The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart is a complete beginner mobile app development course. The course helps in learning how to build android and iOS mobile apps using Dart and Flutter. The courses are usually available at INR 3,399 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart Course for INR 455.

The course helps in becoming proficient in Flutter and helps candidates kickstart their profession as a Flutter Developer. The Complete 2023 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart on Udemy by Dr. Angela Yu also helps to understand the basic concepts of Flutter Development used in mobile app development using Dart.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build beautiful, fast and native-quality apps with Flutter
  • Become a fully-fledged Flutter developer
  • Build iOS and Android apps with just one codebase
  • Build iOS and Android apps using just one programming language (Dart)
  • Build a portfolio of beautiful Flutter apps to impress any recruiter
  • Understand all the fundamental concepts of Flutter development
  • Become proficient in one of the fastest-growing technologies

Course Highlight

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameThe Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart
Duration28.5 Hours
Student Enrollment1.67 lakhs
InstructorDr. Angela Yu (Lead Instructor at the London App Brewery)
Course Level (Resources Required)Beginners
Coding ExercisesYes
Total Student Reviews0.48 lakhs
  • Apt for beginners who do not have any knowledge about Flutter
  • The instructor is motivating and explains topics in a detailed manner
  • The course helps in building the base for Flutter App Development
  • Some of the sections and topics are outdated and need an update.
  • Some of the students’ queries are not answered timely
  • There should be a quiz or a test after every module

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Introduction to Cross-Platform Development with Flutter and Dart (39 Minutes)Introduction
What is Flutter
Why Flutter
The Anatomy of a Flutter App
2.Setup and installation (1 Hour 18 Minutes)Setup and Installing Flutter in Windows and Mac
3.How to Create Flutter Apps from the Scratch (59 Minutes)Creating a New Flutter Project from Scratch
A quick note about Hot Reload
Scaffolding a Flutter App
Working with Assets in Flutter & the Pubspec file
How to Add App Icons to the iOS and Android Apps
4.Running the App on a Device (26 Minutes)Deploying Your Flutter Apps to a Physical Device
Deploying Flutter Apps to an Android Phone
Deploying Flutter Apps to iPhones/iPads
Habit Building with the Calendar Trick
5.MiCard – How to Build Beautiful UIs with Flutter Widgets (1 hour 35 Minutes)MiCard – A Single Screen Personal Business Card App
Flutter Power Tools
How to Use Container, Column & Row Widgets
Tapping into Widget Properties
Incorporating Custom Fonts in Your Flutter App
Adding Material Icons with the Icon Widget
Flutter Card & ListTile Widgets
6.Dicee – Building Apps with State (1 hour 43 Minutes)Dicee – A Stateful Dice App
Using the Expanded Widget to Create Flexible Layouts
How to Use Intention Actions
Adding Gesture Detection with Flutter Button Widgets
Functions, Variables, Data Types
Making the Dice Image Change Reactively
7.Xylophone – Using Flutter & Dart Packages to Speed up Development (1 Hour 30 Minutes)Xylophone – A Simple Musical Instrument App
What are Flutter & Dart Packages
How to Play Sound Across Platforms
How to Play Multiple Sounds
Updating the UI of the App
Refactoring Our App
Arrow Functions
8.Quizzler – Modularizing and Organising Flutter Code (2 Hours 45 Minutes)Building a True or False Quiz App
Building a Score Keeper
Lists, Conditionals, Classes and Objects, and Class Constructors in Dart
9.BMI Calculator – Building Flutter UI for Intermediates (4 Hours 27 Minutes)Creating a Health App
How to use Flutter Themes
How to Refactor Flutter Widgets
Creating Custom Flutter Widgets
The GestureDetector Widget
Final vs. Const, Enums, Ternary Operator, Functions as First Order Objects in Dart
The Flutter Slider Widget
Customising Widgets with Themes
Designing the Result Page
Adding the BMI Calculator Functionality
10.Powering your Flutter App with Live Web Data (3 Hours 18 Minutes)Building a Weather App
Getting Location Data From Across Platforms
Stateful Widget Lifecycle Methods
Exception Handling & Null Aware Operators
Async/Await Challenge
11Projects and Challenges

Resources Required

  • Have 10GB of free space on your hard drive.
  • All software used is free to download and install.
  • Students can build iOS apps on a Windows computer with Flutter, but if they want to test it, they will need a Mac.

Comparison Table

ParametersThe Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with DartDart and Flutter: The Complete Developer’s GuideFlutter & Dart – The Complete Guide [2023 Edition]
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration28.5 Hours31 Hours42 Hours
Student Enrollments1.67 lakhs0.24 Lakhs0.47 Lakhs
InstructorsDr. Angela YuStephen GriderMaximilian Schwarzmüller
LevelBeginnersIntermediate (Javascript, Java, Python, or similar knowledge is required)Intermediate (Basic programming language knowledge is helpful)
Topics CoveredFlutter, Dart, Web Development, App DevelopmentRxDart, Animations, Flutter DocumentationFlutter SDK & Flutter Framework, App Development
Coding ExercisesYesNoNo
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Student Reviews

Check out the student reviews for the Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart course.

  • Derek D. (5.0/5) “This is a fantastic course for anyone looking to get into Flutter Development. I started this course two months before taking a mobile app development course at my college (Spring 2022) and I was MORE than prepared for the course content.”
  • Udemy User(5.0/5) “This course provides a very strong and wide base to start with Flutter. The instructor has an amazing skill set to motivate you and to keep you focusing on lectures. A great way in which the material is organized is that lessons are never too long (max around 20-25 minutes) and that makes it easier to listen and reproduce what she is doing. Highly suggested.”
  • Aryak R. (5.0/5) “This is one of the best course on Flutter out there. As usual Dr. Angela Yu has made a course which takes you from a complete beginner to understanding all the concepts with projects to include in your portfolio.”
  • John T. (5.0/5) “Dr. Yu’s courses are top-notch and this is no exception. Some of the material needs updating but students have placed helpful hints in the Q&A to address anything not covered. This is a good course, particularly for those who have some fundamental programming knowledge.”
  • Patryk B. (5.0/5) “It was a very nice journey through Flutter solid basics including animation, cloud backend, WEB API, and many more. All well explained, oft with the help of colorful analogies. It was a real pleasure to experience this adventure. Angela, I want to thank You for this course – great Job! I’m sure, You’re not only a good programmer, but also a very good teacher – thanks a lot again :-)”
  • Mu (4.5/5) “Yes, there are a number of outdated features in this course (i.e. deprecated buttons, body1 instead of bodyText1, “Your Flutter application is created using an older version of the Android embedding.” BUT Angela is such a great instructor that the course still warrants a 4.5 from me. Because the course has not been updated for the latest version of Flutter, you will hit a few bumps along the way. If you know to expect these and look upon them as good reasons to dig into StackOverflow and the course Q & A (where other students have provided invaluable help) you will be fine. It’s still an exceptional course – great pacing, well explained, very listenable, and interesting projects. If it was updated to the latest version, it would be a very solid 5/5.”
  • Andrew R. (4.0/5) “This course was really good, especially for a novice with no developer background. Things with flutter have been updated since though and parts of the course haven’t been updated in line with them so some parts of the course will require help from the Q&A &/or Stack Overflow to resolve.”
  • Martin K. (4.0/5) “It was a great match, Angela is a fantastic teacher. Only Section 16 was somewhat disappointing… why not store the task list on Firebase and build on Section 15? Or why not store them in a local database? Plus, the title of the course is misleading, since the content is obviously from 2018/2019 and NOT from 2021! Could use an update. But I managed to convert all projects to null-safety and the latest packages and through that process learned to work through these kinds of issues – which is also a great skill to have. Still, it will scare off a lot of less dedicated students.”
  • Red C. (3.0/5) “I love Flutter and enjoyed this course so much except for when I had to deal with outdated parts, at first I gave this course 5 stars until I wasted hours to fix outdated stuff. But it’s a 5 stars course for sure if it gets an update. You can learn everything from the very beginning with it.”
  • Derrick T. (3.0/5) “Overall, I thought the course was very good. I started the course not knowing anything about flutter/dart, and now I am able to create apps using those skills. It was, however, very frustrating how out of date the course is. There were countless times when the given code no longer worked or the lesson in the video was no longer relevant. I understand that programming languages are always changing and evolving but either the course needs to be kept up to date or the fact that it is out of date should be reflected in the title and/or description..”

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The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart: FAQs

Ques. What is the fee for the course?

Ans. The course is originally priced at INR 3,399 but currently, it is available for INR 455.

Ques. What will I learn in the course?

Ans. You will learn Flutter from scratch. The course also teaches how to code using Dart and build attractive, fast, top-quality iOS and Android applications.

Ques. What is the duration of the course?

Ans. The duration of the course is 28.5 hours.

Ques. Is there a certification from Udemy?

Ans. Yes, you will get a certificate of completion from Udemy.

Ques. What is the rating?

Ans. It is rated 4.6 out of 5.

Ques. Do I have lifetime access to this course?

Ans. Yes, you can access this course for a lifetime on mobile or TV.

Ques. Can I access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV?

Ans. Yes, you can access the course on mobile devices, laptops, and TV.

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