“Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!” is a course suitable for all levels of learners, however, it gives more emphasis to beginners in Java programming. Those who want to start learning Java programming or are new to the field and want to advance their skills can pursue the course. The courses are usually available at INR 3299 on Udemy but you can click now to get 88% off and get Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer for INR 455.

The course is designed in a comprehensive manner in integration with design principles, practices, and instructor-led Java EE projects to help in pursuing a career in Java programming.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 455 (INR 3,299) 88% off
Duration67 hours
Student Enrollment1,08,169
InstructorDheeru Mundluru
Topics CoveredJava Programming, Java EE, OOP, Design Principles, Functional style Programming
Course Level (Resources Required)Complete Beginner (Installation of various tools, basic computer skills)
Total Student Reviews19,369
  • Complete beginner’s level course well compiled and interpreted.
  • Covering in-depth topics such as language basics, object-oriented concepts, designs, JVM internals, etc.
  • A good introduction to Java EE technologies for project implementation such as JSP, Servlets, and JSTL.
  • Best practices and Design principles are necessary for writing well-designed code.
  • Coding exercises and quizzes were challenging with auto-evaluated solutions.
  • The topics covered are vast.
  • The course is beginners friendly and is not suitable for everyone, especially those java programmers with advanced knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of core & advanced features of Java including JVM internals
  • Master design principles, best practices, and coding conventions for writing well-designed, professional Java code
  • Get real-world experience by developing an instructor-led Java EE-based Web application using technologies like JSP, Servlets and MySQL
  • Set a firm foundation in Java for the rest of your career. That’s a promise!
  • Master Object-Oriented Programming concepts by using a real-world application as a case study
  • Master Exceptions, IO, Collections Framework, Generics, Multi-threading, Databases, etc. with best practices
  • Solid understanding of Functional-style Programming using Java 8 constructs like Lambdas & Streams
  • Set yourself up to become an Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (1Z0-808)

Course Content

Sl No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Course Introduction (27 min)Course Structure, Guidance, Terms of Service, and copyright
2.Java: A High-level Overview (2 hr 47 min)History of Java, Compilation, Interpreter, Java Virtual Machine, etc
Overview of Java SE, Installing JDK 17 on windows, mac, Linux, etc
Writing Java Programs, Chapter Quiz, Q&N
3.Classes, Objects and their Members (7 h4 32 min)Class & Member, Java basics, Declaring & Re-initializing Variables, Creating a Class with Variables, etc
Primitive types, Integer Literal Formats, Floating-point Pitfalls, etc
Character Data Type, Type Casting, Object References, etc
Statements, Arrays, 2D arrays, 3D arrays, Methods & their types, etc
4.Method Building Blocks: Operators & Control-flow Statements (4 hr 41 min)Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Arithmetic Operation Rules, etc
Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Car Price Estimators, Bitwise Operators, etc
Control flow, if statement, More for Statement, Recursion, etc
5.Packages, Strings, and Information, Hiding, Design Principle (3 hr 15 min)Java API, Accessing Packages, Creating Packages, Classpath Management, Naming Packages, etc
Access Levels, Strings, String Pool & Interning, String Immutability, String Concatenation, etc
Information Hiding, Minimising Accessibility of Classes & Members
6.Programming with Eclipse IDE (1 hr 10 min)Installing Eclipse, Writing Java programs with eclipse, Eclipse Build Process, etc
Importing Demo Code, Source Code Navigation, Automatic Source Code Cleaning, Generation
7.More java.lang & Coding Conventions (2 hr 22 min)Initializers: Static & Instance, final Variable, Constant Variable, Boxed Primitives, Static Factory Methods, Autoboxing, etc
Coding Conventions, Naming Classes, Methods, Variables, Structuring Programs, etc
8.Case Study: A Social Bookmarking Application (15 min)thrill.io; A social policymaking app, a Case study
9.Serious OOP: Inheritance & Polymorphism (2 hr 23 min)Access Modifiers & Inheritance, HMS, Polymorphism, Casting Objects & instance of Operator, Type safety, etc
Method Overriding, Method Binding, What is Not Overridden, Object Class, Constructor Chaining, Preventing Inheritance, etc
10.More Serious OOP: Abstract Classes & Interfaces (2 hr 42 min)thrill.io for Kids, Abstract Classes & Methods, Class Hierarchies, Sharing Bookmarks, etc
Multiple Inheritance & Diamond Problem, Interfaces, More on Interfaces
Marker Interfaces, Cloneable Interfaces, default Methods (Java 8), Static Methods in Interfaces, etc
11.Debugging Java Programs & Unit Testing with JUnit (36 min)Using Eclipse Debugger, JUnit & Debugging
12.Project: Implementing a Social Bookmarking App (2 hr 42 min)Project Introduction, MVC Architecture, Implementing Entities, Manager Classes, Constant Exporting Classes, Data Store, etc
Launching the Application, Implementing User Bookmarking Feature, Kid-Friendly Bookmark, and Sharing Feature
13.JVM Internals (3 hr 4 min)A lifetime of a Type, Class Loading, Linking, Reflection, Accessing Class Object
Runtime Data Areas, Method Area & Heap, Method Table, GC Algorithm, Cycle, Eliminating Obsolete Object References, Stack, etc
14.Exceptions with Best Practices (2 hr 14 min)Exceptions & Exception Handling, Multiple Exceptions, Polymorphically Referencing Exceptions, Checked & Unchecked Exceptions, etc
Block, Statement, Suppressed Exceptions, Creating new acceptions, Assertions, etc
15.Input-Output (2 hr 45 min)Character Encoding, Stream IO, Byte Streams, Oriented Files Efficiently, Character Streams, Reading & Writing Text Efficiently, etc
Project Extension, Downloading WebLinks, Writing to Disk, The File Class, Serialise Java Objects, Deserialization & Versioning
16.Collections Framework (aka Data Structure) (4 hr 49 min)Collection Interface, List Interface, ArrayList, Iterator, Queue & Deque Interfaces, ArrayDeque, etc
Hash Table, Set Interface & HashSet , LinkedHashSet, SortedSet & NavigableSet, TreeSet
Map Interface, HashMap, LinkedHashMap, Arrays Class, Collections Class, etc
17.Generics (3hr 18 min)Generic & Parameterized Types, Creating Generic Types, Replacing Arrays using ArrayLists, etc
Bounded Type Parameter, Bounded & Unbounded Wildcard, Invariance
Generic Methods, and Generics Restrictions
18.Nested Classes (1 hr 24 min)Nonstatic Member Classes, Anonymous Classes, Local Classes, Static Member Classes, Variable Scope, etc
19.Enums (57 min)enums: Motivation & Introduction
Enum Class, State & Behaviour, Nested enums, Convert Constant Exporting Classes to enums
20.Concurrency (aka Multi-threading) (5 hr)Threads, Launching Threads, Naming, Prioritisation, Joining, Race Condition, Synchronisation
Java Memory Model, Volatile Variables, Atomic Variables, Thread Cooperation, Management
Wait & notify, Thread Interruption, Explicit Locks, Concurrency, Executor Framework, Executor Service & Future, etc
21.Date & Time API (1 hr 12 min)Background – epoch, UTC, Timezone, Legacy API, New Date & Time API, Implementing Flight Booking Feature
22.Database Implementation & JDBC API (2 hr 56 min)Database Introduction, Installing MySQL Database & Workbench, Database Design & Normalisation, Creating Database
Installing JDBC Driver, Writing SELECT Queries, Loading Data from Database, Saving Bookmarking Data, ALTER Query, Saving Kid-Friendly Details
23.Functional-style Programming ~ Lambdas & streams (5 hr 1 min)Functional-style Programming, Lambdas, Capturing Variables, (Bi) Functions, Unary Operator Interfaces, etc
Method References, Constructor References, Streams, Slicing a Stream, Stream Matching Operations, Stream Finding Operations, Optional Class, Stream Reduction Operations
Grouping Stream Elements, Summarising Groups, Generating Multi-level Groups, etc
24.Introduction to Java EE & Web-enabling Project (4 hr 15 min)Web Basics, Java EE & Servlet Containers, Installing Tomcat, Creating & Deploying Web Application using Servlets
Servlet Life Cycle, Implementing BooksAloha, Using JSTL, Web-enabling thrill.io Project
Implementing Browse Functionality, Bookmarking & MyBooks Functionality, Logic Functionality, JAR Files
25.The End (5 min)Bonus: Steps to follow for becoming Full-Stack Java Developer

Resources Required

  • Stable internet connection.
  • Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.
  • Installation of various tools.

Comparison Table

ParametersJava In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!The Complete Java Certification CourseThe Complete Java Development Bootcamp
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,299) 88% offINR 455 (INR 3,299) 88% offINR 455 (INR 3,299) 88% off
Duration67 Hours17.5 Hours27 Hours
Student Enrollments1,08,16974,32933,622
InstructorsDheeru MundluruImtiaz AhmadLearn The Part Inc, Rayan Slim, Jad Slim, Jose Portilla
LevelAll levelsAll levelsAll levels
Topics CoveredJava Programming, Java EE, OOP, Design Principles, Functional style Programming, etcBasics of Java, Methods, Object Orientation, String, Nested Loops, Debugging, JAR Files, JDBC, etcJava Fundamentals, Variables, Booleans, Conditionals, Loops, Arrays, OOPs, Exception Handling, Debugging, etc
Coding ExercisesYesNoNo
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Students Reviews

Here are a few student reviews for ‘Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!’ given below.

  • Surinder (5.0/5) “This course is awesome. I think one should take this course who wants to create his/her career in Java. Everything is explained in an awesome way. So a beginner can also take advantage of this course. In my opinion, anyone can take this course. I want to say thank you to Mr. Dheeru Mundluru for creating this awesome course.”
  • Tushara N (5.0/5) “It was a good session to learn new things about JVM. Thank you for supporting me.”
  • Vijay A (5.0/5) “Fantastic! There are some key areas where the trainer’s pace is a bit high to digest the things but it’s really not a problem since there is a pace reduction option for the player.”
  • Sravan E (5.0/5) “Best Java course ever! Thank you Dheeru Mundluru for providing this course in great detail. It helped me a lot to improve the depth of my knowledge of Java. Please make more and more courses that provide a lot of value to students.”
  • Medan B (4.5/5) “The greatest course I ever had in a programming language: Good material, deep explanations, coverage of advanced topics”
  • Tanishq G (4.5/5) “I believe the course is fantastic and extremely thorough. Although, particular sections (such as the JVM architecture) seem niche, theory-intensive, and quite detailed. While the content itself is relatively clear, I am unsure as to whether or not this information will be extremely useful.”
  • Manipal (4.5/5) “It’s more detailed than I expected it to be. Concepts were thought from scratch which is what I liked the most. The drawback I would say is that most are done in a single project file but I prefer them to be in different files for better understanding.”
  • Christian Noé Herrera O (4.0/5) “A very complete course, it has everything you need for reinforcing java knowledge, excellent explanation, demos, coding exercises, and extra resources and recommendations. My only complaint is the subtitles in Spanish are confusing but with a good English level everything is understandable”
  • Alex V (3.5/5) “Transcripts are inaccurate, some words are a bit hard to understand and when I look at the transcript it says something out of context that has nothing to do with the lessons, and this happens in most of the lessons. I do find the course really helpful and I feel I’m learning a lot, but I’m afraid I might still miss some valuable information due to that reason”
  • Arpit B (3.0/5) “Could have provided more coding-related questions of Core Java sections to get a good grip. It came down to more of a theoretical course and having coding questions would have helped students get a good grasp over codes too.”

Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The original price of the course was INR 3299 but currently, however, it is available for only INR 455 currently.

Ques. What will I learn in the course?

Ans. Through this course, one will be able to learn about Java Programming, Java EE, OOP, Design Principles, Functional style Programming, and many more required to become a java engineer.

Ques. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The course has a total duration of 6 hours.

Ques. Is there a certification from Udemy?

Ans. Yes, upon completing the course, you will be provided a certificate of completion from Udemy.

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. The course is rated 3.8 out of 5.

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, you will have lifetime access to this course on mobile or TV.

Ques. Is there any coding exercises provided in the course?

Ans. Yes, there are 15 coding exercises provided in the course.

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