The Data Science Bootcamp 2022: 5 Data Science Projects course is a training program that helps students to know everything about Data Science. It begins with the most basic level of data science and progresses to the most advanced techniques step-by-step.

The subject of data science is expanding so quickly and transforming so many different businesses. The advantages of data science in industry, research, and daily life are enormous. The course covers many subjects, including Python’s foundations, data structures in Python, data cleaning, functions, and the use of Python in Data Science. The course is available for INR 799 on Udemy.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Anyone looking to start a career in data science
  • Anyone looking to advance their knowledge of data science
  • Anyone interested in a career as a data analyst
  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career as a data scientist, including technologists
  • Anyone looking to improve their Python abilities
  • This course is for those who have never programmed or written scripts in Python
  • College graduates looking for work or professionals who desire to enhance their training capacities

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 799
Duration15.5 hours
Student Enrollment38,907 students
InstructorData is Good Academy
Topics CoveredPython fundamentals, Python data structures, data cleaning, query analysis, data visualization, hypothesis testing
Course LevelBeginner
Total Student Reviews691

Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Data Science capstone projects
  • Grouping and Filtering for Data Analysis
  • Python object-oriented programming
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Basic and advanced Data Visualization
  • Clustering analysis

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Python Fundamentals (01 hour 45 minutes)Why should you learn Python?
Installing Python and Jupyter Notebook
Understanding the Interface of Jupyter Notebook
Naming Convention for variables
Built-in Data Types and Type Casting
Scope of Variables
Q and A
Quiz on Variables and Data Types
Quiz Solution
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Arithmetic and Assignment Operators
Comparison, Logical, and Bitwise Operators
Identity and Membership Operators
Quiz on Operators
Quiz Solution
String Formatting
String Methods
User Input
Quiz on Strings
Quiz Solution
If, elif, and else
For and While
Break and Continue
Quiz on Loops and Conditionals
Quiz Solution
2.Mastering Python Data Structures (01 hour 37 minutes)Differences between Lists and Tuples
Operations on Lists
Operations on Tuples
Quiz on Lists and Tuples
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Dictionaries
Operations on Dictionaries
Nested Dictionaries
Introduction to Sets
Set Operations
Quiz on Sets and Dictionaries
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Stacks and Queues
Implementing Stacks and Queues using Lists
Implementing Stacks and Queues using Deque
Quiz on Stacks and Queues
Quiz Solution
Time Complexity
Linear Search
Binary Search
Bubble Sort
Insertion and Selection Sort
Merge Sort
Quiz on Searching, Sorting, and Time Complexity
Quiz Solution
3.Python Functions Deep Dive (01 hour 15 minutes)Introduction to Functions
Default Parameters in Functions
Positional Arguments
Keyword Arguments
Python Modules
Quiz on Introduction to Functions
Quiz Solution
Lambda Functions
Filter, Map, and Zip Functions
List, set, and Dictionary Comprehensions
Quiz on Anonymous Functions
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Aggregate Functions
Introduction to Analytical Functions
Quiz on in-Built Functions
Quiz Solution
Solving the Factorial Problem using Recursion
Solving the Fibonacci Problem using Recursion
Quiz on Recursions
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Classes and Objects
Quiz on Classes and Objects
Quiz Solution
4.Python for Data Science (01 hour 05 minutes)Introduction to DateTime
The date and time class
The DateTime class
The time delta class
Quiz on Dates and Times
Quiz Solution
Meta Characters for Regular Expressions
Built-in Functions for Regular Expressions
Special Characters for Regular Expressions
Sets for Regular Expressions
Quiz on Regular Expressions
Quiz Solution
Array Creation using Numpy
Mathematical Operations using Numpy
Built-in Functions in Numpy
Quiz on Introduction to Numpy
Quiz Solution
Reading Datasets using Pandas
Plotting Data in Pandas
Indexing, Selecting and Filtering Data using Pandas
Merging and Concatenating DataFrames
Lambda, Map, and Apply Functions
Quiz on Introduction to Pandas
Quiz Solution
5.Data Cleaning (01 hour 27 minutes)Causes and Impact of Missing Values
Types of Missing Values
When should we delete the missing values
Imputing missing values with the business logic
Imputing missing values with Mean/Median/Mode
Imputing missing values in a real-time scenario
Quiz on Missing Values Imputation
Quiz Solution
How outliers can be harmful to machine learning models
Finding out outliers from the data
Using Winsorization to deal with outliers
Deleting and Capping the outliers
Dealing with outliers in a real-world scenario
Quiz on Outliers Treatment
Quiz Solution
Introduction to reindex, set_index, reset_index, and sort_index Functions
Introduction to Replace and Drop level Function
Introduction to Split and Strip Function
Introduction to Stack, and Unstack Functions
Introduction to Melt, Explode and Squeeze Functions
Data Cleaning on Big Mart Dataset
Data Cleaning on Movie Dataset
Data Cleaning on Melbourne Housing Dataset
Data Cleaning on Naukri Dataset
6.Query Analysis (40 minutes)Aggregate functions used for Grouping
Using Groupby for Grouping Operations
Groupby with Idxmax and Idxmin functions
Using Color scales for better visualization
Visualizing the Groupby Operations
Using Pivot Tables for Grouping Operations
Difference between Groupby and Pivot tables
Performing Cross Tabulation
Visualizing Cross tabulated Data
Interactive Grouping Operations
Quiz on Grouping Operations
Quiz Solution
When to perform Filtering Operations
Introduction to Simple Filtering Operations
Advanced Filtering Operations
Filtering and Grouping Operations
Interactive Filtering Operations
Quiz on Filtering Operations
Quiz Solution
7.Data Visualizations (01 hour 31 minutes)Univariate Analysis
Bivariate Analysis
Multivariate Analysis
Quiz on Basics of Visualization
Quiz Solution
Scatter Plots
Charts with Colorscale
Bar, Line, and Area Charts
Facet Grids
Statistical Charts
Polar Charts
3D Charts
Waffle Charts
Quiz on Advanced Visualizations
Quiz Solution
Animation with Bubbleplot
Animation with Facets
Animation with Scatter Maps
Animation with Choropleth Maps
Quiz on Animated Visualizations
Quiz Solution
Introduction to Ipywidgets
Interactive Univariate Analysis
Interactive Bivariate Analysis
Interactive Multivariate Analysis
Quiz on Interactive Visualizations
Quiz Solution
Sunburst Charts
Parallel Co-ordinate Charts
Funnel Charts
Gantt Charts
Ternary Charts
Tree Maps
Network Charts
Quiz on Miscellaneous Charts
Quiz Solution
8.Statistics and Probability (01 hour 31 minutes)Why you should learn Statistics and Probability
Walking through the course Content
Applications of Probability in Real Life
Basic Probability
Conditional Probability
Set Theory
Bayes’ Theorem
Permutations and Combinations
Quiz on Probability
Quiz Solution
Types of Data
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Spread
Measures of Dependence
Quiz on Descriptive Statistics
Quiz Solution
Continuous vs Discrete Distributions
Introduction to Normal Distribution
Concept of Skewness
Using QQ Plots to check Normal Distribution
Quiz on Statistical Distributions
Quiz Solution
Sample Mean and Population Mean
Central Limit Theorem
Bias and Variance
Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Confidence Intervals
Quiz on Inferential Statistics
Quiz Solution
9.Hypothesis Testing (55 minutes)What is Hypothesis Testing
Null Hypothesis and Alternate Hypothesis
Types of Error
P-Value and Level of Significance
Quiz on Hypothesis Testing
Quiz Solution
One Sampled T Test
Two Sampled T Test
Paired Sampled T Test
Quiz on Student’s T Test
Quiz Solution
One Sampled Z Test
Two Sampled Z Test
Quiz on Z Test
Quiz Solution
One Sampled ANOVA Test
Two Sampled ANOVA Test
Quiz on ANOVA Test
Quiz Solution
The goodness of Fit Test
Test of Independence
Quiz on Chi-Squared Test
Quiz Solution
10.Data Exploration (43 minutes)Why EDA and how it is useful
Course curriculum walkthrough
Data Profiling
Analyzing Target Data
Quiz on Introduction to EDA
Quiz Solution
Summarizing data
Exploring the Dabl Library
Exploring the Sweetviz Library
Using Color Gradients for better analysis
Best Practices for Data Exploration
Quiz on Examining Data
Quiz Solution
11.Capstone Project 1: Players Performance Analysis (32 minutes)Understanding the problem statement
Setting up the Environment
Data Cleaning
Feature Engineering
Data Visualization
Query Analysis
Major Learnings from the project
Quiz on Players’ Performance Analysis
12.Capstone Project 2: Startups Case Study and Analysis (17 minutes)Understanding the Problem Statement
Setting up the Environment
Data Cleaning
Querying the data using Visualizations Part – 1
Querying the data using Visualizations Part – 2
The major learning from the Project
Quiz on Startups case study and Analysis
13.Capstone Project 3: Movie Recommender Systems (50 minutes)Setting up the Environment
Taking a Deep Dive into the Dataset
Understanding the Problem Statement
Missing Values Imputation
Top 10 Profitable Movies
Manipulating the Duration and Language Column
Extracting the Movie Genres
Top 10 Most Popular Movies on Social Media
Analysing Which Genre is Most Bankable?
Loss and Profit Analysis on English and Foreign Movies
Gross Comparison of Long and Short Movies
Association between IMDB Rating and Duration
Comparing Critically acclaimed Actors
Top Movies based on Gross, and IMDB
Recommending Movies based on Languages and Actors
Recommending Similar Genres and Movies
Key Takeaways from this Project
Quiz on Movie Recommender Systems
14.Capstone Project 4: Global Cost of Living (47 minutes)Setting up Environment
Understanding the Dataset
Understanding the Problem Statement
Extracting Latitude and Longitude from the Location
Performing Feature Engineering
Comparing Lifestyle in different Countries
Top N and Bottom N Analysis
Performing Geospatial Analysis
Comparing different Lifestyle Factors
Comparing Some of the Most Popular Countries
Comparing Lifestyle in Indian Cities
Ranking Places based on their cost of living
Analysing Cost of Essential Items
Analysing Quality of Life
Suggesting Better places to live
Quiz on Global Cost of Living
15.Capstone Project 5: Customer Segmentation Engine (28 minutes)Understanding the Problem Statement
Setting up the Environment
Data Analysis and Visualization
KMeans Clustering Analysis
Major Learnings from the projects
Quiz on Customer Segmentation Engine
16.Outro Section (02 minutes)Conclusion
How to Get Your Certificate of Completion
17.Bonus Section (01 minute)Bonus Lecture

Resources Required

No prior knowledge is required.

Featured Review

Sanket Bhoi (5/5): This course is the best option for me because I have always been looking to do a course in Data Science with Python. This course is well structured and will make you understand data science step by step. I highly recommend this course for those who want to learn data science from basics to advanced.


  • Joy D Moyo (5/5): This is an excellent course for those who are unfamiliar with Python.
  • Gajam venu (4/5): The concepts that I want are up to the mark teaching style is excellent looking forward to upcoming lectures
  • Fariya Ammara (5/5): Excellent course! The clarity of subjects and the presentations were awesome.
  • Hana Kovac (5/5): This is an excellent program with an excellent explanation and knowledge-sharing course.


Raju Gupta (2/5): The Intro and outro music on each video was really unnecessary.

About the Author

The course is offered by Data is Good Academy. They are a team of Google, Facebook, and Kaggle Grandmasters. With a 4.3 instructor rating and 7,986 reviews on Udemy, they offer 31 courses and have taught 253,886 students so far.

  • They are a bootstrapped, indie tech education company.
  • Their mission is to transform education such that it is available to everyone and is both inexpensive and accessible.
  • Their sole focus is to provide everyone on the planet with access to top-notch technical education.
  • They are on a mission to develop a curriculum that will inspire the students to learn a subject, fall in love with it, and pursue it with a passion for the rest of their lives.

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OffersINR 799INR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration15.5 hours13 hours14.5 hours
Rating4.3 /54.3 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments38,90574,29468,717
InstructorsData Is Good AcademyShan SinghNavid Shirzadi
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