Continued
Loop and While Loops
Looping Over Array Elements
28.Triggers (32 minutes)Build Your First Trigger
Statement Triggers
29.Importing CSV (13 minutes)Importing CSV
Practice What You’ve Learned
30.JSON and JSONB Data Types (57 minutes)What Is JSON And How To Store In Database
Create JSON From Tables
Aggregating JSON Fields
Building airports_json Table
Selecting Information Out of JSON Fields
Searching JSON Data
Updating And Deleting Information Inside JSON Fields
31.Managing Databases (06 minutes)CREATE DATABASE
32.Backups and Recovery (19 minutes)Basic Import/Export With Copy
Basic pg_dump And Restore
Custom Format Dumps
33.Security Using Roles, Users and Permissions (31 minutes)Overview of Roles and Users
Instance Level Security
Database Level Security
Schema Level Security
Table Level Security
Column Level Security
Row Level Security
34.Introduction To PostGIS (19 minutes)Install PostGIS on Ubuntu (Not needed for Windows/Mac)
Converting Airport Data
Your First Geographical Query
35.Thanks and Good Luck (26 seconds)Thank you

Resources Required

  • Simple computing abilities
  • Being able to install software on a computer
  • Computer with PostgreSQL support

Featured Review

Matt Hoyt (5/5) : The instruction pace, while deliberate, is just about ideal for learning. I really appreciate the instructor leaving their mistakes in the video instead of editing them out.


  • Clay Raynor (4/5) : This is a great course for those who are looking for an introduction to SQL.
  • Julien Thomazeau (5/5) : Started from “I think I know quite a lot already” to “I think there is even more that what I’ve learned” Excellent course, it pushed me to go deeper in Postgres documentation and underlying concepts.
  • Jairo Suarez (4/5) : Excellent content for freshers on SQL command line; I thought that I’d found more “homeworks” between exercises.
  • Adarsh Johari (5/5) : Query:- SELECT feedback FROM postgresql_learnings; 🙂 RESULT:- Awesome course and good study material.


  • Lee S. (1/5) : Just a re-hash of the online documentation, no additional insights beyond what’s there.
  • Khoa H. (1/5) : Some options are out dated. And lecture doesn’t provide shortcuts from people learning on windows
  • Christopher K. (1/5) : This should be titled something like ‘Stuff about SQL – just happen to be using PostgreSQL’
  • Sahil T. (1/5) : Horrible audio quality in 2x, broken.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Will Bunker who is a Cofounder of bootstrapped company that became With 4.3 Instructor Rating and 3,027 Reviews on Udemy, Will Bunker offers 2 Courses and has taught 22,810 Students so far.

  • In the early 1990s, Dave Kennedy and Will Bunker launched the biggest dating site in the world from a phone closet at an insurance business.
  • Will Bunker learned how to create a website from scratch, and by 1999 it was among the top 100 visited websites.
  • Since then, Will Bunker invested in more than 160 digital startups and helped launch a number of more enterprises.
  • Will Bunker has taught scores of people how to use technology to solve real-world problems and establish their own businesses.
  • As your business succeeds, Will Bunker is going to put together a series of courses that will cover everything from prototyping to constructing an MVP to scaling into the cloud.

Comparison Table

ParametersLearn SQL Using PostgreSQL: From Zero to HeroComplete beginners introduction to SQLSQL & PostgreSQL for Beginners: Become an SQL Expert
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,499) 76% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration16 hours4.5 hours9 hours
Student Enrollments16,2691,97928,718
InstructorsWill BunkerBluelime Learning SolutionsJon Avis – SQL Instructor
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