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“Python Programming with Data Science”  can give clarity on Python generators and also helps in mastering coding. According to Tiobe researchers, Python will “probably replace C and Java” as the most widely used programming language in the world in three to four years. The Python programming language already marked its 30th birthday in 2021. Python continues to dominate its niche after three decades, outpacing most other programming languages with a 456% increase.

Data scientists anticipate that this trend will persist as the Python ecosystem continues to evolve. While your journey to master Python programming may only be beginning, it’s comforting to know that job prospects are plentiful (and expanding). According to Indeed, a data scientist makes an average salary of $127,918. Currently, udemy is offering the Python Programming with Data Science course for up to 87 % off i.e. INR 449 (INR 1299).

Who can opt for this course?

  • Python newbie developers that require a strong data science basis
  • professionals wishing to go into programming careers that have less than five years of experience

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 129944 % off
Duration16 Hours
Student Enrollment64,870 students
InstructorSai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight!!
Topics Covered
  • Anaconda and Jupyter Installation
  • Basic programs using Jupyter
  • Play with Data using Numpy & Pandas
Course LevelN.A
Total Student Reviews754

Learning Outcomes

  • On your PC or laptop, you will first learn how to install Jupyter and Anaconda
  • The fundamentals of For Loops and Advanced For Loops will be clarified for you
  • By employing “If Else,” you will master the flow of your code and gain clarity regarding Python generators
  • You will grasp the significance of foundations
  • Modify functions, dictionaries, and lists
  • Learn Python’s capabilities for data analysis, retrieval, and cleaning
  • Discover how to use APIs
  • Learn how to manipulate time and date data with Python Datetime and how to concatenate (or combine) tables using Python and Pandas
  • Data cleaning and machine learning preparation
  • You will discover how to use Python’s Time Series Analysis, Pandas with Large Data Sets, and Effective Data Visualization

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Welcome to Python (03 minutes)A Warm Welcome to the Unique World of Python!
2.Introduction (01 minute)Python Intro
3.Intro Continued (02 minutes)Python Part 1
4.Python: Part 2 (44 minutes)Anaconda and Jupyter Installation
5.Python: Part 3 (01 hours 20 minutes)Basic programs using Jupyter
6.Python: Part 4 (01 hours 16 minutes)Datatypes
7.Python: Part 5 (01 hours 19 minutes)Part 5
8.Python: Part 6 Set function and Dictionaries (01 hour 24 minutes)Part 6
9.Part 7: Conditional Statements: IF Elif Else (01 hour 09 minutes)Conditional Statements: IF Elif Else
10.Part 8: Numpy Fundas (01 hour 24 minutes)Numpy Fundas
11.Numpy_Arrays (02 hours 44 minutes)Numpy Arrays Part 1
Numpy Arrays Part 2
12.Day 11 – Pandas (01 hour 23 minutes)Day 11
13.Day 12 – Play with Data using Numpy & Pandas (53 minutes)Play with Data using Numpy & Pandas
14.Day 13 (01 hour 29 minutes)Day 13
15.Day 14 (01 hour 24 minutes)Day 14
16.Data Files/Resources (00 seconds)Data Files

Resources Required

  • You don’t need any prior programming expertise, and by the time you’re done, you’ll have used your new Python abilities to build a real-world data science project from scratch
  • Giving yourself a solid foundation in the fundamentals is the finest thing you can do if you’re just beginning your python journey

Featured Review

Carlos Pascual Garcia (4/5) : It is good as an introduction for data science oriented Python. It does not go very deep in the subject and never shows anything about machine learning or other advanced topics, but at least it gives a good feeling for the field.


  • Olatoye Oguntade (5/5) : It’s really a good match for me as a Spatial Data Analyst.
  • Nathanial Carter (5/5) : That way we could move through the course at our own pace.
  • Tulasi ponnapalli (5/5) : It was excellent match for me thank you soo much sir
  • T. Vidya vahini (5/5) : Yes it is a very good match for me.Able to understand very clearly.Thank you.


  • ARUN P. (3/5) : python for data science is great courses. and the resources person took the classes in the good manner
  • Pankaj K.? (3/5) : Concepts used are good and understandable. For basic to DS, students should opt this.
  • Babirye Prudence M. (3/5) : It was okay though I thought the world use IDLE which I have installed for me. Otherwise, I think I just need to practice a lot. Python is quite interesting to learn. Thank you???
  • Gurpreet K. (3/5) : I enjoyed taking this course. Got to learn a lot of functions of pandas and numpy. Only suggestion I have here is, it would have been really appreciated if you could provide downloadable csv files used in the course. It would have made things a lot more easier. Overall, thanks for delivering the content.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Sai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight! who is a Cybersecurity, Data Science & Human Capital Practitioner!. With 3.9 Instructor Rating and 6,676 Reviews on Udemy, he/she offers 45 Courses and has taught 315,746 Students so far.

  • They are experts in training in data science, talent management, and cybersecurity
  • The USP of all of their training sessions is the hands-on experience they offer; rather than using tool-based PPT slides, they place an emphasis on delivering real-life practical knowledge
  • All of their training sessions are led by highly skilled professionals who are fervent penetration testers
  • Even the most recent innovations are included in the cutting-edge content
  • In the areas of data analytics, talent management, and information security, they have a standard set of courses that are described
  • However, they also adapt the training to the needs of the clients

Comparison Table

ParametersPython Programming with Data ScienceThe Art of Doing: Code 40 Challenging Python Programs Today!Python Pandas Library Full Tutorial
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration16.5 hours28.5 hours1 hour
Rating4.6 /54.8 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments64,87074,88919,243
InstructorsSai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight!Michael EramoDiptam Paul
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