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November 22, 2023

Makeup courses teach individuals techniques like skincare, colour theory, tools, and styles, ranging from natural to theatrical, and provide hands-on training for developing practical skills in makeup artistry.

Online platforms for makeup courses include Udemy, Masterclass and SkillShare. Udemy courses are the most demanding courses that include discounts and other perks. Institutes that provide online professional makeup courses include Vah Vah Institutes, Lakme Academy, and others. Industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields teach the courses.  

The course fee can range from INR 455 to INR 60,000. Students can enrol in the Udemy Makeup course for as little as INR 455. Students who earn an online certification can pursue careers as a makeup artist, beauty advisor, hair stylist, nail care artist, and other related positions.

Course NamePlatformDurationRating
Makeup Artistry MasterclassUdemy3 hours4.8/5
The Complete Makeup CourseUdemy8 hours4.7/5
Color Theory MakeupSkillshare2 hours4.5/5
Professional Makeup Artistry CourseQC Makeup AcademySelf-paced5/5
Airbrush Makeup CourseMake Up For Ever Academy3 days4.8/5
SFX Makeup CourseCinema Makeup School3 weeks4.7/5
Complete Makeup Artist ProgramVLCC Institute2 days4.6/5

Makeup Artistry MasterClass- Udemy

This course covers the foundations of makeup artistry, including skin care, colour theory, application techniques, and creating looks for different occasions. Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown teaches it. It covers fundamentals of skincare, and advanced techniques like eye contouring, lip artistry etc. This course caters for the needs of beginners as well. It also covers crucial aspects of working with various skin tones, maintaining hygiene while applying makeup and building a makeup business as well.

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The Complete Makeup Course- Udemy

This course is divided into modules that cover topics such as tools and products, skin preparation, foundation application, eye makeup, lip makeup, contouring and highlighting, and special effects makeup. This comprehensive course covers everything from basic techniques to advanced artistry in makeup. It includes learning about choosing products for professional use, determining various face shapes, foundation knowledge for various skin tones, and creating various makeup looks as required by any specific event. Everything from everyday makeup to special effects and airbrushing is covered.

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Colour Theory for Makeup- Skillshare

This beginner-friendly course teaches the fundamentals of makeup application, such as selecting the right products, creating a flawless base, and enhancing facial features.  It teaches about various colour theory techniques applicable to makeup. Working professionals teach the course, including topics of illustration and design. It covers the aspects of using a colour wheel for makeup, understanding and using an eye colour wheel and eyeshadow swatches. Alongside this, class projects are also given for comprehensive learning.

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Professional Makeup Artistry Course- QC Makeup Academy

This course covers everything from basic makeup techniques to advanced artistry and professional business practices. It includes modules on skin care, colour theory, application techniques, bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, and special effects makeup. The is no requirement for any previous training to join this course. There are plenty of hands-on assignments provided to improve makeup skills. The course includes the different aspects of skin preparation for makeup, basic makeup application and professional makeup artistry.

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Airbrush Makeup Course- MakeUp Forever Academy

This course covers airbrush techniques, product knowledge, and creating flawless airbrushed looks. It includes hands-on practice with airbrush equipment and products. Participants need to be 18 years old to pursue the course. They need to attest to this on the first day of training. Airbrush Makeup Course includes information on airbrushes and their use, practising techniques on ‘free-hand’ paper, demonstration and presentation on different mediums and use of airbrushes in the artistic field.

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SFX Makeup Course- Cinema Makeup School

This course teaches techniques for creating realistic wounds, scars, prosthetics, and character transformations using special effects makeup. It includes hands-on practice with SFX materials and tools. This 4-week course teaches the creation and application of multi-piece foam latex prosthetics, blood tubing, and airbrush techniques. Students will make multi-piece moulds and learn about advanced special effects lab techniques, materials, and processes. The Special Effects Makeup class is required for those interested in a career in creature and special makeup effects.

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Complete Makeup Artist Program- VLCC Institute

This course focuses on bridal makeup artistry, covering techniques for creating flawless and long-lasting bridal makeup looks that suit different skin types and styles. It includes hands-on practice with bridal makeup products and techniques. Students will also learn about working with different skin tones and assembling a professional kit. Furthermore, the programme teaches essential hygiene skills and provides advice on how to start a successful makeup business. Students will receive a prestigious Institute certification upon completion, preparing them for a career as a makeup artist.

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