Best Java Courses Online in 2023

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November 22, 2023

Java is a popular programming language that is used for backend web development, desktop applications, mobile applications, and so on. Java is an emerging course being offered by prestigious institutes and universities. Java can be studied online as a specialisation or as part of a web development course. A web development course would also cover programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and React.

Online courses in Java offer students the ideal opportunity to learn Java and its concepts while advancing their programming and application development careers. Java developers are in high demand due to the numerous companies that employ them for various tasks. Students with Java certificates can professionally demonstrate their abilities to potential employers, allowing them to stand out from competitors. 

Many online courses are being offered in Java. The top online Java courses offered on leading platforms are mentioned in the table below: 

Java Programming and Software Engineering SkillsCoursera6 months4.6/5
Java Programming FundamentalsedX6 weeks4.6/5
Complete Java MasterclassUdemyVariable(self-paced) course4.6/5
Java Fundamentals: The Java LanguagePluralsight5 hours4.5/5
Learn JavaCodeacademySelf-paced4.4/5
Learning- Java Essential TrainingLinkedIn4 Hours4.3/5
Java BasicsTreeHouse2 hours4.2/5
Java Fundamentals: The Core PlatformPluralsight6 hours4.2/5
Java Developer NanodegreeUdacity3 months4.5/5

Coursera – Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

This course covers Java programming and software engineering fundamentals, including Java syntax, object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. It includes hands-on coding assignments and projects. The program offers in-demand skills from various industry experts. 

Join Now: Coursera – Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

edX – Java Programming Fundamentals

This course on edX teaches the basics of Java programming and software engineering concepts. It covers the basic mechanisms of the OOP paradigms, compiling and running various Java applications and designing algorithms. 

Join Now: edX – Java Programming Fundamentals

Udemy – Java Programming Masterclass: Learn from Scratch

The Java Programming Masterclass on Udemy is a comprehensive course suitable for beginners and advanced learners. It teaches Java Collections like Array List, Linked List and Hash Set. Alongside, it includes learning Generics, accessing specifiers, Multithreading works in Java and solve complex coding challenges. 

Join Now: Udemy – Java Programming Masterclass: Learn from Scratch

Codecademy – Learn Java

Codecademy’s interactive course is beginner-friendly, with hands-on coding exercises and quizzes. It covers Java syntax, data types, and basic programming principles, making it ideal for newcomers to Java. 

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LinkedIn Learning – Java Essential Training

The LinkedIn Learning – Java Essential Training course provides an in-depth overview of the Java programming language. It covers all of the fundamental Java concepts, such as variables and data types, operators and expressions, control flow statements, methods and classes, object-oriented programming, collections, exceptions, and I/O.

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Treehouse – Java Basics

Treehouse’s “Java Basics” course offers a beginner-friendly approach to Java programming. No prior programming experience is required to pursue this course. It includes writing programs in Java language, basic data types to store, and using conditional and looping to control the different program flow. 

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Pluralsight – Java Fundamentals: The Core Platform

This Pluralsight course dives into Java’s core platform features. It covers Java’s libraries, packages, and how to build robust Java applications with a focus on practical coding. Pluralsight’s course offers a concise introduction to the Java language. This Java fundamentals course covers the entire Java programming language, providing a solid language foundation required for any Java-based development environment. 

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Udacity – Java Developer Nanodegree

The Udacity Java Developer Nanodegree program is an advanced course that covers Java development, including web and Android app development. It includes real-world projects and personalised feedback.

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