Best Finance Courses Online in 2023

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November 22, 2023

Finance is a field with possibilities and high earning potential. Finance careers are steady despite recessions or economic downturns. This consistency is most likely because, even under bad financial situations, businesses and people must manage their cash flow more closely than ever before.

Finance subject covers a wide range of topics such as Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Accounting, Stock Market, Public Finance, etc. Online Finance courses are the best way to acquire and master the Finance subject. Online courses are tailored according to the student’s needs and are taught by industry professionals.

With hundreds of platforms and possibilities available online, it might be difficult to select an online Finance course that meets one’s needs. This page includes a list of the greatest finance courses online, as well as crucial course data, to assist hopefuls in selecting a relevant course.

Course PlatformDurationRating
Introduction to Finance and Accounting SpecializationCoursera1 month4.4/5
Introduction to Corporate FinanceCoursera7 hours4.6/5
Finance for Non-Financial ProfessionalsCoursera6 hours4.6/5
Financial MarketsCoursera3 weeks4.8/5
Foundations of FinanceedX5 weeks4.5/5
Financial Market AnalysisedX7 weeks4.6/5
Finance EssentialsedX6 weeks4.2/5
Financial AccountingedX12 weeks4.2/5
Getting Started in Finance and AccountingLinkedin Learning10 hour  –
Corporate Finance FoundationsLinkedin Learning1 hour 25 min4.8/5

Introduction to Finance and Accounting Specialization

Coursera offers the ‘Introduction to Finance and Accounting Specialization’.This specialization provides an introduction to corporate finance and accounting, emphasizing how these concepts are applied to a variety of real-world scenarios, including financial intermediation, corporate decision-making, personal finance, and how managerial incentives and accounting standards affect financial reporting. This course also teaches you how to evaluate alternative claims and make better financial decisions by discounting and compounding random cash flow streams. 

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Introduction to Corporate Finance

The ‘Introduction to Corporate Finance’ course on Coursera gives a quick overview of finance concepts, stressing their application to a wide range of real-world circumstances including personal finance, business decision-making, and financial intermediation. 

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Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

This course offered by Coursera is for Non-Financial professionals. This course will influence your financial decisions and teach you how to influence the profitability of your unit and the overall success of your organization. This course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of finance and accounting topics that will help you drive the success of your firm. The course content comprises selected areas of finance from the standpoint of a non-financial specialist. Financial analysis, planning, forecasting, budgeting, cash flow, and strategic finance are some specific subjects covered in the course. 

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Financial Markets

The ‘Financial Markets’ is one of the highest-rated finance courses offered by Coursera. This course will give you an understanding of the concepts, methods, and structures that allow human civilization to manage risks and develop business.  The emphasis of this course is mostly on financial leadership skills. 

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Foundations of Finance

The ‘Foundations of Finance’ Course is offered by edX. This course gives a rigorous but simple introduction to the fundamental ideas of financial understanding. Through the use of timely knowledge checks, real-world case studies, practitioner interviews, and problem-solving techniques, you will be able to integrate your newly acquired knowledge with practical application. There are no prerequisites for taking this course. You will learn about money and capital, cash flows and cash flow forecasting, financial reporting, risk, and risk management in this course.

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Financial Market Analysis

In this ‘Financial Market Analysis’ course offered by edX, you will learn how to price different types of bonds, compute different metrics of bond yields, and compare them across different types of instruments through hands-on demonstrations. After completing this course, you will have a better knowledge of the firm fundamentals that can explain why a stock price rises or falls, and you will be able to use these fundamentals at the economy-wide level to examine stock market valuations as a whole.

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Finance Essentials

This edX business and management course prepares you to study finance in an MBA program and in business in general. You will gain an understanding of fundamental financial concepts including internal rate of return (IRR), present value, and so forth. These topics are commonly covered and thoroughly examined in MBA programs worldwide as well as in day-to-day business operations. Candidates do not need to meet any prerequisites in order to enroll in this course.

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Financial Accounting

Accounting is the business language. It is difficult to understand business without basic accounting knowledge. Accounting knowledge will help learners better understand and contribute to their own businesses, as well as the businesses around them. This edX course also teaches students how to use financial statements to feed valuation models and make corporate finance decisions.

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Getting Started in Finance and Accounting

LinkedIn offers a course on ‘Getting Started in Finance and Accounting’. Financial analysis, accounting, and budgeting are just a few of the ideas covered in class. In this course, you will learn how to analyze financial data to evaluate business situations, identify problems, and create plans. Investigate strategies for determining how money will be spent to complete tasks, as well as how to create and stick to reasonable budgets. 

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Corporate Finance Foundations

Professor Jim and Kay Stice’s ‘Corporate Finance Foundations’ lays the groundwork for how corporate finance works and draws linkages between business activities and finance. They cover the significance of risk in financial decision-making, the advantages of diversification, how short- and long-term financing can affect cash flow and business operations, and the different ways businesses might finance corporate capital with equity or debt.

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