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The ‘Python Django Dev To Deployment’ course teaches you to build a real estate application using the Django framework & Postgres and also to build virtual environments and deploy using Gunicorn and Nginx. You can also learn Python and it’s core fundamental syntax by this course.

This course helps you  to learn about apps, templates, models & migrations, admin customization & more. The course is usually available for INR 2,699 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Python Django Dev To Deployment’ for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Beginner Python developers those who want to build a practical, real world project using the Django framework

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 2,699) 84% off
Duration11 Hours
Student Enrollment23,525 students
InstructorBrad Traversy
Topics CoveredDjango Devolopment,Python Programming Fundamentals
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews5,488

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover Python’s basic syntax at the core
  • Create a real estate application using Postgres and the Django framework
  • Discover more about admin customization, models & migrations, apps, templates, and more
  • Use Gunicorn with Nginx to create and deploy virtual environments

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Course Introduction (16 minutes)Welcome To The Course
A Look At The Project
What Is Django
Resource Links
2.Getting Setup (11 minutes)Python 3 Mac Install
Python 3 Windows Install
VSCode & Python Sandbox Setup
3.Python Language Fundamentals (Optional) (01 hour 41 minutes)Variables & Data Types
Strings & Formatting
Tuples & Sets
Working With JSON
4.Project Specs & Getting Started (42 minutes)Project Resources & Requirements
A Look At The Bootstrap Theme
Virtual Environment Setup
Django Install & Project Setup
Exploring The Initial Files & Running The Server
5.Apps, URLs & Templates (01 hour 07 minutes)Creating The Pages App
Pages Templates & Base Layout
Static Files & Paths
Bootstrap Layout Markup
Index, About & Linking
Listings URLs & Template
6.Models, Migrations & Admin (01 hour 35 minutes)Install Postgres & PgAdmin
Django Postgres Setup & Migrate
Planning Our Schemas
Create Listing Model
Realtor Model & Run MIgrations
Create Superuser & Register Models With Admin
Media Folder & Adding Data
Admin Logo & CSS
Customize Admin Display Data
7.View Methods, Display & Search (01 hour 49 minutes)Pull Data From Listings Model
Display Listings In Template
Pagination, Order & Filter
Home & About Page Dynamic Content
Single Listing Page
Search Form Choices
Search Form Filtering
Preserving Form Input
8.Accounts & Authentication (01 hour 17 minutes)Accounts App & URLs
Register & Login Templates
Message Alerts
User Registration
User Login
Logout & Navbar Auth Links
Dynamic Page Titles
9.Contact Inquiries (48 minutes)Contacts App & Model
Contacts Admin Customization
Contact Form Prep
Contact Form Submission
Inquiry Check & Send Email
Dashboard Functionality
10.Django Deployment (01 hour 35 minutes)Pushing To Github
Droplet Setup & SSH Keys
Server Security
Software & Database Setup
Virtual Env & File Pull
Local Settings File
Server Migrations & Data
Gunicorn Setup & Config
Nginx Setup
Adding A Domain

Resources Required

  • Web development basics (HTML, Basic Programming fundamentals)

Featured Review

Smit Jethva (5/5) : It was a really excellent tutorial! Recommended for Begineer who wishes to start learning Django. Thank you, Brad 🙂


  • Rituraj (5/5) : This is probably one of the best django bootcamp you will find anywhere else.
  • SEBASTIAN CASTILLO (5/5) : Brand is really an excellent teacher, I’m a fan of his courses.
  • Akmal Atkhamov (5/5) : Therefore I am extending my gratitude to Brad for this excellent course!
  • Anshul Saha (5/5) : The course is the best Django web development course on this platform.


  • Tanya (2/5) : This tutorial is quite frustrating because Bootstrap, which is instrumental in this project, is basically skipped over – he copies and pastes everything.
  • John McGavin (1/5) : In addition to that, this course seems to have a SERIOUS identity crisis.
  • Rampal (2/5) : but a very little explanation on, WE NEED TO DO THIS BECAUSE…, No explanation of why Django works like that, I mean MVC or MVT.
  • Jason Tulloch (2/5) : Unfortunately, we have to strip out our pagination for this to work whereas a class based view would allow us to filter content and expand the filter to multiple pages.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Brad Traversy who is a Full Stack Web Developer & Instructor at Traversy Media. With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 153,688 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 19 Courses and has taught 423,665 Students so far.

  • Brad Traversy has been teaching for over five years and programming for almost twelve years
  • He is the proprietor of Traversy Media, a prominent YouTube channel for web development that focuses in everything from HTML5 to Angular front-end frameworks to server-side languages like Node js, PHP, and Python
  • Brad is an expert at breaking down difficult concepts into easily digestible chunks
  • Watching Brad’s courses is an investment in your education

Comparison Table

ParametersPython Django Dev To DeploymentBuild a Backend REST API with Python & Django – BeginnerBuild a Backend REST API with Python & Django – Advanced
OffersINR 449 (INR 2,699) 84% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration11 hours5 hours23 hours
Rating4.7 /54.4 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments23,52527,09136,848
InstructorsBrad TraversyMark WinterbottomMark Winterbottom
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