Watercolor Landscape Painting for Beginners is one of the popular Arts & Crafts courses on Udemy. It has an average student rating of 4.0/5. The course content is designed to teach 3 types of landscape painting to beginners through video lectures and step-by-step instruction.

The course aims to impart knowledge about the entire process of watercolor painting from choosing the right materials to tips on how to improve your painting. The course is taught by Liron Yanconsky. He is a professional and has worked in the same field for years. Currently, the course is available at INR 455 (INR 1,699) 80% off

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 455 (INR 1,699) 80% off
Duration2.5 hours
Student Enrollment1,790 students
InstructorLiron Yanconsky
Topics CoveredReal time painting demonstrations, How to plan your paintings, Beginner and advanced principles of watercolor painting
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginner
Total Student Reviews286
  • 3 Specific examples of landscape painting
  • Proper explanation on each and every step
  • Beginner and advance principles of watercolor painting
  • Content on landscape painting
  • Some users didn’t understand instructor’s style of painting
  • Content is repetitive

Learning Outcomes

  • 3 real-time painting demonstrations
  • Full narration of each and every step of the way
  • How to plan your paintings
  • How to do preparatory sketches
  • How to draw a scene with the purpose of a painting in mind
  • How to select the right colors
  • Beginner and advance principles of watercolor painting
  • Extra advice on specific brands and tools

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction (3min)Introduction of the course
2.Tools (9min)Preview of the course
3.Demo#1 – Dramatic Skies (43 min)Introduction and Preparatory Sketches
Drawing and the Initial Wash
Advance Washes
Conclusion of the Dramatic Skies Painting Process
4.Demo#2 – Swiss Cabin (48min)Introduction and Preparatory Sketches
Drawing and the Initial Wash
Adding Shadows and Details
Final Touches
Final Result and Conclusion of the Swiss Cabin Painting Process
5.Demo #3 – Orchard (41 min)Introduction and Preparatory Sketches
The Initial Wash
Painting Shadows
Adding Final Details
Final Result and Conclusion of the Orchard Painting Process
6.Conclusion (2min)Conclusion of the course

Resources Required

  • Basic understanding of watercolor painting
  • Good quality paper
  • Painting color, pencil and eraser

Comparison Table

ParametersWatercolour Landscape Painting for BeginnerWatercolor Landscape WorkshopSix Watercolor Painting Projects for Beginner
OffersINR 455 (INR 1,699) 80% off449 (INR 3499) 87% offINR 449 (INR 2799) 84% off
Duration2.5 hours12.5 hours5 hours
Student Enrollment1,790234101
InstructorLiron Yanconsky
(Published How-to-Draw Author)
Robert Joyner
(Learn To Paint Loose With Acrylics & Watercolor)
Emily Armstrong
(Teacher at The Pencil Room Online)
Topics CoveredReal-time painting demonstrations, How to plan your paintings, Beginner and advanced principles of watercolor paintingLearn how to paint variety of skies, trees and grass, Learn to explore different brushes to achieve different results, Learn landscape painting techniquesWatercolor painting techniques, Blending and mixing paint colors, Painting a variety of subjects
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for the Watercolour Landscape Painting for Beginner course.

  • Donnie O. (5.0/5) “Excellent Instructor and course. I love Instructors who paint entire paintings before our eyes so that we can see and understand the thought process, technique and the steps that go into each painting. The only regrets I have is that there weren’t more demos. I couldn’t get enough. For me this is exactly what I needed. Great course. Looking forward to see more from this instructor.”
  • Sun R. (5.0/5) “I really enjoyed to see how he tackles the three paintings. In my opinion, it is one of the most difficult things to do. Which details you put in, which you leave out. Lyron explains very well the process and his intentions and it has been an eye-openier for me. Thank you.”
  • Tana M. (5.0/5) “This course gave me confidence to break out of trying to replicate a photo when painting and using creativity and artistic judgment. Thank you!”
  • Julie D. (4.5/5) “I really liked that Liron narrated his thoughts while completing these beautiful paintings. It helps me understand his choices and helps me know what to consider when doing my own paintings. I am excited to practice these ones!”
  • Mark H. (4.5/5) “so helpful”
  • John B. (4.5/5) “I like the process. It adds a bit of discipline to the freedom that comes with watercolor.”
  • Robert M. (4.0/5) “I love his color mixing, but he should do a little more explaining. He should identify each pictures difference as related to watercolor techniques.”
  • Helen W. (3.5/5) “so far too elementary. The course developed nicely and I learned some things.”
  • David R. (3.5/5) “a bit too abstract, but otherwise OK.”
  • Helen W. (3.5/5) “so far too elementary. The course developed nicely and I learned some things.”

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Watercolor Landscape Painting for Beginners: FAQs

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Ans. No, paid Udemy courses have a lifetime access provided you have an active Udemy account and Udemy continues to have the license for the course.

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