Java Programming Masterclass Updated to Java 17 course can be considered a complete online Java programming course that can train students in core Java skills and help them grab a position in any reputable MNCs as junior Java developers. The courses are usually available at INR 3,499 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get Java Programming Masterclass Updated to Java 17 Course for INR 455.

The Java Programming Masterclass Course has got everything covered from scratch and could be quite helpful for those, who don’t have advanced programming or Java skills.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the core Java skills needed to apply for Java developer positions in just 14 hours.
  • Be able to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam if you choose.
  • Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Java to future employers.
  • Learn industry “best practices” in Java software development from a professional Java developer who has worked in the language for 18 years.
  • Acquire essential Java basics for transitioning to the Spring Framework, Java EE, Android development, and more.
  • Obtain proficiency in Java 8 and Java 11.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameJava Programming Masterclass Updated to Java 17
Duration101 hours
Student Enrollment7.48 lakhs
InstructorTim Buchalka
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginner (Basic Installation & Setup Java IDE, Plugins, OOPs, Java Collections Framework, etc.)
Coding ExercisesYes
Total Student Reviews1.75 lakhs
  • In-depth knowledge of coding and programming language and beginner-friendly course.
  • Lots of animated videos and visualizations to easily understand and grasp the concepts.
  • Comprehensive study material along with online tests to keep a regular check on the practice.
  • Content needs to be updated with advanced concepts of coding like data structures.
  • Not enough focus on algorithms.

Course Content

1.Course Introduction (17 minutes)What is Java, Why Java
2.Software Tools Setup (37 minutes)Software Tools Introduction
Installing JDK 11 and IntelliJ IDEA for Windows
Installing JDK 11 and Intellij IDEA for MAC
3.First Steps (2 hours 47 minutes)Printing Hello World
4.Java Tutorials: Expressions, Statements, Code Blocks, Methods, and More (3 hours 23 minutes)Data Variables, Conditional Operators, and Print Statement
Defining the Main Method
Statements and Code Blocks
5.Control Flow Statements (2 hours 57 minutes)Switch-Case Statement
For Loop and While Loop
Do-While Loop
6.OOPS Part 1: Classes, Constructors & Inheritance (2 hours 36 minutes)Introduction to Classes
Introduction to Constructors
Introduction to Inheritance
7.OOPS Part 2: Composition, Encapsulation & Polymorphism (2 hours 20 minutes)Introduction to Composition
Introduction to Encapsulation
Introduction to Polymorphism
8.Arrays, Java Inbuilt Lists, Autoboxing & Unboxing (5 hours 49 minutes)In-Built Arrays and Lists
9.Inner and Abstract Classes & Interfaces (3 hours 3 minutes)Interfaces
Abstract Classes
Interfaces vs Abstract Classes
10.Java Generics (1 hour 5 minutes)What is a Generic Class
How to create a Generic class in Java
11.Naming Conventions and Packages, Static and Final Keyword (2 hours 31 minutes)Naming Conventions
Access Modifiers
What is Static Keyword and how to use it
What is Final Keyword and how to use it
12.Challenges for the above-learned concepts
13.Java Collections (6 hours 36 minutes)Introductions to Data Structures and Algos
Binary Search, Sorting Algorithms, Maps and Collections.
Immutable Classes
Sets and HashSet
Tree and Heaps
14.JavaFX (10 hours 6 minutes)JDK11 Global Library Configuration
Types of Layouts
Sliders and Radio Buttons
Threads, Singletons, Add DialogPane, Show Dialog and Add Controller Code, etc
15.Challenges to Data Structures
16.Basic Input and Output including Java.util (8 hours 22 minutes)Understanding Java.util
Taking inputs through Java.util
17.Concurrency in Java (5 hours 26 minutes)Runnable and Threads
The Java.util Concurrent package
Livelock Example and Slipped Conditions
18.Lambda Expressions (3 hours 11 minutes)Lambda Expressions Introduction
Scope and Functional Programming
Streams – Intermediate and Terminal Operations
19.Regular Expressions (1 hour 54 minutes)Regular Expressions Introduction
Quantifiers and the Pattern and Matcher classes
And, Or & Not
20.Debugging and Unit Testing (2 hours 46 minutes)Version Control Using Git and the Command Line
GitHub and Remote Repositories
21.Databases (7 hours 40 minutes)Install and Setup SQLite for Windows
Install and Setup SQLite for MAC
22.Java Network Programming (2 hours 24 minutes)Networking Overview
Multi-Threading and Timeouts
23.Java 9 Module System (14 minutes)Module Declarations and Statements
24.Migrating Java Projects to Java 9 (1 hour 5 minutes)Project Setup and Test
Creating the Module Descriptor file
Transitive Dependencies
25.Course Remaster in Progress (2 hours 26 minutes)Challenges on the above material
26.Archived Video (31 minutes)Old JavaFX Introduction Video for JDK 8
27.Extra Information (19 minutes)Source Code and other Stuff

Resources Required

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux machine to download and run all the Programming Software
  • Stable Internet Connection.
  • Latest Version of Windows or macOS.

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Comparison Table

ParametersUdemy Java Programming Masterclass Updated to Java 17Java Spring Tutorial Master Class – Learn Spring Framework 5Spring and Hibernate for Beginners
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration101 hours45 hours41 hours
Student Enrollments7.48 lakhs35 Thousand2.4 Lakhs
InstructorsTim BuchalkaTim BuchalkaChat Darby
Topics CoveredSoftware Tools Setup, Control Flow Statements, Java GenericsSpring MVC, Boot 2 introduction, Lombok introductionXML Configuration, Spring Bean Scope and Life Cycles
Coding ExercisesNoNoYes
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for the complete Java programming masterclass course.

  • Rafael S. (5.0/5) “I’m really learning a LOT. To be honest some topics are extensive, and sometimes too heavy on detail (and a bit boring at first), but if you insist, Tim always finds a way to make it interesting again. On a swiffer version of the course I would leave JavaFx out, or would narrow it down to a couple of classes for all components leaving the TodoList Tuto as optional. But that’s me. Anyway, I’m loving it!”
  • Abdulraoof (5.0/5) “The course is overwhelming, long, but I would say it is worth it. It’s quite broad, a lot of topics touch on the surface, so you will need to do some extensive work along with the course, and that’s a part of the study process.”
  • Mohan K. (5.0/5) “I have completed the course today. Thanks Tim and team for an excellent course which I loved and enjoyed while reading. It helped me a lot in my career. I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Java.”
  • Kristiyan G. (5.0/5) “As a complete beginner to programming I landed an internship at a fortune 500 company by learning Java through this course. The videos are masterfully done, never run too long and are packed with information, so I recommend rewatching complete sections and putting your own twist on the challenge exercises.”
  • Glenlee P. A. (5.0/5) “It was good and excellent. The coding experience was great. I learned many things. I just find it difficult and challenging in the coding exercise field. My code was perfectly running in the IntelliJ application but unfortunately, I always get errors when I put my codes in the coding exercise field in the course. It took me hours to find errors and bugs.”
  • Andres Enrique P. (4.0/5) “Well, this course was definitely very informative, it taught me the basics of many concepts, having little Java knowledge prior to taking this course. I definitely feel like the remaster is necessary, as the contents are starting to get old, and even though most of it is of quality, it still doesn’t feel right when you realize it’s been a pretty long time.”
  • Vishnu K. (4.0/5) “Course was a little long but very insightful and I learned a lot about Java, its syntax and new libraries that I can use.”
  • Robert K. (4.0/5) “It was a great Java course – it took me around 4 months to finish it and luckily, these were intensive 4 months.”
  • Henry C. (3.0/5) “The first half of the course was understandable, but the later sections felt too long and could have been split into smaller and easier to understand parts.”
  • Vishnu K. (3.0/5) “The first few sections are great but after the OOP sections the course unfortunately goes downhill. The more advanced concepts aren’t explained that well, and it could do with improvement by implementing some slides to visually explain the concepts better. The challenges are also very broad and difficult to interpret.”

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Java Programming Masterclass Updated to Java 17: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The course is originally priced at INR 3,499 but currently, it is available for INR 455.

Ques. Does Java certification expire?

Ans. No, the version that you are certified with is always valid.

Ques. What is the best Java course on Udemy?

Ans. Java Programming Masterclass covering Java 11 & Java 17 is the best Java course on Udemy and has a rating of 4.5 with more than 7 lakh student enrollments.

Ques. Do Udemy Java courses get outdated?

Ans. No, the course does not get outdated. It gets updated in a while to meet the changes and developments in the field.

Ques. Can I become a professional Java expert after completing the course from Udemy?

Ans. Udemy Java certification is a perk and can be added to your CV under the personal skill enhancement section. It can not directly provide jobs but in your professional career, they give an edge and are proof of your skills and knowledge in the area.

Ques. How do I get Udemy free Java course?

Ans. There are various Udemy free Java courses on the Udemy official website, but they just offer introductory video tutorials without any Udemy Java certification. You can search for Udemy free Java courses on Google. Also, many instructors post free coupons for the courses on Udemy Facebook groups. You can check it and join the courses for free if you want using the coupons.

Ques. Are there any Udemy free Java courses with certificates?

Ans. There are no Udemy free Java courses with certificates. Udemy’s official website features free Java courses with video lectures. To access a Udemy Java certification, you need to pay the total course fees.


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