Best Excel Courses Online in 2024

Excel is a usefull computer skill which is used to store, analyze, and report massive amounts of data. It can be used by anyone to manage long and difficult datasets, although accounting teams typically use it for financial analysis. Budgets, editorial calendars, and balance sheets are some examples of Excel applications. You can also use your Excel skills to displpay data effectively in Power BI.

Excel is a valuable and high-demand skill in a wide range of industries. Advanced Excel skills include the ability to create graphs and tables, work efficiently with spreadsheets, and perform calculations and automation to process massive amounts of data.

Joining an online Excel course is significant because they are less expensive, take less time, have more flexibility, and students may choose the best platform out of several options. Also Check: Best Excel Courses on Udemy

With hundreds of platforms and options online, it can be a little challenging to choose an online Excel course that aligns with one’s requirements. This article features a list of the best Excel courses online, along with key course details, to help aspirants choose a relevant course.

Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to AdvancedUdemy21 hours4.6/5
Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot TablesUdemy6.5 hours4.6/5
Introduction to Microsoft ExcelCoursera1.5 hours4.6/5
Excel Essential TrainingLinkedIn Learning2 hours 29 minutes4.8/5
Excel for BeginnersedX4 weeks4.6/5
Introduction to MS ExcelSimplilearn7 hours4.6/5
Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp – Zero to Hero TrainingSkillshare1 hour 54 minutes
Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Learn The Essentials in 50 MinutesSkillshare48 minutes
Analysing Data in ExcelFutureLearn3 weeks4.5/5
Excel Skills to Make an ImpressionFutureLearn4 weeks4.7/5

Excel from Beginner to Advanced – Udemy

This course helps students to learn how to use the most popular Excel functions to unlock dynamic formulas using the IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, and many other functions and how to utilise all of Microsoft Excel’s capabilities by automating routine processes with Macros and VBA.

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables – Udemy

This course Microsoft Excel – Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables from Udemy will teach students about sorting, filtering, and calculation tools, demonstrate when and how to use Excel pivot tables and Excel formulas, and walk through Excel exercises and interactive, hands-on demonstrations along the way.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel – Coursera

Coursera’s Introduction to Microsoft Excel course will help students in learning on how to make an Excel spreadsheet and become familiar with its interface to enter data analyze data, and create simple formulas in an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning

Excel Essentials Training from LinkedIn Learning will help students gain knowledge on how to enter and arrange data, carry out calculations using basic functions, and format the appearance of rows, columns, cells, and data. Additionally, students will explore Excel’s recently updated Accessibility Checker, which enables students to make workbooks more accessible for those with impairments by adjusting fonts and colours to be more readable and adding alternative text for photos. The use of Microsoft Copilot with Excel, creating charts and PivotTables, sorting and filtering data, printing in Excel, and more are all covered in this course.

Excel for Beginners – Davidson College (edX)

In this course, students will learn using spreadsheet layout, anatomy, and vocabulary, guidelines for entering, storing, and manipulating data in spreadsheets, and common techniques for manipulating and summarising data including sorting, filtering, using simple equations, using pivot tables, and employing charts.

Introduction to MS Excel – Simplilearn

In this 7-hour course, students will learn skills like sorting and Filter in Excel, Excel Dashboard, Components of Excel, formatting with conditions, Charts, and Pivot Tables for Data Validation and Data Analysis Using VBA and Excel Macros

Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp Zero to Hero Training – Skillshare

This is one of the top online Excel courses offered by Skillshare, the course is designed for beginners who need to gain experience or knowledge of Excel. This project-based course teaches students about company-branded invoices and how to calculate totals and taxes. It teaches how to clean up a complex and cluttered spreadsheet using Excel’s automatic capabilities, create helpful drop-down menus to help fill out and organize financial data, and turn meaningless profit and loss statements into good-appearing, easy-to-use documents.

Microsoft Excel for Beginners: Learn the Essentials in 50 Minutes- Skillshare

In this Skillshare 50-minute course, students will learn how to write formulas and functions, format spreadsheets, construct charts, and much more. At the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and best practice guidelines needed to execute the most fundamental tasks in Excel quickly and easily. Introduction and Excel’s Benefits, Basic Formatting Tips, Further Cell Formatting Tips, Cell Referencing Best Practises, Sum Data Based on a Criteria (SUMIFS), and Combine Text Strings (CONCAT) are among the topics covered in the course.

Analysing Data in Excel- FutureLearn

This course teaches Excel functions and formulas for performing mathematical operations, cleaning and interpreting data, and answering business queries. Students will learn how to compute mathematical functions such as averages, counts, totals, and sums.

Excel Skills to Make an Impression – FutureLearn

This course from FutureLearn is designed to help students advance their Excel skills and provide an introduction to advanced Excel skills. Some of the topics covered in this course include using Excel IF statements and comparative operators, simple and complex lookups, pivot tables for data analysis and exploration, calculations using Excel’s new dynamic arrays, and more.

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