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Diploma in Python with Data Science and Machine Learning course  will teach students how to write in Python and help to advance their career. Students who enrol in the diploma programme in Python programming progress from the fundamentals of creating and running scripts to more complex capabilities like file operations, regular expressions, and working with binary data.

One of the most effective, adaptable, and potent open source languages is Python, which has applications in signal processing, finance, oil and gas, physics, and scientific computing. The market share of this programming language has recently started to grow. Python programming is cross-platform, making it possible to use it more effectively for a variety of tasks on any operating system. Python is an exception to all of this because it is easy for anyone with programming experience to use. The courses are usually available at INR 3,499 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get Diploma in Python with Data Science and Machine Learning   for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Students who are interested to learn python programming can opt for this course

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 79987% off
Duration29.5 Hours
Student Enrollment46,482 students
InstructorGlobal Education Foundation
Topics CoveredPython Programming, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Java
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews457

Learning Outcomes

  • Python with data science and machine learning
  • Dictionary and lists for Python data types
  • Learn in-depth Java programming
  • Master Java and data science
  • Learn about Python and artificial intelligence
  • Understand Multithreading
  • Learn from ongoing projects

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Coding in Python (42 minutes)2.1 Variables in Python
2.2 Data Types
2.3 Lists in Python
2.4 Demo of List function
2.5 Tuples
2.6 Python Dictionary
2.Core of Python in depth (16 minutes)3.1 Python Operators
3.2 If Else statement
3.3 Indentation
3.4 Assignment 1
3.Multithreading in Python (07 minutes)4.1 Iterative Statements
4.2 While Statement
4.3 For Statement
4.4 Touple
4.5 Assignment 2
4.Demonstration (25 minutes)5.1 Demo 1 For loop
5.2 Demo 2 While loop
5.3 Demo 3 Range function
Test 1
Test 2
5.6 Python Bootcamp (01 hour 02 minutes)6.1 Python Bootcamp Introduction
6.2 Data Science & ML introduction
6.3 Python Crash Course Introductory
6.4 Python Crash course lecture 1
6.5 Dictionaries in Python
6.6 Jupiter Python Exercises
6.7 Operators in Python
6.8 Iterative Statements
6.9 Python Functions
6.Data Analysis Numpy series (58 minutes)7.1 Data Analysis Numpy Part 1
7.2 Data Analysis Numpy Part 2
7.3 Data Analysis Numpy Part 3
7.4 Data Analysis Numpy Part 4
7.Data Analysis Pandas (55 minutes)8.1 Data analysis Pandas part 1
8.2 Data analysis Pandas part 2
8.3 Data analysis pandas Part 3
8.4 Data analysis pandas Part 4
8.5 Data Analysis Pandas Part 5
8.6 Data Analysis Pandas Part 6
8.7 Data Analysis Pandas Part 7
8.Data Visualization Matplotlib (23 minutes)9.1 Data Visualization Matplotlib Part 1
9.2 Data Visualization Matplotlib Part 2
9.Data Visualization seaborn (16 minutes)10.1 Data Visualization seaborn Part 1
10.2 Data Visualization seaborn Part 2
10.Machine Learning (18 minutes)11.1 Machine Learning part 1
11.2 Machine Learning part 2
11.(BONUS SERIES) Java Programming (13 hours 54 minutes)1. Java introduction
2. Variables in Java
3. Identifiers in Java
4. Reserved Keywords in Java
5. Literals in Java
6. Arrays in Java
7. Strings in Java part 1
8. Strings in Java part 2
09. Operators in Java
10. Type Casting in Java
11. Control statement If else in Java
12. Switch Statement in Java
12.Advanced Machine Learning (01 hour 28 minutes)01. MachineLearning introduction
02. Types of Machine Learning
03. Unsupervised Learning
04. Supervised Learning
05. Case study
06. Bayes Theorem
07. Support Vector Machine Algorithm
08. KNN Algorithm
09. Decision Tree
10. Hierrarchical Clustering
11. K Means Algorithm
13.Speech Recognition by Python ( Mini Project ) (38 minutes)Speech recognition course
Computer vision lecture 1
Computer vision lecture 2
Computer vision lecture 3
Computer vision lecture 4
Computer vision lecture 5
14.Project Based Learning and Mini Project (01 hour 39 minutes)PBL1
15.Web Development Bootcamp (01 hour 49 minutes)1. Web development 1
2. Web development 2
3. Web development 3
4. Web development 4
5. Web development 5
6. Web development 6
7. Web development 7
8. Web development 8
9. Web development 9
10. Web development 10
11. Web development 11
16.CSS (02 hours 05 minutes)Web Development CSS 1
Web Development CSS 2
Web Development CSS 3
Web Development CSS 4
Web Development CSS 5
Web Development CSS 6
Web Development CSS 7
Web Development CSS 8
Web Development CSS 9
Web Development CSS 10
Web Development CSS 11
17.JavaScript (01 hour 56 minutes)JavaScript 1
18.Revision Lectures (33 minutes)Revision1

Resources Required

  • A desktop computer that can run Python on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Prior coding or scripting experience

Featured Review

Ismail Mohammed G. (5/5) : Best decision I ever made, I hope to learn and understand more. great job!


  • Ephesian Solomon (5/5) : It’s amazing, the teacher understanding has made it easier for me now.
  • Jorico B. (5/5) : Thank you so much for giving a chance to learn more about programming specially in python.
  • Tiwari Dolly R. (5/5) : Good to learn


  • Harry Syan (1/5) : Matter is not good, and tutor is not audible, there are lot of interference in the background.
  • Vineet Verma (1/5) : This course was worse than the worst Youtube videos…literally a complete waste of time not matter what your skill level is…you could get better knowledge in youtube
  • Rafael Kawamura (1/5) : My impression so far is: bad audio quality, very 1st lesson seems to have a cut in the end and it felt too rendundant.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Global Education Foundation who is a Simplified Education should reach to all corners of World. With 4.1 Instructor Rating and 1,242 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 25 Courses and has taught 83,883 Students so far.

  • The main goal of the instructor is to spread simplified education throughout the entire planet
  • Global Education Foundation is a global organisation that has offices in 127 nations
  • The mission of the instructor is to research and advise on the use of information technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, VFX, graphic design, virtual reality, automation, motion pictures, cloud computing, ANN (RL), and software programming in the industry
  • Together with the subsidiary Civil Info-Tech Consultants, Instructor is working in the education sector as part of the social responsibility and for impoverished students who cannot afford higher education
  • The students of the course are studying sophisticated methods for tackling problems
  • Team Global Education Foundation has embarked on a new path while utilising its expertise in education and consultation

Comparison Table

ParametersDiploma in Python with Data Science and Machine LearningPython for Machine Learning with Numpy, Pandas & MatplotlibAdvanced Foundations of Python Programming | 2023 Training
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration29.5 hours7 hours4 hours
Rating4.1 /54.3 /54.1 /5
Student Enrollments46,482104,63587,346
InstructorsGlobal Education FoundationCode WarriorsSDE Arts | Octavo
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