Best English Grammar Courses Online in 2023

The English course is a course in literature and language of English. The course covers the history of the language and literature, its grammar, composition, reading, writing, importance, etc.

More and more online platforms are launching to cater to the huge demand for skill upgradation and online education. Online education provides quality education and affordable prices for students wishing to learn from this medium.

With hundreds of platforms and options online, it can be a little challenging to choose an online English grammar course that aligns with one’s requirements. This article features a list of the best English Grammar courses online, along with crucial course details, to help aspirants choose a relevant course.

Course Platform Duration Rating 
The Complete English Grammar Course- Perfect Your English Udemy 36.5  Hours 4.5/5 
Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization Coursera 1 Month at 10 hours a week 4.9/5 
Writing With Proper Punctuation Linkedin 41 Minutes 4.8/5 
English Language And Grammar- Adverbs- Skillshare 1 hours 24 minutes 
English Grammar Pro- Beginner to AdvancedSkillshare 11 hours 22 Minutes 
Tricky English GrammarCoursera 25 hours 4.8/5 
Grammar Foundation Linkedin 1 hours 51 minutes4.7/5 
English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course  Udemy 76 hours 59 minutes 4.5/5 
English Grammar Launch- Upgrade your Speaking and Listening Udemy 8 hours4.6/5 
Unlocking English Grammar Udemy 3 hours 50 minutes 4.8/5 

The Complete English Grammar Course- Perfect Your English – Udemy 

Udemy Offers the complete English Grammar Course. As an English language student, you will get a thorough understanding of English grammar with this course. It will help you to gain confidence to speak and write English more fluently as well as improve comprehension of the language with this course. It focuses on a detailed and thorough knowledge of English grammar, speaking and writing English with more confidence, and many more things. 

Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization – Coursera 

Coursera offers this online English Beginner Course. It is suitable for all types of learners. The course was created for those who want to learn basic English grammar. The course focuses on the basic grammar of English, including word forms, verb tenses, and question-and-answer construction, via the three courses in this specialty, enabling you to get off to a good start while studying the language.

Writing With Proper Punctuation – LinkedIn 

This online ‘Writing with Proper Punctuation’ English course is offered by LinkedIn. It is suitable for all types of learners. The course focuses on using commas as serial commas, after introductory elements, and in between sentences. Learn how to use hyphens as suspensive hyphens, with prefixes, and in compound modifiers, and also how to apply question marks in various question formats.

English Language And Grammar- Adverbs – Skillshare

Coursera offers the Adverbs for English language course’. It focuses on using Adverbs. This course focuses on using different types of Adverbs, some of them are certainty, degree, manner, place, time, frequency, viewpoint, and opinion. The course includes real-world examples in each topic.

English Grammar Pro- Beginner to Advanced – Skillshare 

This online English Grammar Pro- Skillshare offers beginner to Advanced courses. It helps to improve English grammar, speaking and conversation, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, business English, American slang, idioms, phrasal verbs +  any other English language skills you need. 

Tricky English Grammar – Coursera 

Coursera offers a tricky English grammar course. The Learn English: Intermediate Grammar Specialization includes this course. It is suitable for all types of learners. The course focuses on learning new concepts from industry experts, gaining a foundational understanding of a subject or tool, providing tips to make the rules more accessible for you to comprehend, and plenty of experience with the complex grammar of daily English.

Grammar Foundations – LinkedIn 

LinkedIn provides grammar foundations. The course provides an introduction to grammar fundamentals and shows how to stay clear of standard traps and mistakes. Discover how to use pronouns correctly, clausal structure, lookalikes and soundalikes, possessive rules, the difference between writing and spelling numbers, and more. Along the process, learn tips and methods for communicating your point more effectively by utilizing appropriate punctuation, recognizing the difference between passive and active voice, and applying parallel structure to sentences.

English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course – Udemy   

This online ‘English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course’ is offered by Udemy. It is suitable for all types of learners. The course focuses on more than a thousand essential English terms, idioms, and phrases that will be taught, along with practical applications. With plenty of experience speaking English, you will pick up the most crucial grammatical rules in the language. You may begin studying for English language exams like the GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS after the course. This course helps to pick up the ability to read and spell words in English naturally.

English Grammar Launch- Upgrade your Speaking and Listening – Udemy 

This course is made for those students who want to improve their spoken English and grammar. After this course, candidates speak English with more confidentiality and have a deeper knowledge of the structure of English grammar. Students will get an in-depth knowledge of the target grammatical structures, allowing them to speak English more naturally.

Unlocking English Grammar – Udemy 

The Unlocking English Grammar is one of the best English grammar courses offered by Udemy. It is a beginner-friendly course. This is a foundation course for fluent English speakers who want to improve their understanding of grammar. The course teaches grammar in a whole new way, basically starting from scratch and disproving a lot of what students may have been taught in school.

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