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The ‘Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R Course’ is created by one of the top Udemy instructors Jose Portilla. In this course, students will learn how to use the R programming language for Data Science, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. Compared to other Data Science courses on Udemy, it offers over 100 HD video lectures and detailed code notebooks for every lesson.

Originally, this course is priced between INR 2,000 to INR 3,000. Students can Enroll Now and get an exclusive discount of up to 90% off the regular price by clicking on the link.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameData Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R
Duration17 Hours
Student Enrollment84,592 students
InstructorJose Portilla
Topics CoveredR programming, advanced R features, using R data frames to solve complex tasks, using R to handle Excel files
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews15,352

Learning Outcomes

  • R Programming
  • Use R for Data Analysis
  • Create Data Visualizations
  • Use R to handle CSV, Excel, SQL files, or web scraping
  • Programming with R to manipulate data easily
  • Utilizing R for Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Make use of R for Data Science

Who all can opt for this course?

Anyone interested in becoming a Data Scientist

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Course Introduction (09 minutes)Introduction to Course
Course Curriculum
What is Data Science?
Course FAQ
2.Course Best Practices (01 minute)How to Get Help in the Course!
Welcome to the Course.
Installation and Set-Up
3.Windows Installation Set-Up (06 minutes)Windows Installation Procedure
4.Mac OS Installation Set-Up (05 minutes)Mac OS Installation Procedure

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5.Linux InstallationLinux/Unbuntu Installation Procedure
6.Development Environment Overview (21 minutes)Development Environment Overview
Course Notes
Guide to RStudio
7.Introduction to R Basics (57 minutes)Introduction to R Basics
Arithmetic in R
R Basic Data Types
Vector Basics
Vector Operations
Comparison Operators
Vector Indexing and Slicing
Getting Help with R and RStudio
R Basics Training Exercise
R Basics Training Exercise – Solutions Walkthrough
8.R Matrices (49 minutes)Introduction to R Matrices
Creating a Matrix
Matrix Arithmetic
Matrix Operations
Matrix Selection and Indexing
Factor and Categorical Matrices
Matrix Training Exercise
Matrix Training Exercises – Solutions Walkthrough
9.R Data Frames (01 hour 09 minutes)Introduction to R Data Frames
Data Frame Basics
Data Frame Indexing and Selection
Overview of Data Frame Operations – Part 1
Overview of Data Frame Operations – Part 2
Data Frame Training Exercise
Data Frame Training Exercises – Solutions Walkthrough
10.R Lists (09 minutes)List Basics
11.Data Input and Output with R (35 minutes)Introduction to Data Input and Output with R
CSV Files with R
Note on R with Excel Download
Excel Files with R
SQL with R
Web Scraping with R
12.R Programming Basics (01 hour 38 minutes)Introduction to Programming Basics
Logical Operators
if, else, and else if Statements
Conditional Statements Training Exercise
Conditional Statements Training Exercise – Solutions Walkthrough
While Loops
For Loops
Functions Training Exercise
Functions Training Exercise – Solutions
13.Advanced R Programming (46 minutes)Introduction to Advanced R Programming
Built-in R Features
Math Functions with R
Regular Expressions
Dates and Timestamps
14.Data Manipulation with R (57 minutes)Data Manipulation Overview
Guide to Using Dplyr
Guide to Using Dplyr – Part 2
Pipe Operator
Quick note on Dpylr exercise
Dplyr Training Exercise
Dplyr Training Exercise – Solutions Walkthrough
Guide to Using Tidyr
15.Data Visualization with R (01 hour 36 minutes)Overview of ggplot2
2 Variable Plotting
Coordinates and Faceting
ggplot2 Exercises
ggplot2 Exercise Solutions
16.Data Visualization Project (24 minutes)Data Visualization Project
Data Visualization Project – Solutions Walkthrough – Part 1
Data Visualization Project Solutions Walkthrough – Part 2
17.Interactive Visualizations with Plotly (09 minutes)Overview of Plotly and Interactive Visualizations
Resources for Plotly and ggplot2
18.Capstone Data Project (29 minutes)Introduction to Capstone Project
Capstone Project Solutions Walkthrough
19.Introduction to Machine Learning with R (17 minutes)ISLR PDF
Introduction to Machine Learning
20.Machine Learning with R – Linear Regression (57 minutes)Introduction to Linear Regression
Linear Regression with R – Part 1
Linear Regression with R – Part 2
Linear Regression with R – Part 3
21.Machine Learning Project – Linear Regression (40 minutes)Introduction to Linear Regression Project
ML – Linear Regression Project – Solutions Part 1
ML – Linear Regression Project – Solutions Part 2
22.Machine Learning with R – Logistic Regression (50 minutes)Introduction to Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression with R – Part 1
Logistic Regression with R – Part 2
23.Machine Learning Project – Logistic Regression (49 minutes)Introduction to Logistic Regression Project
Logistic Regression Project Solutions – Part 1
Logistic Regression Project Solutions – Part 2
Logistic Regression Project – Solutions Part 3
24.Machine Learning with R – K Nearest Neighbors (24 minutes)Introduction to K Nearest Neighbors
K Nearest Neighbors with R
25.Machine Learning Project – K Nearest Neighbors (14 minutes)Introduction K Nearest Neighbors Project
K Nearest Neighbors Project Solutions
26.Machine Learning with R – Decision Trees and Random Forests (18 minutes)Introduction to Tree Methods
Decision Trees and Random Forests with R
27.Machine Learning Project – Decision Trees and Random Forests (23 minutes)Introduction to Decision Trees and Random Forests Project
Tree Methods Project Solutions – Part 1
Tree Methods Project Solutions – Part 2
28.Machine Learning with R – Support Vector Machines (19 minutes)Introduction to Support Vector Machines
Support Vector Machines with R
29.Machine Learning Project – Support Vector Machines (23 minutes)Introduction to SVM Project
Support Vector Machines Project – Solutions Part 1
Support Vector Machines Project – Solutions Part 2
30.Machine Learning with R – K-means Clustering (14 minutes)Introduction to K-Means Clustering
K Means Clustering with R
31.Machine Learning Project – K-means Clustering (19 minutes)Introduction to K Means Clustering Project
K Means Clustering Project – Solutions Walkthrough
32.Machine Learning with R – Natural Language Processing (25 minutes)Introduction to Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing with R – Part 1
Natural Language Processing with R – Part 2
33.Machine Learning with R – Neural Nets (28 minutes)Introduction to Neural Nets
Neural Nets with R
34.Machine Learning Project – Neural Nets (11 minutes)Introduction to Neural Nets Project
Neural Nets Project – Solutions
35.Bonus SectionBonus Lecture:

Resources Required

  • Computer Access with download privileges
  • Basic Math Skills

Featured Review

Avijit D: By far the best course available on Udemy on R programming. A true gem for beginners. It has been a great leaning experience for me. The course starts with absolute basics and builds your skill gradually. All the way from Data Structures, Visualizations to advance Machine Learning concepts. It also has exercises and projects to test your newly acquired knowledge. Thank you Jose, for such an awesome course. Highly Recommended!!


  • Anonymous User: Best classes for reviewing how to use R for data analysis.
  • Andrey Cesar Vilchã: Excellent course for beginners to learn R and the basics of machine learning.
  • Nitin Sharma: 4.5 stars for an excellent course in R and an introduction to ML concepts.
  • Donald Bleyl: It would be excellent if there were optional lectures to bridge the gap between R commands and the underlying math.


  • Aditya Oad: This is worst R programming bootcamp course one can take! Instructors doesn’t\nrespond to your questions and even the lectures aren’t updated.
  • Josh Cubero: I watched 20%, hated it, now they won’t refund my money.
  • Xander Crofts: All in all, the course isn’t bad, and I appreciate Jose’s work (I learned SQL from him too).
  • Artashes Aleksanyan: The example and the data for making some analysis are very bad, which makes to hardly understand the points.

About the Author

  • The instructor of this course is Jose Portilla who is the Head of Data Science at Pierian Training.
  • With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 954,437 Reviews on Udemy, he offers 54 courses and has taught 3,052,886 students so far.
  • Jose Portilla holds a BS and MS degree in mechanical engineering from Santa Clara University, and he has years of experience working as a qualified instructor and trainer for Python programming, machine learning, and data science.
  • He has written articles and received patents in a number of disciplines, including data science, material science, and microfluidics.
  • He has acquired a set of skills for data analysis throughout the course of his career, and he wants to combine both his teaching and data science knowledge to educate others the power of programming, how to analyse data, and how to display the data in attractive visualisations.

Comparison Table

ParametersData Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with RR Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data SciencePython A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!
OffersStudents can join the course now and get an exclusive discount of up to 90% off the regular price by clicking on the link.
Registration LinkApply Now!Apply Now!Apply Now!
Duration18 hours6 hours11 hours
Student Enrollments84,59257,1921,47,419
InstructorsJose PortillaKirill EremenkoKirill Eremenko

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R: FAQs

Ques. Can I learn machine learning with R?

Ans. The finest prototype for working with machine learning models is provided by the R language. The greatest tools and library packages for machine learning applications are available in the R language. These packages can be used by developers to build the optimal pre-model and post-models for machine learning applications.

Ques. Is bootcamp worth it for data science?

Ans. Yes, data science bootcamps and courses are becoming a more wise financial decision. Enrollment at data science bootcamps, with their emphasis on focused, hands-on, immersive learning, has increased as a result of the fact that many firms now prioritise demonstrable skills and expertise over merely credentialism.

Ques. Which bootcamp is best for data science?

Ans. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R on Udemy is the best bootcamp for Data Science. The course is designed by one of the Udemy’s finest instructors Jose Portilla.

Ques. Is learning R necessary for data science?

Ans. R is crucial to data science. R is an interpreted language, thus you can run your code without using a compiler. As a result, code can be run without a compiler. R interprets the code and facilitates code development.

Ques. How to get a certificate from Udemy?

Ans. You can get a certificate of completion from Udemy after you complete a paid course. Once all of the course modules are completed, the trophy icon on the top right corner of the course preview window will change it’s color. You can click on the trophy icon and click on download icon to download the certificate in .pdf or .jpg format.

Ques. How to add the Udemy certificate to LinkedIn?

Ans. The steps to add the Udemy certificate to LinkedIn are mentioned below.

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile and click the ‘Add Profile Section’ option. From the drop down menu select ‘Licenses and Certificates’ option.
  • Click on the ‘+’ (plus) icon to add a new certificate.
  • Enter the name of the course and Udemy as issuing organization in the pop-up box.
  • Add the certificate number in the credential ID option. Credential ID is the certificate number found at the the bottom left corner of your Udemy certificate.
  • Add credential URL after credential ID. You can find the credential URL just below the credential number. Make sure to only copy the content after ‘udemy/’.
  • Save the changes.

Ques. Why Udemy course price change?

Ans. Udemy course price keeps changing to reach a wider audience. As most of the buyers are students, who cannot afford to pay the full price hence Udemy offers heavy discounts on the courses and keeps them changing over the time.

Ques. How to return courses on Udemy?

Ans. You can return the courses on Udemy from the purchase history.

  • Click on the purchase history option and click on the course that you want to return.
  • Click on the ‘request a refund’ option just below the title of the course.
  • Select the refund method. If the transaction is eligible for refund to the original payment method then choose that or else you can request refund for Udemy credits too.
  • Submit the valid reason for requesting a refund. Click on the submit button.

Ques. How to get an Udemy discount?

Ans. If you are a first time user, then you can get any Udemy courses for just INR 455. For others Udemy offers heavy discounts every now and then. They can check the official website for updates about the sales and discounts.

Ques. How to get coupons for Udemy?

Ans. You can get Udemy coupon codes either from Udemy’s official website directly or through various coupon listing pages. Udemy’s official website features multiple coupon codes during seasonal sales but for that, you need to check out the website every now and then. Coupon listing pages are another way to claim Udemy coupon codes but often they are either backdated or not applicable to Udemy’s courses.

Ques. How to get free coupons for Udemy?

Ans. You can check the coupon listing pages that offer Udemy coupons for free of cost. To check the authenticity of the coupon you can copy & paste the code and add it to your cart before checking out.

Ques. When will Udemy courses go on sale?

Ans. There is no time or event on which the Udemy courses go on sale. Udemy courses are subject to discounts & sales throughout the year.

Ques. Is Udemy certificate valid?

Ans. Yes, Udemy certificates demonstrate your accomplishments to the potential recruiters or employers. However, Udemy is not an accredited institution so Udemy certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation.

Ques. Do Udemy courses expire?

Ans. No, paid Udemy courses have a lifetime access provided you have an active Udemy account and Udemy continues to have the license for the course.

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