The Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate, a new professional certification offered by Google on Coursera is intended to be a more advanced version of the wildly successful Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

Students can finish this course in less than 6 months with less than 10 hours of study per week. Following certification, one can apply for jobs with Google and more than 150 American employers, including Deloitte, Target, and Verizon. Furthermore, 75% of certificate recipients report a successful career outcome within six months of graduation.

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Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate Review

The three most important factors to consider before enrolling in a course are the instructor’s reputation, the course content, and the cost.

Instructor Reputation

The Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate, created by Google Career Certificates and taught by experienced Google employees, has received positive feedback from graduates reporting positive career outcomes within six months of completion, demonstrating Google’s expertise and experience in the field.

Course Content

The Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate is a certificate designed for graduates of Google Data Analytics or equivalent experience. It offers practical projects and prepares candidates for various roles, including senior data analyst, junior data scientist, and data science analyst, with a six-month completion time.

Course Name & DurationLearning OutcomeRegistration Link
Foundations of Data Science (22 Hours)Learn about common professions and industries that use advanced data analyticsJoin Now!
Examine the influence that data analysis can have on making decisions
Get Started with Python (28 Hours)Describe the use of Python by data professionalsJoin Now!
Know how to work with strings, control statements, and loops
Go Beyond the Numbers: Translate Data into Insights (26 Hours)Make use of the exploratory data analysis (EDA) methodJoin Now!
Examine raw data with Python
The Power of Statistics (30 Hours)Modelling data with probability distributionsJoin Now!
Use a hypothesis test to find new data insights.
Regression Analysis: Simplify Complex Data Relationships (24 Hours)Examine connections in datasetsJoin Now!
Utilize Python to carry out linear and logistic regression
The Nuts and Bolts of Machine Learning (29 Hours)Analyzing the traits of the various machine learning techniques.Join Now!
Creating and assessing supervised and unsupervised learning models with Python
Google Advanced Data Analytics Capstone (8 Hours)Analyzing data to spot trends and patternsJoin Now!
Creating data visualizations

Cost of Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Students have the option to complete this course within 1,3 or 6 months. The average course cost and duration are mentioned in the table below.

DurationStudy TimeTotal Cost
1 month20+ hours/weekINR 1,157
3 months18 hours/weekINR 2,315
6 months9 hours/weekINR 3,475

Is the Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate Free?

Students who wish to pursue the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate on Coursera for free can finish this course within a 7-day free trial period. However, they will not get any certification for the same.

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Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate: FAQs

Ques: What is Data Analytics?

Ans: Data analytics mines an organization’s data for insights using math, statistics, programming, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. The organization’s decision-making and strategic planning can be guided by these insights.

Ques: What kind of companies hire advanced data professionals?

Ans: Organizations of all kinds need data professionals to investigate and find stories in data. Jobs in advanced data analytics and data science are available in many sectors, including technology, finance, and entertainment.

Ques: Is the course offered in other languages?

Ans: This certificate is currently offered in English language. In the near future, Coursera hopes to add more languages. Some tools, such as the employer consortium, are currently only accessible within the United States.

Ques: What tools and platforms are available in this course?

Ans: Students will get to learn about various tools and platforms like Tableau, Kaggle, Python, and Jupyter Notebook.

Ques: Which kind of jobs does the course prepare for?

Ans: This certificate program prepares graduates for various jobs, including senior data analyst, data analyst, associate data scientist, junior data scientist, data science analyst, and data analytics consultant. These jobs require advanced analytical skills like data manipulation, experimental design, predictive modelling, and machine learning.


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