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The Ultimate Python Bootcamp for Data Science & Machine Learning course is a hands-on training-based program for Data Analysts who want to learn Python, focusing especially on Pandas.

The course not only covers the basics of Pandas but also teaches advanced concepts like working with hierarchical indexing, pivoting, time series analysis, etc. The course is available for INR 799 on Udemy.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Python beginners who are curious to learn about Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Aspiring data scientists who want to expand their skill set by learning Python
  • Students and professionals
  • AI and ML aspirants who want to upgrade their knowledge in Data Preprocessing before applying machine learning algorithms to their projects
  • Data Analyst job seekers

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 799
Duration15.5 hours
Student Enrollment180,538 students
InstructorPruthviraja L
Topics CoveredPandas Data Structures, Data Indexing, Data Cleaning & Handling, Data Aggregation, etc.
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews931

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a strong foundation in Data Analysis using Python
  • Work with Pandas Data Structures: Series, DataFrame, and Index Objects
  • Discover hundreds of methods and characteristics across numerous Panda objects
  • Learn how to analyze huge and disorganized data sets
  • Prepare real-world data fields for AI & ML
  • Manipulate data quickly and effectively
  • Learn the Pandas basics required to become a Data Analyst

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Getting Started (50 minutes)Course Introduction
How To Get Most Out Of This Course
Better To Know These Things
How To Install Python IPython And Jupyter Notebook
How To Install Anaconda For macOS And Linux Users
How To Work With The Jupyter Notebook Part-1
How To Work With The Jupyter Notebook Part-2
2.Pandas Building Blocks (19 minutes)How To Work With The Tabular Data
How To Read The Documentation In Pandas
3.Pandas_Data Structures (01 hour 09 minutes)Theory On Pandas Data Structures
How To Construct The Pandas Series
How To Construct The DataFrame Objects
How To Construct The Pandas Index Objects
Practice Part 01
Practice Part 01 Solution
4.Data Indexing And Selection (58 minutes)Theory On Data Indexing And Selection
Data Selection In Series Part 1
Data Selection In Series Part 2
Indexers Loc And Iloc In Series
Data Selection In DataFrame Part 1
Data Selection In DataFrame Part 2
Accessing Values Using Loc Iloc And Ix In DataFrame Objects
Practice Part 02
Practice Part 02 Solution
5.Essential Functionalities (02 hours 03 minutes)Theory On Essential Functionalities
How To Reindex Pandas Objects
How To Drop Entries From An Axis
Arithmetic And Data Alignment
Arithmetic Methods With Fill Values
Broadcasting In Pandas
Apply And Applymap In Pandas
How To Sort And Rank In Pandas
How To Work With The Duplicated Indices
Summarising And Computing Descriptive Statistics
Unique Values Value Counts And Membership
Practice_Part_03 Solution
6.Data Handling (01 hour 24 minutes)Theory On Data Handling
How To Read The Csv Files Part – 1
How To Read The Csv Files Part – 2
How To Read Text Files In Pieces
How To Export Data In Text Format
How To Use Python’s Csv Module
Practice_Part_04 Solution
7.Data Cleaning And Preparation (02 hours 54 minutes)Theory On Data Preprocessing
How To Handle Missing Values
How To Filter The Missing Values
How To Filter The Missing Values Part 2
How To Remove Duplicate Rows And Values
How To Replace The Non Null Values
How To Rename The Axis Labels
How To Descretize And Bin The Data Part – 1
How To Filter And Detect The Outliers
How To Reorder And Select Randomly
Converting The Categorical Variables Into Dummy Variables
How To Use ‘map’ Method
How To Manipulate With Strings
Using Regular Expressions
Working With The Vectorized String Functions
Practice_Part_05 Solution
8.Data Wrangling (01 hour 45 minutes)Theory On Data Wrangling
Hierarchical Indexing
Hierarchical Indexing Reordering And Sorting
Summary Statistics By Level
Hierarchical Indexing With DataFrame Columns
How To Merge The Pandas Objects
Merging On Row Index
How To Concatenate Along An Axis
How To Combine With Overlap
How To Reshape And Pivot Data In Pandas
Practice_Part_06 Solution
9.Data Grouping And Aggregation (01 hour 03 minutes)Thoery On Data Groupby And Aggregation
Groupby Operation
How To Iterate Over Groupby Object
How To Select Columns In Groupby Method
Grouping Using Dictionaries And Series
Grouping Using Functions And Index Level
Data Aggregation
Practice_Part_07 Solution
10.Time Series Analysis (01 hour 40 minutes)Theory On Time Series Analysis
Introduction To Time Series Data Types
How To Convert Between String And Datetime
Time Series Basics With Pandas Objects
Date Ranges Frequencies And Shifting
Date Ranges Frequencies And Shifting Part – 2
Time Zone Handling
Periods And Period Arithmetic’s
Practice_Part_08 Solution
11.How To Analyse With The Part of Real Life Projects (01 hour 36 minutes)A Brief Introduction To The Pandas Projects
Project_1 Description
Project_1 Solution Part – 1
Project_1 Solution Part – 2
Project_2 Description
Project_2 Solution
Project_3 Description
Project_3 Solution Part – 1
Project_3 Solution Part – 2
Project Assignment

Resources Required

  • Basics of Python programming language
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel or equivalent spreadsheet programs at the beginner or intermediate level is preferred but not required.
  • Basic knowledge of data type fundamentals (strings, integers, floating points, Booleans, etc) is recommended but not required.
  • Knowledge of other programming languages or even just the basics will be helpful.

Featured Review

Kumesh Rana (5/5): Very Good Course for Beginners for those who want to learn Python for Career.


  • Sagar kalbhor (5/5) : I am a mechanical engineer but wanted to do career in data science And that course was simply great.
  • LUQMAN MOHAMED ABDI (5/5) : It was such great learning experience and of the best bootcamps for data science and machine learning
  • Maryam Soleimani-Alyar (4/5) : Thanks for this great course and I hope that I can finish this course successfully.
  • Dhananjai singh (5/5) : Good course for beginners to learn all the basics…Please make one full course in detail on Machine learning models in details…


  • Pooja (1/5): it was a really bad experience waste of time, the audio was bad, the explanations was bad, lectures were boring
  • Vikas Sharma (1/5): Instructor audio is so horrible I barely understand what he is trying to say.
  • Quentin MOUTY (1/5): The sound is terrible, I can not take that courses like that.
  • Graham L LaFebre (1/5): he’s using a laptop microphone with heavy noise reduction that makes it so i can’t understand him at all, this is sub-YouTube tutorial level stuff

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Pruthviraja L. who is a professional educator, software trainer, and author. With a 4.1 instructor rating and 1,756 reviews on Udemy, he offers 3 courses and has taught 238,137 students so far.

  • Pruthviraja L. has been training and instructing in technical institutes for over seven years.
  • He holds an undergraduate degree in electrical and electronics engineering from University in Belgaum, Karnataka.
  • He also holds a certification as a data analyst.
  • He received certificates from a number of eLearning institutions, including Tableau, IBM’s Coursera, Intellipaat in Bengaluru, LinkedIn, and Udemy.
  • His research articles have been successfully published and presented in numerous National & International journals and conferences.

Comparison Table

ParametersUltimate Python Bootcamp For Data Science & Machine LearningData Analytics Real-World Projects in PythonGoogle Data Studio A-Z: Looker Studio for Data Visualization
OffersINR 799NR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration15.5 hours7 hours4.5 hours
Rating4.0/54.3 /54.5 /5
Student Enrollments180,53881,514170,954
InstructorsPruthviraja LShan SinghStart-Tech Academy
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