Best Management Courses Online in 2023

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November 22, 2023

An online management course is a great resource to learn necessary skills such as strategic planning, organizational dynamics, and leadership within organizations. Candidates who want to succeed in this ever-changing professional world need to acquire management skills.

It is the need for current and relevant education that complements the dynamic corporate world that pushes for online management courses. Topics such as team building, financial planning, project management, and leadership development are just but a few areas they focus on.

Taking an online management course benefits people with different backgrounds and occupations. The advantage that makes such interactive programs available to many is the compatibility with different learning styles, schedules, and many more. Hence, it is not so easy to choose an online course that meets its requirements when there are many platforms and options. This article provides the top management online courses together with vital course details to help candidates choose the right one.

Data Visualization and Communication with TableauCoursera25 hours4.7/5
Leading People and Team’s SpecializationCoursera1 month (10 hours a week)4.8/5
The Complete Management Skills Certification Udemy4.5 hours4.4/5
Introduction to Business AnalyticsUdemy5 hours4.5/5
Data Visualization with Tableau SpecializationCoursera6 months4.5/5
A/B Testing for Business AnalystsUdacity3 weeks
Foundations of Strategic Business AnalyticsCoursera7 hours4.4/5
Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and ApplicationsCoursera25 hours3.0/5
Advanced Business Analytics SpecializationCoursera60 hours4.5/5
Business Statistics and Analysis SpecializationCoursera100 hours4.0/5

Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau- Coursera

This course will teach students how to become an expert at explaining how data studies have significance for business. They will be able to create powerful visualizations that help people to communicate ideas simply and effectively. Ultimately, they will get experience creating and delivering corporate “data stories” that employ these visualizations, using tried-and-true techniques and design principles. Additionally, they will understand how to organize their data analysis projects so that their stakeholders may benefit from the rewards of their work. 

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Leading People and Team’s Specialization- Coursera

In this specialization, students will gain knowledge in fundamental leadership abilities, such as managing talent, inspiring and motivating people, leading teams, and influencing without using force. The course is taught by Michigan faculty as well as by some of the chief executives of Morgan Stanley. Students will also work through several real-world leadership assignments in each session to put their newly acquired leadership abilities to use.

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The Complete Management Skills Certification- Udemy

This comprehensive management course will teach students management and leadership skills that are essential for business growth. There are 39 lectures in this course that are divided into 12 sessions. The course can be easily accessed on TV and mobile devices. By the end of this course, students will be able to innovate, carry out smart ideas, and spread such ideas throughout the firm. 

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Introduction to Business Analytics- Udemy

In this Udemy Business Analytics course, participants will learn how to create a strategic plan that describes how their organization or their employer’s organization can use data to perform better. They will gain knowledge of the end-to-end H2R, R2R, S2P, and O2C business processes. Machine learning and deep learning analysis as well as historical, variance, trend, value-based, correlation, time series, and regression analysis will be performed in this course. 

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Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization- Coursera

This course will teach the fundamentals of data visualization using case studies and examples from real-world situations. This specialization course is designed for those new to data visualization and Tableau. The main topics covered in this course include design principles for Tableau, creating dashboards, storytelling with Tableau, and fundamentals of visualization.

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A/B Testing for Business Analysts- Udacity

In this course, participants will learn how to design business experiments and analyze the results by developing skills in A/B testing. This is a free business analyst course offered by Udacity. It is an entry-level course that does not require any programming knowledge. The course is designed for candidates who are passionate about applying data to improve business decisions. The course also consists of interactive quizzes and self-study learning materials.

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Foundations of Strategic Business Analytics – Coursera

This comprehensive course provides in-depth knowledge of working with data, and exploring new features and statistical functions. This course is available in over 20 languages. In this course, students can learn new concepts from industry experts, gain a basic understanding of a topic or tool, develop job-relevant skills with hands-on projects, and earn a divisible career certificate. The course is designed for students, business analysts, and data scientists who want to apply statistical methods in business contexts. 

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Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications – Coursera

This course provides an overview of how business intelligence technology can support decision-making in a variety of business areas. The principles, techniques, and applications of business intelligence are the main topics of the modules, which also cover the use of data centers for online analytical processing, business reporting, dashboard creation, business performance management, and descriptive analytics.

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Advanced Business Analytics Specialization- Coursera

This course is aimed at students who want to use data to gain a clear competitive advantage in business analytics. In this course, students will learn how to use SQL code to extract and manipulate data, perform statistical methods for prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analysis, and effectively evaluate and communicate the results of their analysis. This is an intermediate-level course, so basic knowledge of business analytics is required.

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Business Statistics and Analysis Specialization- Coursera

This comprehensive course is intended for students who want to understand business analysis’s foundations. The course is designed for complete beginners hence it does not require any prior knowledge of business statistics. This specialization course covers all the basic concepts of business statistics such as business data analysis tools and techniques, Microsoft Excel, linear regression, and statistical hypothesis testing. By the end of the course, students will earn a career certificate from Rice University.

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