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“Learn Data Science & Machine Learning with R from A-Z” welcomes the students to the R from A to Z course on Learning Data Science and Machine Learning. Students will learn how to program in R and how to utilize R for efficient data analysis, visualization, and practical data use in this hands-on, practical course. Students will learn how to set up the software required for a statistical programming environment, as well as how to define how high-level statistical languages apply common programming language principles. Students will learn how to program in R, load data into R, access R packages, writing R functions, debug R code, profile R code, organize R code, and comment on R code.

This course is for you whether you’ve never programmed before or want to learn more about the advanced features of the R programming language. In job listings for data scientists, machine learning engineers, big data engineers, IT specialists, database developers, and many other positions, R coding experience is either necessary or encouraged. Together, you will be provided with the fundamental education you need to understand how to write R code, analyze data, and visualize it, as well as how to get paid for your newly acquired programming talents. The training covers six key topics: 1: ML Course + R Intro + DS The R programming language. Currently, udemy is offering the Learn Data Science & Machine Learning with R from A-Z for up to 87 % off i.e. INR 449 (INR 3,499).

Who Can Opt for This Course?

  • Students interested in learning about machine learning and data science

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,49987 % off
Duration28 Hours
Student Enrollment94,925 students
InstructorJuan E. Galvan
Topics Covered
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Intro Section Overview
  • Data Science + Machine Learning Marketplace
  • Data Types and Structures in R Section Overview
Course LevelN.A
Total Student Reviews1,296

Learning Outcomes

  • Become a certified consultant, data scientist, data engineer, or data analyst
  • How to create sophisticated R programs for real-world business problems
  • Learn how to manipulate, clean, process, and wrangle data
  • Learn how to plot in R (graphs, charts, plots, histograms, etc)
  • Creating a résumé and getting your first job as a data scientist
  • Practical understanding of the R programming language
  • Learn about the numerous applications of machine learning
  • Using R Shiny, you can create online dashboards and web applications
  • Learn how to manage files and data in R
  • R can be used to organize, examine, and display data
  • Discover the Tidyverse
  • Learn about operators, vectors, and lists, and how to use them
  • Visualization of data (ggplot2)
  • Web scraping and data extraction
  • Development of a whole data science stack
  • Creating unique data solutions
  • Automating the creation of dynamic reports
  • Data science for commercial use

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Data Science and Machine Learning Course Intro (27 minutes)Data Science and Machine Learning Intro Section Overview
What is Data Science?
Machine Learning Overview
Data Science + Machine Learning Marketplace
Who is This Course For?
Data Science and Machine Learning Job Opportunities
2.Getting Started with R (44 minutes)Getting Started with R
R Basics
Working with Files
R Studio
Tidyverse Overview
Additional Resources
3.Data Types and Structures in R (04 hours 56 minutes)Data Types and Structures in R Section Overview
Basic Types
Vectors Part One
Vectors Part Two
Vectors: Missing Values
Vectors: Coercion
Vectors: Naming
Vectors: Misc.
Working with Matrices
Working with Lists
Introduction to Data Frames
Creating Data Frames
Data Frames: Helper Functions
Data Frames: Tibbles
4.Intermediate R (04 hours 14 minutes)Intermedia R Section Introduction
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Conditional Statements
Working with Loops
Working with Functions
Working with Packages
Working with Factors
Dates & Times
Functional Programming
Data Import/Export
Working with Databases
5.Data Manipulation in R (05 hours 39 minutes)Data Manipulation Section Intro
Tidy Data
The Pipe Operator
{dplyr}: The Filter Verb
{dplyr}: The Select Verb
{dplyr}: The Mutate Verb
{dplyr}: The Arrange Verb
{dplyr}: The Summarize Verb
Data Pivoting: {tidyr}
String Manipulation: {stringr}
Web Scraping: {rvest}
JSON Parsing: {jsonlite}
6.Data Visualization in R (02 hours 24 minutes)Data Visualization in R Section Intro
Getting Started with Data Visualization in R
Aesthetics Mappings
Single Variable Plots
Two Variable Plots
Facets, Layering, and Coordinate Systems
Styling and Saving
7.Creating Reports with R Markdown (28 minutes)Introduction to R Markdown
8.Building Webapps with R Shiny (01 hour 31 minutes)Introduction to R Shiny
Creating A Basic R Shiny App
Other Examples with R Shiny
9.Introduction to Machine Learning (01 hour 08 minutes)Introduction to Machine Learning Part One
Introduction to Machine Learning Part Two
10.Data Preprocessing (01 hour 04 minutes)Data Preprocessing Intro
Data Preprocessing
11.Linear Regression: A Simple Model (01 hour 18 minutes)Linear Regression: A Simple Model Intro
A Simple Model
12.Exploratory Data Analysis (01 hour 28 minutes)Exploratory Data Analysis Intro
Hands-on Exploratory Data Analysis
13.Linear Regression – A Real Model (01 hour 24 minutes)Linear Regression – Real Model Section Intro
Linear Regression in R – Real Model
14.Logistic Regression (01 hour 17 minutes)Introduction to Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression in R
15.Starting A Career in Data Science (29 minutes)Starting a Data Science Career Section Overview
Creating A Data Science Resume
Getting Started with Freelancing
Top Freelance Websites
Personal Branding
Networking Do’s and Don’ts
Setting Up a Website

Resources Required

  • Simple computing abilities

Featured Review

Bharat Ratawa (5/5) : I am learning with this guy and he is just awesome tutor or say mentor to teach Language “R”. He explains simpler than the other people who teach. Thanks sir


  • Peter Stewart (5/5): Great course on the fundamentals of data science and machine learning.
  • Muhammad Hasnain (4/5): yes it was good work i have understand each and word of the video.
  • Bilal Ahmed (5/5): it’s very exciting moment for me! amazing videos with best concept
  • Nirav Patel (5/5): nice explanation what we going to do here so student think to buy or not


About the Author

The instructor of this course is Juan E. Galvan who is a Digital Entrepreneur Business Coach, with 4.5 Instructor Rating and 18,285 reviews on Udemy. He/She offers 15 Courses and has taught 513,290 students so far.

  • Juan E. Galvan background is in technology, including programming, web development, digital marketing, and e-commerce
  • Juan E. Galvan supports lifelong learning that offers the benefits of a university degree without the drawbacks of high expenses and ineffective teaching techniques

Comparison Table

ParametersLearn Data Science & Machine Learning with R from A-ZData Science Real World Projects in PythonData Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration28.5 hours9.5 hours7 hours
Rating4.8 /54.3 /54.5 /5
Student Enrollments94,92579,61764,324
InstructorsJuan E. GalvanShan SinghShan Singh
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