The ‘Python eCommerce’ course helps you to build a Django eCommerce Web Application step-by-step. This course teaches you the ins and outs of Python’s popular library Django. This course also teaches you AJAX and Asynchronous Programing with Django and Javascript (jQuery).

This course leverages Python to build a fully functioning eCommerce website and application using the Django framework. The course is usually available for INR 2,299 on Udemy but students can click on the link and get the ‘Python eCommerce’ for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Anyone who is prepared to create their own eCommerce online application
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to construct a substantial undertaking
  • Entrepreneurs who want to acquire the knowledge necessary to establish an online company
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their Python skills or learn Django
  • Anyone looking to gain more Django expertise

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 2,299) 80% off
Duration33 Hours
Student Enrollment76,631 students
InstructorJustin Mitchel
Topics CoveredAJAX, Asynchronous Programing with Django and Javascript, Python
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews3,034

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the details of the well-known Django framework for Python
  • Incorporation of payments using Stripe
  • Combination of email marketing using Mailchimp
  • Using Heroku as the server, going live
  • Add a custom domain and use Let’s Encrypt to install HTTPS
  • Discover the fundamentals of Bootstrap 4 (including Django Integration)
  • Fast Track Area for jQuery (learn the basics)
  • Construct a REST Service
  • Create your own statistics
  • Make a unique user profile
  • Visitor Registration
  • Add email integration for alerts
  • Learning how to use Django’s signals
  • Create a search engine for the company
  • With Django and Javascript, learn AJAX and asynchronous programming (jQuery)
  • Purchases and downloads of digital goods

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Getting Started (21 minutes)Welcome to Getting Started with eCommerce
System Setup
Open Source and Our Contribution
Using GitHub
Live Walkthrough
Where to Get Help
2.Hello World (01 hour 22 minutes)Intro
A Fresh Virtualenv
Hello World
Render HTML
Django Template
Template Context
Django Forms
User Login
User Register
Setup & Serve Local Static & Media Files
3.Products Component (01 hour 49 minutes)Intro
Your First App Module
Understanding CRUD
Product Model
Django Admin
List View
Detail View
ImageField & FileField
Understanding Lookups
Custom Model Managers
Featured & Custom QuerySets
SlugField & Signals
Product URLs
4.Templates (54 minutes)Intro
Base Template
Include Tag
Pass Arguments with Include
Reusable List View Snippets
Reverse for URLs
Template Filters
ForLoop Counter & Cycle
5.Bootstrap Framework (01 hour 08 minutes)Intro
Adding Bootstrap
Container vs Container-Fluid
Rows and Columns
Column Sizing
Offsets & Ordering
Designing for Different Browser Sizes with Breakpoints
Spacing with Margin & Padding
Prepare for Integration
Integrate to Django
6.Search Component (56 minutes)Intro
A Basic Search View
Display the Query to the User
Creating the Search Form
Better Lookups with Q
Tag Component
Shell Commands for a Brief Intro to Foreign Keys
Search by Related Model
7.Cart Component (01 hour 45 minutes)Intro
Cart App
Django Sessions
Cart Model
Create a Cart in the View
Cart Model Manager Part 1
Cart Model Manager Part 2
M2M Changed Signal to Calculate Cart Total
Cart Update View
Add to Cart Form
Display Cart
Remove Items from the Cart
Cart Icon & Font Awesome
8.Checkout Process (03 hours 17 minutes)Intro
The Roadmap for the Checkout Process
The Order Component
Generate the Order ID
Calculate the Order Total
Checkout View
Math with Decimals and Floats in Python
Upgrading Auth to Prep for Checkout
Billing Profile Model
Billing Profile in the Checkout View
Guest Checkout Profile
Associate Billing Profile to Order
Order Manager
Billing Profile Manager
Addresses App
Address App Part 2
Associate Addresses to Order
Finalize Checkout
Reuse Addresses for Checkout
Checkout Success
9.Fast Track to jQuery (59 minutes)Intro
Getting Started
A Basic Selector
Selectors Part 2
Content Overflow Part 1
Data Types, Iteration and Conditionals
Content Overflow Part 2
Click Events
Handling form data in jQuery
10.Products & Async (02 hours 01 minutes)Intro
Sync vs Async
Ajax-ify a Form
Handle Ajax in Django with JsonResponse
Cart Item Count
Refresh Cart Ajax
Refresh Cart Ajax Part 2
Refresh Cart Ajax Part 3
Finalize Cart Updating with Ajax
Auto Search
Display Errors with jQuery Confirm
Ajaxify the Contact Form Part 1
Ajaxify the Contact Form Part 2
Custom eCommerce JS
Ajax CSRF Security for Django
11.Custom User Model (01 hour 03 minutes)Intro
Before we get started
Create the Abstract Base User
Create the User Model Manager
Change Default Auth User Model to our Custom Model
Reload the Database with Fixtures
Forms & Admin for our Custom User
Add a Required Field to the User Model
Update Login & Register Forms
Login & Register Views
12.Custom Analytics (56 minutes)Intro
Getting Started
Craft the Object Viewed Model
Get Client IP Address
A Custom Signal
Object Viewed Mixin
Handle the Object Viewed Signal
Handling and Ending User Sessions
13.Stripe Integration (02 hours 41 minutes)Intro
Getting Started
Create Stripe Customer
Payment Method View & Stripe JS
Improving Payment Method Form
Improving Payment Method Form Part 2
Reusable Stripe Module
Add Card to Customer with Stripe
Save Card in Django
Charge the Customer
Putting it All Together
Guest Card Checkout
Changing Payment Methods
Improving Card UI Part 1
Improving Card UI Part 2
14.Mailchimp Integration (01 hour 50 minutes)Intro
The Value of Email
Marketing vs Transactional Email
Setup API Keys
Marketing App
Mailchimp Class Part 1
Mailchimp Class Part 2
Mailchimp Class Part 3
Django & Mailchimp
User Email Marketing Preference View
Mailchimp Webhook Handler
15.Go Live (02 hours 16 minutes)Local vs Production Environments
New Settings Module
Multiple Settings Modules
Prepare for HTTPs
The gitignore File
Requirements File
Setup Git Version Control
Deploy to Heroku
AWS S3 for Static Files
Add Custom Domain & HTTPs on Heroku
Live Environment Variables
Error Views and Templates
Setup Email to Help Solve Server Errors
Using Heroku Locally
16.Account & Settings (03 hours 55 minutes)User Account Home
Naming & Dropdown
Account Bootstrap Cards
Link Account Bootstrap Cards
Password Reset and Change
send_email and get_template
Email Activation
Custom QuerySet for Confirmable Activations
Email Activation View
Email Reactivation
Improved Login Form & View
Login Form for Confirmation Emails
Upgrading the Guest Checkout Form
Edit Account Details
User Product History View
Orders & Order Detail
17.Selling Digital Items (03 hours 12 minutes)Digital Products & Cart
Shipping-less Checkout
Product Purchases
Handling Products Being Purchased
Display of Refunded Items
library View
Library View for Products Only
Product File Model
Changing File Field Storage to Protected Location
Download Product File Part 1
Download Product File Part 2
Perform the File Download
Checking Download Permissions
In Library Display Part 1
In Library Display Part 2 with Ajax
AWS S3 File Upload
Fixing the Upload Path
Creating the AWS Download Class
Using the AWS Download Client
A Custom Filename
18.Graphs and Sales (02 hours 28 minutes)Setup the View
Add Context for the Order Data
Intuitive Recent Order Total
Aggregate & Annotate
Get Data by Custom QuerySet
Intro to Datetime Module
Filter by Range of Time
Chart-js Intro
Using Ajax to Render Charts
Display True Data
Inline Js to External
19.Thank you (01 minutes)Thank you & Next Steps

Resources Required

  • Python expertise is advised (check out our 30 Days of Python Course)
  • After-2009 laptops or computers (probably)
  • Linux, Mac, or Windows 8 and higher

Featured Review

Kenn Wanaku (5/5) : Justin, the Instructor, is a passionate guru of the subject – eCommerce + Django + all its etcs. Going through the course helped me to get a better appreciation of what it takes to be a “Full-Stack Developer” – the end to end Responsibility is evident. Justin’s course is a roller-coaster ride through a broad range of tools an eCommerce developer will need to use to complete projects. I was also impressed to learn how to “Test On the Go”. Thanks Justin!


  • Shourya Mundra (4/5) : You can still consider this because the website built at the end of this one is really really awesome!
  • Austin Lin (3/5) : However, if you could have not changed the code this would be one of the best courses I ever taken!
  • Daniel Creed (5/5) : I have studied PHP for a while and python is just the best.
  • Aditya Kaushik (5/5) : If you believe in learning by doing then this course is the best.


  • Bruce Holmstrom (1/5) : Maybe my learning style just doesn’t jibe with Justin’s teaching style, but I was very frustrated trying to keep up and understand how things were working.
  • Ranjeet Kumar Jaiswal (1/5) : but because of your nature of change the code after every 1 or 2 minute it becomes very difficult to follow you sir..
  • Bruce Holmstrom (1/5) : Also, his discussions of how things work in Django are generally shallow or unclear when they exist at all.
  • Tyler Zwick (1/5) : This is easily the worst class I’ve taken on this site

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Justin Mitchel who is a Coding Entrepreneur & Teacher – 568,000+ Students. With 4.4 Instructor Rating and 28,780 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 34 Courses and has taught 793,306 Students so far.

  • It all began with a thought
  • Instructor was desperate for independence
  • Freedom from job, boredom, and most importantly, the ability to make decisions
  • This straightforward concept evolved to characterise him and helped him to start his own business
  • Over time, as Instructor worked to achieve freedom, Instructor came to understand that you can either (1) persuade someone else to do something with you, or (2) find out how to do it yourself
  • Instructor made the decision to learn because Instructor didn’t have the money (or, most likely, the ability to persuade people to do excellent job for free)

Comparison Table

ParametersPython eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web ApplicationReact JS Web Development – The Essentials BootcampPYTHON – A to Z Full Course for Beginners
OffersINR 449 (INR 2,299) 80% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration33 hours23 hours25 hours
Rating4.6/54.4 /54.3 /5
Student Enrollments76,62870,09754,063
InstructorsJustin MitchelDavid Joseph KatzJoydip Ghosh
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