Best Devops Courses Online in 2024

DevOps courses focus on streamlined Software Development processes for IT professionals and developers. They cater to beginners, juniors, seniors, and experienced and advanced professionals, offering courses for beginners, juniors, seniors, and experienced professionals.

Many online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Simplelearn, Coursera, edX, Treehouse, Skillcrush and Knowledge Academy render this DevOps course both free and paid. The respective platforms also provide the certificate of completion. Also Check: Best DevOps courses on Udemy

The average DevOps course duration is 3-12 months, with fees ranging from INR 3,000 to INR 12,000. An average annual salary for DevOps Engineers is INR 4 LPA to INR 13 LPA, with experienced candidates earning up to INR 15 LPA.

Course NamePlatformDurationRating
IBM DevOps and Software EngineeringCoursera3-6 months4.6
IBM Applied DevOps EngineeringCoursera3-6 months4.7
DevOps on AWSCoursera1-3 months4.8
Introduction to DevOpsCoursera1-3 months4.8
DevOps: Infrastructure Automation with TerraformUdemy11.5 hours4.5
DevOps, Cloud, and Agile FoundationCoursera3-6 months4.7
DevOps Culture and MindsetCoursera1-4 weeks4.7

IBM DevOps and Software Engineering: Coursera

IBM DevOps and software engineering is a professional certificate course on DevOps offered by Coursera, suitable for beginners. The course covers agile technology and scurm methodology, teaches Python programming, functions, REST APIs, and libraries, and takes 3 weeks.

IBM Applied DevOps Engineering: Coursera

Coursera provides this intermediate-level DevOps course as a 3-month program. This helps the learners to build on their software development skills and all the advanced DevOps concepts, tools, methodologies and techniques. The curriculum of this course also includes developing Python, and microservices, testing with TDD methods, practising CI/CD and gaining first-hand technical knowledge. 

DevOps on AWS: Coursera

This program on Coursera is to make learners launch their careers in the DevOps field. This does not consume much of the learners’ time since it is a 1-month course. This will make learners acquire the skills of continuous integration, monitoring and logging, continuous delivery and microservices. They can also implement the learned DevOps culture and mindset in the AWS cloud. This study program also includes working with continuous integration for delivering best practices on AWS.

Introduction to DevOps: Coursera

Coursera provides an introductory DevOps course called Introduction to DevOps, which takes only 9 hours to cover basic concepts like software engineering practices, cloud-native, microservices, automated continuous deployments, and building resilient code, ensuring the overall program’s idea reaches learners.

DevOps: Infrastructure Automation with Terraform: Udemy

Udemy offers a DevOps course on Terraform, costing INR 500. The course covers infrastructure automation with Terraform and AWS software provision. With nearly 15 sessions and 120 lectures, learners learn advanced techniques and concepts related to Terraform. The course is available in video format and includes assignments for improved understanding.

DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundation: Coursera

This beginner-level course covers culture, behavior, practice tools, methodologies, technologies, and metrics. It takes a month to complete and teaches essential technical skills like cloud-native, DevOps, scrum, cloud computing, and agile. Coursera rated 4.8.

DevOps Culture and Mindset: Coursera

The DevOps Culture and Mindset course on Coursera provides practical insights into working with DevOps, focusing on culture and mindset. It teaches fundamental DevOps principles, enabling learners to understand their position as a DevOps Engineer and speed up time to market.

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