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“Qlik Sense for Data Science and BI” is a training program that teaches individuals how to use Qlik Sense for data visualization and business intelligence. The course is hands-on and covers the essentials of using Qlik Sense’s user interface, connecting to data sources, creating charts, and advanced visualization techniques. Throughout the course, participants will learn helpful tips and shortcuts to make use of Qlik Sense easily.

Additionally, the course includes tests at the end of each chapter to assess knowledge and prepare for potential obstacles in the workplace. Upon completion of the course, individuals will be equipped to use Qlik Sense for personal and commercial projects and will have the skills to design their own charts, dashboards, and analytical storytelling. Currently, udemy is offering the Qlik Sense for Data Science and BI course for up to 87 % off i.e. INR 449 (INR 3,499).

Who can opt for this course?

  • Aspirant data scientists who wish to update their visualization expertise
  • An introduction to visualization methods and technologies is necessary for data analysts
  • Beginning their careers in visualization are BI developers
  • Visualization specialists who are not familiar with Qlik Sense will pick it up

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,49987 % off
Duration05 Hours
Student Enrollment8,308 students
InstructorJP Labuschagne
Topics Covered
  • Challenge & Connecting to our data
  • Alternative measures and exporting
  • Changing working directory
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews1,960

Learning Outcomes

  • Business intelligence with Qlik Sense
  • Fixing and preparing the data
  • Data science with Qlik Sense
  • Combining several data files
  • Creating dashboards that are interactive
  • Quickly get insights from the data
  • Get in touch with numerous data sources
  • Traversing the Qlik Sense user interface
  • Utilizing phrases
  • Constructing many map types
  • Utilizing stories

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Jump in and get Qlik-ing! (25 minutes)Welcome & Course Overview
*** IMPORTANT: Updates to Qlik Sense Licence ***
Leaving a review
BONUS: Learning Path
Lightning fast insights
Get the materials
2.Qlik Sense Basics (56 minutes)Section Intro
Challenge & Connecting to our data
Navigating the interface
Dimensions and Measures
Building our first chart
Chart expressions
Alternative measures and exporting
Section Recap
Qlik Sense Basics
3.Building our first dashboard (02 hours 00 minutes)Section Intro and Challenge
Connecting and Associating data
Working with maps
Hierarchies and maps
Expressions in maps
Distributions and scatterplots
Using the TOTAL keyword
KPI chart and Big Numbers
Adding a filter pane
Multiple sheets
Section Recap
Qlik Sense Dashboards
4.Qustomizing Qlik Sense (25 minutes)Section Intro
Working with images
App options
Changing working directory
Section Recap
Qustomizing Qlik
5.Sharing our work (39 minutes)Section Intro
Exploring and Exporting
Stories. Explained.
Finishing up our story
Section Recap
Sharing our work
6.Data preparation (01 hour 03 minutes)Section Intro
The Challenge
Initial Fixes (while connecting to data)
Unpivot and Associations
Word Cloud and Treemaps
Set analysis
Bite the Bullet Chart
Section Recap
Data Preperation
7.Conclusion (01 minutes)Thank you!

Resources Required

  • Basic familiarity with computers a thirst for knowledge

Featured Review

Jason Collins (5/5) : Excellent course, steady pace and extremely insightful and beneficial. Really exceptional insight into software and how intuitive it is, tutor excellent at delivery and samples chosen.


  • Sameer Rohadia (5/5): Jean-Pierre has explained very nicely all the steps required to do data cleaning & transformation and creating beautiful dashboards.
  • Dogan Doganay (4/5): He is a great way of teaching, I have to start with that.
  • Stefan du Plooy (5/5): This Course is a Great Place to start if you want a good practical understanding of the fundamentals of Qlik Sense.
  • Saurabh Shelar (5/5): This is the most awesome course on Qlik I have came across.


  • Gregory S. (3/5): In the last section when it came to the student grade it seems like it wasn’t in any of the files we worked on, thus I wasn’t able to create the Kpi’s with that data
  • ChendraSekhar G. (3/5): Comments and review based on till now. As course says for beginners, the installation of desktop and authentication steps are not covered… it would be get how to get “Add authentication link” related
  • Earl M. (3/5): Great content and lecturer. The images are somewhat blurry and hard to discern. It would be nice to screenshot the pages for notes but that function is disabled.
  • Robert K.(3/5): Maybe one more section about how to analyze data. Section 6 and Section 4 was really good, but as Thor said in Thor. ANOTHER ONE!!!

About the Author

The instructor of this course is JP Labuschagne who is an Analytics & Data Science, with a 4.5 Instructor Rating and 2,618 Reviews on Udemy. He/she offers 6 Courses and has taught 291,918 Students so far.

  • Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne  has over 15 years of experience as a data professional working in analytics and data science
  • While working as a consultant at Deloitte, where Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne concentrated on finance, audit, risk, and compliance, he developed most of his knowledge
  • At one of the biggest tech companies lately, Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne have been in charge of analytics programmes
  • Check out Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne YouTube channel as well for more fantastic free content: “The Data Guy
  • ” My passion is creating insights that are visually appealing and that have a significant business impact
  • You can be sure that Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagneis familiar with the major players in visualisation, whether it be Qlik Sense, Qlik View, Tableau, or PowerBI! I’m working with SuperDataScience to provide you the top data science visualisation courses right now
  • Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne is here to help you improve your visualisation skills and expand your data science toolkit in a hands-on, meticulous, and enjoyable way
  • The greatest place to begin your visualisation adventure is with Qlik Sense; in fact, that’s where Jean-Pierre (JP) Labuschagne began

Comparison Table

ParametersQlik Sense for Data Science and BIR Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data ScienceTableau 2022 Advanced: Master Tableau in Data Science
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration5.5 hours6 hours10 hours
Rating4.6 /54.6 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments8,30657,77191,666
InstructorsJP LabuschagneKirill EremenkoKirill Eremenko
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