Best Kubernetes Courses Online in 2024

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform developed by Google. This platform along with Docker automates several processes of containerized applications like deploying, managing, and scaling. It is now maintained by the cloud native computing foundation.

Kubernetes overall is a flexible and efficient platform as it ensures deployment of applications making it easy for organizations to channel their applications in different environments. The tool ensures the reliability, security, scalability, and security of the applications and is often used in E-commerce websites, streaming services, financial trading, and gaming platforms. Also Check: Best Kubernetes courses on Udemy

Pursuing an online Kubernetes course will help to develop the basics of this skill at an affordable price and with great flexibility. There are top platforms providing Kubernetes courses online. Most of these courses are self-paced and learners can complete them at their own flexible timings.

Course NamePlatformDurationRating
The Kubernetes Masterclass – From Beginners to AdvancedUdemy2 hours 13mins3.8/5
Introduction to Kubernetes (Google Cloud Platform Specialization)Coursera6 hours4.5/5
Introduction to Kubernetes (Linux Foundation)EdX14 weeks4.5/5
Kubernetes 101Skillshare1 hour 32 mins5.0/5
A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes for Container OrchestrationFutureLearn3 weeks4.8/5
Learning KubernetesLinkedIn Learning1.5 hours4.8/5
Scalable Microservices with KubernetesUdacity4 months approx.4.9/5
Kubernetes tutorialSimplilearn3 hours4.5/5
Learn how Kubernetes helps manage containerized applications.Codecademy3 hours approx.4.8/5
Using Kubernetes as a DeveloperPluralsight13 hours4.7/5

The Kubernetes Masterclass – From Beginners to Advanced

The course will help in providing the fundamentals of Kubernetes and provide lessons on installation and configuration processes. The course has everything from learning the core concepts to understanding how the platform can help in getting efficient performance. Apart from the ones who are interested in this course, this is also a useful skill for web developers, software developers, system administrators, and solution architects.

Introduction to Kubernetes (Google Cloud Platform Specialization)

The course will develop the basics of Google Kubernetes engine and will help in creating Google Kubernetes engine clusters. The course will help understand how the applications get containerized. The course gives an overview of containers and Kubernetes and the components of the platform.

Introduction to Kubernetes (Linux Foundation)

The course involves the basic concepts of the platform and the workings of the system. The course will enable users to test new cloud patterns, help in working on the Kubernetes cluster, help in running the applications, and understand the building blocks of the platform.

Kubernetes 101

This is the perfect course for beginners, as it develops the fundamental understanding of Kubernetes, the architecture of Kubernetes is well explained in the tutorials. The course will facilitate practical learning as it will help in providing hands-on deployment, break, heal, and control updates on a simple app or application. This course is perfect, to get started with the basic understanding of Kubernetes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes for Container Orchestration

The course will cover the fundamentals providing a strong knowledge of the platform. The course will equip you to deploy applications on Kubernetes and will help you explore how the platform works on different applications. The course will also teach how multi-node Kubernetes clusters can be set up.

Learning Kubernetes

The course will help you in providing basic knowledge about the most popular open-source container engine. The course will help you with a high-level understanding of container technology and will demonstrate how a Kubernetes cluster is created. The hands-on experience will enable users to deploy a containerized application and manage the application using Kubernetes.

Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes

The course is a partnership with Google’s experts. The course is created to teach microservices using Kubernetes. The course is specially made for developers who can learn to use Kubernetes to create and manage scalable, reliable, and cloud-native applications. The course will teach you the basics of microservices architecture, it will teach you to deploy and manage microservices and monitor and troubleshoot the same. This is a well-structured course that is taught by industry experts and also provides practical exposure with hands-on experience with Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Tutorial

This is a beginner-friendly module that will teach you the benefits of using this open-source platform, the course will involve the theory part which will cover all the necessary details which are required about the platform. The users will learn how to install the platform on Ubuntu and learn to deploy, scale, and monitor the same. The course will also prepare you for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam. This is an ideal course for both the beginners and the experts who are looking to deepen their knowledge in the field.

Learn how Kubernetes helps manage containerized applications

The platform does not provide a dedicated video course, but it does provide structured learning theoretical notes that cover everything related to the fundamentals of Kubernetes and the technologies concerning it. The modules are divided into 3 parts, namely: containerization, docker, and intro to cloud computing. By going through the information provided in these modules, one can have a basic understanding of Kubernetes and its usage.

Using Kubernetes as a Developer

The course provides both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are necessary to create design, and control applications for Kubernetes. The course will equip users to use Kubernetes in software or application development processes.

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